In love in NY

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With Rebbeca in mind, I had almost forgotten about John's birthday tomorrow. I was very happy and I felt somewhat relieved that I had found the perfect gift for him. He never told me what he wanted, which is why I was always attentive to everything he said, such as: "I would have wanted to ..", "I have to change ..", "It would have been ok if I had ..", and so on. I had arranged everything for the perfect night out, a beautiful dinner at his favorite Indian restaurant, the cake that the restaurant will bring at twelve o'clock at night with a lighted candle and I will sing "Happy Birthday", and also the perfect gift that I will give for the thirty-fifth anniversary.

Since I entered the duplex, a classic, muted song caresses my senses, and the whole living room was covered only by the soft light reflected by the fireplace, casting timid shadows throughout the room. I placed the keys to the apartment and those of the car on the table at the entrance, stepping easily into the room. The glass door of almost two and a half meters leading to the terrace of the apartment was wide open, and thousands of lights proudly covered the mini shrubs planted in the pots that outlined the edges of the terrace. It's as if all the stars in the sky have decided to stop there and witness this romantic evening. In the center of the terrace, there was a round wooden table, where two plates and cutlery, two glasses of wine, and a bottle of wine were carefully placed. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that my boyfriend had prepared a romantic dinner for us, and damn, I wasn't even properly dressed, not to mention makeup and hair, they were completely missing. Thinking that my day would end with a simple shower and a book read in bed next to John, I didn't pay much attention to the way I chose my clothes when I left for Rebbeca. Another sexier outfit, which would have complemented his clothes, would have been much more appropriate. I leaned against the door frame, completely overwhelmed with emotion, but her squeak gave me away. Damn it! You have to grease the hinge, I thought. John sat on the edge of the terrace, with his hands in his jeans pockets, watching the city full of lights, the streets of the city, where cars drove in lines, people walking the streets. It was a delight to sit, on a warm quiet night, with a glass of wine, on the 20th floor, contemplating and admiring the whole world, which seemed to be constantly moving. At the sound of the noise, John turned to the door. He had tousled hair, a white shirt with rolled-up elbow sleeves, and wore his favorite pair of jeans. I was always drawn to the fact that he looked good regardless of his mood, and no matter what he was wearing, he made any item of clothing look sexy, or maybe I was never interested in what he was wearing, but I was interested in his well-sculpted body. , his defined abdomen, his strong hands, which every time they hugged and touched me, made me not want to release him. I felt protected surrounded by his arms, the smell of his skin, and the sweet words he addressed to me incessantly.

"Kate, baby! I was waiting for you!" he had said it so sensually, firmly, and the smile that had appeared in the corner of his mouth overwhelmed me.

"Oh, John! Everything is so beautiful. " I was pleasantly surprised by the whole atmosphere created while analyzing every detail.

"Come on, baby! Let's have dinner together." He held out his hand, and I, as if mesmerized, led me to him. He put me exactly like a gentleman in a chair and then he sat on the opposite side.

"Honey, are we celebrating anything? Oh, don't tell me! I know!" I was excited and proud of myself that I already knew the answer. The contract with the new supplier was successfully concluded. " I'm so happy!"

"No, Kate!" he replied calmly, keeping his sensual air, even as he tried to open the bottle of wine. "We celebrate something else .. "

"Oh! " I had no other answers, and I was slightly disappointed in myself. "Then what is it? "I asked curiously.

"You will find out! " displaying his incorrigible smile that would have made any woman fall into his arms in a second. "Now, tell me first, how did you spend your day? " He didn't seem to be in a hurry telling me the reason for this little festive meal, his warm and mesmerizing gaze made me boil inside. Every pore of his skin overflows with masculinity, wanting me to touch it constantly, which I did in abundance, from the first days after our first date.

"Well, I took a deep breath, resigned that I would not soon find out the reason for this beautiful dinner and that I have no other clues with which to turn my nose and finish this suspense once, which annoys me to the core. I was eager to throw myself into his arms and let him love me the way only he could.

" I visited Rebbeca, she has enough problems. I thought it would be different this day, but…" I looked down, hoping he wouldn't want to know too many details.

"I'm sorry to hear that! What happened?" He continued just as nonchalantly to pour the wine into glasses, but interested in what I had to tell him.

"Looks like Noah's mother woke up and is now claiming her mother's rights. An entire custody process is about to begin and they are both devastated by the news. Rebecca considers little Noah to be her son, and her heart would be broken if she lost him.

"If she needs a lawyer, I could recommend ours. He's pretty good, he doesn't really specialize in this field, but he could easily beat them. " He said it, laughing and proud that he had such a relationship with a successful lawyer.

"She already told me that Mike is waiting for a good friend of his from London, a lawyer, of course. But, thank you on her behalf anyway. I left her slightly sad, and here I am now, overwhelmed with emotions. It's gorgeous, this dinner is a total surprise. Thank you! "

"Hmm, baby! You deserve it!" he got up slightly from his chair, took my hand, and pulled me toward him. He led me near the edge of the terrace, where I could look at the city in all its splendor. "I haven't had a romantic evening like this in a long time," I told him excitedly as I sat down on the nearby sun lounger.

"Kate!" And then he said my name, paused and turned his attention to the edge of the terrace, intending to catch my eye from the panorama of the city over which the dominant moon, spreading soft reflections of light, "The evening is not over, there are still many things to discover…" he left his sentence unfinished, keeping me in suspense.

"Sounds tempting! What else do we have to discover?" I asked him curiously but extended each word so that the moment was even more tempting.

He sat down next to me, shaking my hand lightly.

