In love in NY

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The next day, I had already scheduled lunch with Rebecca. So, I had to get out of the couch, leaving my future husband alone and naked. "My future husband!" Until now, these words were far for me to pronounce, and now they sound so good! I'm afraid it's just a dream, the clock alarm will ring and I will wake up, and all this will disappear.

"Morning, baby! How are you feeling?" His gaze revealed the feelings of a guilty man, a man who indulged in passion and behaved like a real beast the night before.

"If you are somehow referring to my inner state," I was talking to him sweetly with a sexy voice while I was wearing only a pair of black pants and a pistachio-colored cotton blouse, "then I want to tell you that I am the happiest woman in the world now and I love you!"

As he sat up, leaning on his strong arms, he was preparing to give a mini-speech in which he will apologize for the way he made love to me. He didn't want to hurt me and he hadn't done it before, and he knew that, so I stopped him just before he opened his mouth. I threw myself on his lap and kissed him. I kissed him deeply, sweetly, and hard.

"Oh, look what time it is! I'm late! I think Rebbeca has already arrived, and in the next few seconds, she will call me. I have to go, baby!"

"See you tonight!" I told him "Okay, Kate! I will try not to waste much time in Boston. I love you!"

He didn't like going to delegations, just as I didn't like the idea. But as the company was run by his father, it had majority decision-making power and preferred John, instead of any other man, to doing business.

"Mmmm, I love you too! You'll be home tonight, won't you? We have to celebrate.

"It seems that my father doesn't pay much attention to birthdays, otherwise he would have let me spend my day in bed with you.

He had the body of a god, when he got out of bed, raising his hands in the air, and stretching all his muscles so that he left water in my mouth.

John is leaving for Boston to conclude a rather important contract with a company that could help with a 30% increase in his company's entire profit. I had to waste half a day sitting on the phone to set up this meeting. But in the end, the goal was achieved, and that was what mattered at the end of the day. Arriving in front of the cafe shop, I saw Rebbeca sitting at a table by the window. She looked dejected and thoughtful, talking on the phone, looking at her cup of coffee. I sat down on the other chair, when a fairly friendly waiter, with a wide smile, offered me the menu.

"I just want a latte. Thank you!"

I ordered in a more whispered tone so I won't disturb her conversation with Mike. Keeping the same smile, revealing the dimples that made him somewhat attractive, he tactfully withdrew his menu.

"Yes, baby! Okay, then I'll let you meet Jake. See you at home to talk. I can't wait for this nightmare to end" She said rather worried as she set her phone on the table.

"It will end, and it will end well. You will see this! You just have to be strong! You love each other, you will have a wedding soon, and Noah will stay with you two forever. Not with his mother. However, her case is not strong enough, given her past. " tried to comfort her

"Yes, I hope so. I talked to Jake on Skype last night before he left for the airport. He said the same thing. He has enough arguments that are in our favor. He has already prepared the case, only a few details are missing, which we will finalize when he arrives here."

Jake….This name resonates in my mind, just like a rusty church bell. So many memories were of that name, Jake. Beautiful memories, which later turned into my greatest sufferings. My first love, but also the first man who broke my heart into thousands of pieces.

"Everything will return to normal soon, and the first thing I will do will be the wedding. I'll hurry the event a little. Mike has already bought his honeymoon tickets. Guess where it will be? Dear good! I'm so excited."

She said, almost screaming with happiness.

"Where?" I was trying to hide the thoughts that had flooded me and changed my mood.

"In Belize! Are you feeling well, Kate?" she asked me somewhat worried about my change of attitude.

"Sorry! Why do you say that?" I was still doing badly and waking up from the abyss into which I was slowly falling.

"Because you seem to be far away…

"Yes, excuse me! That name, Jake, you know what it means to me. And only when I heard it did it upset me somewhat.

"Sweetheart! I have to tell you something, I didn't know how to open this topic until now."

It was clear. Jake! Rebbeca was talking about was the same Jake I was thinking about. It wasn't her fault and I decided not to upset her. If this Jake is the only one who can help her, then I will stay away from it

"I understood everything! No need to tell me. The only thing I'm asking you to do is not talk about me. I don't want him to know I'm here, I don't want him to know anything about me"

"Kate! It's too late for that. Mike has already done it." She had already cut my momentum as he bit his upper lip.

"Oh my God! I don't want him to intervene in my life, I don't want him to ruin anything!" I was trying to make her understand, to keep him away from me.

"No, no, not at all! Believe me, Jake is a different man now. Life in London changed him completely. And he regrets very much what he did to you."

" Yeah, sure!Another Jake's typical lies." I was getting more and more nervous, more agitated. After he left my life, or mine his a long time ago, I did not trust myself at all, and especially the people around me. It seemed impossible to me that I could accomplish something on my own, that I could love another man with all my heart when everything until then had revolved only around him.

"No, Kate! Listen! At first, I was as reluctant as you are now, but I listened to him, he knows that you are in a serious relationship, he knows that you are loved and that you love. I made sure he knew all these things when he asked me about you. He is very sorry, and there are no words and deeds in this world to make you forgive him, in his opinion, which he shared with us." She wanted to clarify.

"Okay, go on!" I had leaned back in my chair, my hands clasped to my chest. I had decided to listen to her, but in no way would I have been influenced by any opinion or advice. Rebbeca gathered her words, although she knew that my only feelings would not be forgiveness or compassion, but repulsion.

"He just wants your forgiveness! He wants you to give him some time to talk, to see you!" tried to explain the honeyed Rebbeca.

"Pff! I don't think it's a good idea! No! I will not do this! I am sorry!" I told her clearly and firmly. "And he's waited until now to do that? What took them so long?"

On the way home, I thought only of him. How foolish would it be to want "a little time" with me? Does he really think I can look him in the eye? Or could he have the courage to look me in the eye and tell me what Rebecca told me? No, thanks! I'm fine! No, I'm terribly good. I have a fiancé who never lied to me, who trusts me, and vice versa. Which didn't do me any harm. I know that for others, hearing what I say may seem impossible. But I fought and I wanted with all my heart such a man next to me, and destiny got in my way. It is said that good things come to those who wait, and so I did. I drove chaotically home, immersed in my thoughts, which I decided to leave outside once I stopped the engine.

Correct, I should actually meet Jake. YES! I should thank him for leaving my life and left room for something really good. With that bastard in mind, I forgot to give Rebecca the good news. She didn't even notice the ring on my finger. But I have plenty of time to tell her. For now, all I want is to get into my boyfriend's arms, to indulge in a good wine, and Frank Sinatra to resonate from the pickup.

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