In love in NY

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It had been another week since my discussion with Rebecca until she called me to invite me to a newly opened club, and on this occasion, she will be able to celebrate the bachelorette party. She also invited Ariana to come too. We were a happy trio since childhood until Ariana's parents decided to move to Texas, where they had just inherited a huge house, with a farm. Ariana's efforts to stay here were to no avail. But as she graduated from college, she moved back to her hometown, New York. It's not just a city, New York is a lifestyle, and once you get used to it, it's hard to break up. John wasn't too pleased with this outing, but since he also had office work, he said it was a good time to take care of his business.

I was wearing a knee-length black dress, tight on the body, without straps. As I made my final touches to the mirror, John appeared behind me, his arms around my waist.

"So, you're leaving me tonight!" I could read the sadness on his face and voice. He never liked me going out on my own, especially at night. Every time I did that or even both of us went out, he would become jealous and thousands of flashes would scatter his gaze, if a waiter looked at me more closely, or if anyone had shown interest in me.

"But you said you had work tonight." I had begun to feel somewhat guilty, and a trace of doubt was trying to cancel the meeting.

"Yes, I know!" he concisely. "But I would have liked to know my fiancée next to me. Look, I'm not crazy in that sense, I'm just crazy about you. I know how to control myself, and to understand that the couple's life does not involve being together every second. Not! That's clear, we still need to go to the bathroom, and if I came after you there, I'd be crazy. " We both laughed at his joke, being aware that sometimes he exaggerates with this jealousy.

"Look, I promise I won't stay long! But please, I haven't seen them in a long time, especially Ariana. And on top of that, it's a good opportunity to tell them about our engagement. Don't you think so? The last time I saw Rebecca, I didn't even get to give her the big news!

"Mmm, yes!" he said half-hardheartedly. "You'd better tell them to get ready. Because our big day will be really big, and as you women say, fabulous."

I went to Rebecca, but part of me told me to stay next to him, to nest in bed, in his arms, to make love, and not to let the external environment disturb our small habitat. But I could not neglect my friends, and especially friends with whom I have been in a relationship for more than a decade. Eventually, they will help me and advise me on how to organize the wedding of my dreams. And I needed them to be happy for me, to be able to share my happiness with them. Anyway, I knew that if I stayed, John would forget about the work that had to be done, so it was his time to finish his business. And the pleasure will be much greater when I nest in his arms, back in our bed where my place is.

The new club would be a new must in terms of locations to go out in the evening to have fun. It was extraordinarily crowded, and I was trying to sneak through them, but the height didn't give me the advantage of seeing them. At 1.60 it's normal that you can't see much. The girls were already laughing at the table, each with a cocktail in their hands, which they held freely. They were gorgeous, worthy of some New York ladies. Rebecca wore a short dress with silver sequins. Her long brown hair spilled over her shoulders. Clearly, she didn't need any accessories anymore, her beauty was already too much. Ariana had chosen a dress in her style, red, on the body, made of satin, her olive skin tone suggested to me that she had just finished a new getaway on an exotic island, just as she liked to spend her holidays.

"Kate, we've been waiting for you for a century!" Ariana had noticed me immediately, giving me a wide smile, and screaming through the hustle and bustle that covered the entire room, waving me to come to their table. It was around high table. I climbed into the equally high chair and placed my clutch on the table.

"I apologize for the delay! Looks like I forgot how hard it is to order a taxi in Manhattan."

I had given up driving to the club, considering that it would have been possible to have a drink with the girls, but also the parking spaces, especially for such events are limited.

"Dear, how often do you go by taxi, it seems to me that you forgot to order!" Ariana teased me as she was specific.

"Well, of course, if you have a boyfriend who won't let you out of the house for months. Tell me right now, John didn't want to go out, he had started again with "Oh, baby. I would like to spend time just the two of us ”?" Rebecca and her sarcastic humor.

"Yes, I wonder how he let you go?"

"Oh, I know! Because it's a special occasion. I am celebrating my engagement." Rebecca said proudly, pointing to us the ring. The girls looked very cheerful, and they had taken care to do so until I arrived. Apparently, they weren't at the first drink, but as it was a special occasion, who cared about the number of drinks they had. I was feeling good in the relationship I'm in, and not even a club in this world or a getaway with my friends will be able to replace his company.