"It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but it was never the right time." His gaze turned everywhere, only not to my eyes, he studied my hand carefully, then bringing his hand to his head, ran his fingers through his hair as thick and ebony black. This man was really a pleasure to watch, not to mention touching. Did he want to end our relationship? And if so, why didn't I realize we had such problems? Where was I when our relationship deteriorated? With such news from Rebbeca and all that was to come, I don't think I could handle a breakup. And then I took my heart in my teeth, and I shortened his speech, but also his state of agony that he showed he felt it was reflected on me as well. "Look! Whatever it is, know that it can be solved, maybe it's just some communication problems in the middle or small misunderstandings. Let's not give up so easily!" The expression on his face suddenly took on a tinge of amazement and bewilderment, as if the words I said surprised him. His eyes were wet and full of kindness and love, the moment he looked up at me.

" Hey, you! Calm down!" He got up from the chaise longue, trying to grab my useless gesturing hands, and then squeezed me tightly to his chest. I could smell the scent of his perfume intertwined with the smell of his skin - woody aromas as if we were both transported in a fairytale atmosphere, in an enchanted forest full of pines, cedars, and a lot of love, his arms clutching and holding me

"We are fine, we are great," he told and kept me close to him as if I wanted to run away and never come back, while his fingers run through my hair. "Kate, I love you! I'm fucking in love with you, you're always in my mind, in my heart. Damn it! You're everywhere in my life, I'd be incredibly stupid to arrange all this, to struggle to cook the chicken the way you like it, just so what? Tell you what, I want to break up with you?"

"Then what is it?" My eyes were filled with tears, my heart was pounding. Oh my God! How much I can love this man! "So what was that thing you wanted to do for a while?" still puzzled, I tried to move away from his grip to look at him better.

"Kate, my love! Now that I've made you cry, to have doubts about my feelings for you, let me make up for it, my whole life. Marry a beast like me! I will make you happy, I will love you unconditionally, I will pamper you, and I promise you that we will never have communication problems. That's just so you don't have to make up in your head scenarios before if I want to propose something to you in the future. My heart filled with instant joy, I was excited, surprised. Fuck! It was exactly what I wanted. The tears of relief and emotion running down my cheeks were in contrast to the smile of happiness that had suddenly appeared on my face. "YES! Yes, yes, yes, thousand times yes!"

My arms clung to his neck, like vines, I kissed him hot, deep, pressed. The earth was spinning with us, the world ceased to exist. I felt that I had absolute power, now that he would be mine forever until death does us part. His fingers walked firmly, protectively from top to bottom on my back. Oh my God! Can there be a greater happiness than this? Do all women feel so happy, loved, ready to explode how much adrenaline accumulates in the body after such a proposal? I couldn't think of anything else, it was just me and him, on the terrace of our duplex, my head resting on his chest, so I could hear his heart pounding, tudum-tudum. His scent enveloped all my senses, my hearing, my smell, my taste, and his face was just what my eyes were able to see at that moment.

"I love you, Kate!" His voice was the only one I could hear, at that moment the noise from the city, the taxi drivers' horns, and all the other sounds stopped.

In one motion, he lifted me into his arms, and my hands gripped his broad shoulders firmly, supporting my legs on either side of his strong but thin middle, and he walked across the terrace, reaching the living room. He led me into the house until my back leaned against the wall, his kiss getting hotter, sweeter. With a single movement, he lowered me from his arms, and his hands pierced my neck to give him pleasure.

His soft, full, warm lips made their way onto my body, coming down with each kiss and more. I was caught on to him in my state of euphoria. My senses were already in full swing and I never wanted it to end. I wanted to free myself from my jeans, I tried to take my blouse and pants off, but he stopped me. We starred at each other for a moment, while his hands freed me from my clothes. I was naked and exposed waiting for him to have me and to make me his countless times as he already did. Wanted to feel the pain once he entered me, the pain that will lead me to my climax. His touch burned my skin, but it was a pleasure I could never deny, now more than ever. My finger rolled over his bump in his jeans and I could tell he was ready, hard for me.

I knew I had to free him, so I did, leaving him only in his boxers. I lowered myself in front of him and with my index fingers I rolled down the boxers and his cock sprung and bounced, proud and delicious. My lips meet his head and I could hear John moaning with pleasure, but I wanted to hear him growling, so I took him in my mouth, sucking, linking his big shaft. Then he picked up and once we were naked, just like a magnet, our bodies were drawn into a passionate embrace, in which thousands of sweet and loving kisses lay on our bodies. I kissed his chest as I made my way through the tufts of hair to my navel, caressing him, touching him, and loving my future husband as he should. With one firm motion, he laid me on the couch, following me. His strong body was glued to mine.

I never thought I would be able to love the way I came to love John, with an intensity that often made my knees bend, my head sway, and my heartbeat as hard as the bells of Notre-Dame Cathedral. With my eyes closed, I enjoyed every movement, every touch of him, every thrusting he made while his hips moved at the same time as mine. The sounds coming out of his throat were loud and serious, which only covered mine. The passion unleashed, becoming wilder and wilder, faster at the moment of its culmination. I could feel every inch of him and every drop inside me. He stayed in the same position, whispering dirty words in my ear, kissing my neck and ear, but I was speechless. We were tangled, sweaty, and happy still on the couch.

Our bodies were weak now and I easily slipped into a deep sleep, trapped in his strong arms. I could hear his breath and feel his heartbeat and I felt just like home.

We are getting married and I couldn't believe it All I wanted was just him! This beautiful strong man will soon be mine.

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