In love in NY

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It had been a week since my last meeting with Rebecca. I hadn't called her before, but she didn't show any signs either. She was probably worried about her problems, and she didn't think about me anymore. So I decided to call her. John was just coming down the stairs, wearing only a pair of black boxers and a gray T-shirt. He looks so good, the carved body, the ruffled hair, and he is mine. A feeling of fulfillment overwhelmed me at that moment when his arms wrapped around me and my back clung to his chest like two magnets pulling together, and I felt safe.

"Good morning, honey! Who are you calling this morning?" he asked curiously, while his lips sticking to my forehead.

"Honey, it's 10:00, it's not that morning! I try to find Rebecca, I haven't talked to her before…" and suddenly a familiar man's voice answers my phone with a friendly air.

"Hey, Kate! Jake here..." I couldn't let him finish the sentence, instinct told me to press the red button immediately, and that's what I did. I was stuck and panicked, staring blankly. After so many years, I heard him again and he spoke to me quite casually as if nothing had happened between the two of us.

"Kate?" John was in front of the refrigerator, the door wide open, staring at me in amazement.

"Yes?" I asked him in a tone as normal as possible so that he wouldn't realize that something had happened.

"You look pretty pale. What happened?" he put the egg embossing on the table, and he approached me. "It's like a monster answered you, that's what you look like! You threw the phone on the table. Did Rebecca upset you with anything?"

His face sketched a wide smile, trying to get me out of the state I was in. "A monster"! Yes, indeed, a monster answered my phone.

"I am okay, it's just that she declined my call. She will call me! "Hmm. Declined? Well, it's still morning, I just told you. You just have to feel it!" His voice became more and more sensual, his hands slowly lifting my shirt, feeling his fingers caress my skin. And she maybe is doing what we should do too!" I heard him whisper in my ear, and thousands of shivers ran down my spine.

"And what exactly should we do?" I asked him in the same sensual tone, glancing at him as if I had no idea what to do. And he showed me what to do for a few tens of minutes, in which any trace of Jake disappeared from my mind. The lazy and gloomy light, typical of the November afternoon, penetrated through the glass walls of our duplex. I had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room, in the arms of my future husband. I was trying to wake up, to see what time it was. Lord! We had wasted a lot of time "it was already 4 pm, and we had planned to do a lot of things this weekend."

“The phone rings in the middle of the night,

My father yells

"What are you gonna do with your life?"

Oh, daddy, dear, You know you're still number one,

But girls, They wanna have fu-un ”.

Rebecca called me, I had immediately recognized the ringtones I had assigned to her calls. I can't wait to ask her why Jake answered her phone. But my attempt to get off the couch failed. John's arms held me too close to him. I would have liked to give up the idea of leaving him, but I had to talk to Rebbeca, so I did my best for one last escape attempt and I succeeded. My John was still sleeping peacefully. I picked up the phone from the kitchen table, ran my finger across the screen, and answered.

"Rebecca?" I wanted to make sure she was, not Jake.

"Yeah!" She snorted in a subtle laugh. "Who else do you think he is?" She asked me as if I had asked her an absurd question.

" Jake!" I almost whispered his name. "He answered my phone when I called you in the morning! "Oh! I did not know. I'm really sorry, I really don't know how my phone got to him."

"Exactly! Typical of him, still lying. He secretly answered your phone because he saw that I called you. And he didn't even tell you that. He was probably just waiting for this moment.

"He did not tell me! That's because he never a chance to do so. I was probably too busy with Noah, and when he finally fell asleep, Mike and Jake had to go to the office, Kate! But why are you so upset? Rebecca asked me, sighing puzzled.

" Why? You ask me why? Can't you see the man can't wait to find me? He would do anything."

A storm of feelings had taken hold of me, I didn't want to see Jake now and never, everything had to stay the way it is. I am engaged to an extraordinary man, and he is still in London, or wherever his new residence is.

"Yes and that's a good thing, it means he cares about you and regrets what he did to you. You do not believe him?" The calm that Rebecca showed, made me believe nothing but that he would have attracted her to his side and would have convinced her to become his accomplice in this plot to bring me back to him.

"Rebecca, tell him I have nothing to talk to him about. Never! Understand?"

"Oh, Kate, please! He just wants to see you and talk to you. I don't think he intends to reconcile with you emotionally, but just to be two adults again who can share the same room." Just when I was about to tell Rebecca that she could put his sight and talk somewhere, John woke up.

"Rebecca, I have to leave you now. We will talk another time. This story doesn't stay this way."

"Don't try to flatter yourself anymore, I can put my hand in the fire because he has nothing to do with you anymore, and I know that from all the love stories Mike has told me about him." I hated arguing with Rebecca for trivial reasons, but arguing with her for a reason I didn't think would ever come up again, namely Jake's not-so-good intentions, it's worth the effort. I was looking at my boyfriend, who had just opened his eyes from the sleep that enveloped us both after we made love in the most beautiful way possible. He was lying on the couch, wearing a gray T-shirt, black boxers, and his hair was exactly the way I like it. He loved me, our relationship was perfect and beautiful. Of course, there were some quarrels about his possessiveness and jealousy, especially when I went out with the girls. But all these obstacles were made to strengthen us, to move on and to know each other better.

"Baby!"he suddenly pulled my hand, just when I was next to him… .."Or should I already call you my fiancée?" His sexy look, the tight smile in the corner of his mouth, his firm hand holding my arm close to him, all this together gave me shivers, sweet shivers that triggered all my hormones and made me want him more and more .

"I don't know about you, but I can't wait to introduce you as my husband!

"Hmm!"He was still lying on the couch, lazy.

"Yes! Every time we go to a dinner party, to be able to shut everyone's mouth "helmet-mouth after the men of others, this man is only mine and only MINE !!!"

"Honey! Be gentle, you will break their hearts." he said it in a reproachful tone, and then his laughter began to resound throughout the room.

I looked at him seriously as my hand caressed his cheek, I felt him eager to love me once again today. The words were superfluous, we didn't even bother to say them. With a single gesture, his boxers reached for the coffee table by the couch, and my blouse, well, I can only say that I will not bother to sew it. I could feel his body pressed against my body, his hands pressed my breasts freely, his abdomen tightened at every touch in his sensitive areas, his kisses were warm and passionate, his fleshy lips covered mine, coming down his neck from time to time, then he gently uncovered my intimate area, and penetrated me, suddenly, wildly, not stopping his movements in me. I forgot about myself and gave myself completely to him.

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