"Yes, and that! But he also had a lot of work to do and the most important thing is that I will give you news too and I decided that I should not postpone it, now that John wants us to make everything official faster.

"You mean?" they both asked in unison. Amazement spread over their faces.

"I mean," I was trying to get them to notice the ring on my finger, arranging my hair lightly.

"Wow! Are you serious?" Ariana was surprised and immediately took my hand to better analyze the ring.

"Yes! It happened the night I went to your house, Rebecca."

"Why didn't you tell me when we met?" Rebecca revolted, caught by the news.

"Well, I didn't have time and the chance." I try to hide my emotions by taking another sip of the drink ordered by the girls for me.

"The last time we met was at that cafe shop, and I thought it wasn't the right time to tell you that. You had your problems, and I was coming to tell you I was getting married. It was a little unnatural." "But wait a minute! If you are getting married too, then when will your wedding be?" Rebecca was unhappy. I guess she didn't want our weddings to overlap. She always wanted to be the center of attention, and another wedding would overshadow hers. "I haven't set a specific date yet, he wants me to be his wife as soon as possible." The word wife flew from my lips with an ease I had not expected.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" the expression on Rebecca's face was serious.

"I am very sure! Why would not I be? We love each other, we've been together for so long. That's all I want." From the tone of her question, it was obvious that she could not be fully happy for me, and not because I was getting married, but because the chosen one was John.

" What if he turns out to be different after the wedding?" Ariana intervened, curious.

"But why do you have to think negatively? Why don't you rejoice for me? It's all I've wanted since I met him, and you Rebecca know this better than anyone, especially with you, it was you who pushed him to invite me to dinner."

"It's not about that, it's just that John is so possessive, he grabs you so much that I have the impression that one day he will say stop. I know he was the perfect man at first, so we were both jealous of you, but in time he became quite possessive. Our weekends together became once every few months, the daily conversations through messages became so rare."

"He won't do that! Maybe you don't know him well enough. John is a guy who would never do what Jake did and for me that's safety."

"It's not Jake. That's clear, just that ..." Rebecca's words remained in the air, and I was tired of their speculations as if John were the bad guy.

"Nothing. I don't want to talk about this anymore! I feel like I have to be with John, that's what I feel and what will be in the future, will be in the future. I thought you would be happy for me, but it seems like it was a mistake, telling you."

After a long, tense evening and endless discussions about how she plans her dream wedding, and how Ariana offered to help her with any small service, I decided I should go and ordered a taxi, despite their efforts convincing me to stay longer. I felt that my place was next to John,

not in a club full of strangers and next to two friends who were touching me with questions about John. It was my decision and I will follow it to the end. He was the love of my life and with him, I decided that I would grow old. It may be a cliché, but my story with him is a beautiful one, a story you don't meet every day. And in my opinion, anyone deserves to meet love in this life.

When I entered the apartment, John was sleeping on the couch, with the remote control in his hand and the phone in his other hand. I had completely forgotten about the phone, when I took it out of my bag, I had a lot of missed calls and messages from him. I walked over to my jealous and possessive boyfriend, whom I adored indifferently, and kissed him on the forehead. Immediately, he felt my touch. His brown eyes opened, they were happy, calm that I returned to his arms.

" Kate!" His hoarse voice confirmed to me that what i have to do is to be in his arms.

"John, I…! Immediately his index finger stuck to my lips and in one fell swoop, I landed on top of him. "Shh! Tonight you are mine, only mine!"

My jealous and possessive boyfriend had become my bossy and possessive lover. I loved it when his fingers slid over my skin, his lips troubled mine, caressing my neck, my breasts. I wanted him, I wanted him so much. Suddenly, his firm and strong hands tore my dress in two, he put me on the coffee table by the couch, and he had me just for him. Slowly, he caressed my whole body, whispered words of love in his ear. Surrounded by the vapors of love and physical desire, I let him to carry me to the front of the fireplace, where we both lay on the fluffy carpet, where we made love slowly, without haste, but sure and firm.

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