In love in NY

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December was already making its presence felt, and office work had doubled. Every day, there was agitation, managers and all GMs walked from one office to another, with all kinds of documents and files in hand. I think there were a little over 30 files with important contracts on my desk. Contracts that had to be checked by me, so that only the most profitable ones could reach John's office.

I was his secretary and personal assistant, that's how I met him! Every time I remember, a silly smile appears on my face. We always teased each other, we both liked each other. Every day, I try to arrange myself, to be as attractive as possible, and to wear the sexiest outfits for him. Maybe one day, he would take his heart in his teeth to invite me for a coffee. He didn't have the courage, he was too shy, but his gaze gave me the impression that he wanted more than a simple relationship between the secretary and the boss. His eyes sparkled and his whole face lit up when he saw me. But all of this, the children's play stopped and turned into something much clearer, only when Rebecca paid me a visit at the office to invite me at lunch. That's when she first saw John, when he came to throw me some extra tasks, just to keep me on schedule.

"Mr. North, if you like my friend Kate's company so much, why don't you invite her over for coffee?" Do you prefer to waste precious time, burying herself in unnecessary paperwork?" Rebecca asks him casually, and proud of her that she finally threw the books in her face. John was surprised his expression impassive told me so. Absolutely no smile, no shadow of aggression. However, Rebecca allowed herself too much with what she told him. I was sure I would be kicked out. Oh my God! I was so ashamed and nervous as I didn't expect Rebecca to say such things. I realized that all this attraction was probably in my mind and I would fall for it.

"Miss Ferguson!" He turned his gaze to me, and the spark in his eyes was gone, saying my name in a diplomatic style.

"Mr. North! I...I am…" I got up from my chair looking at Rebecca saying in my mind that she would pay me when we leave this office.

"I apologize! I'm so sorry! My girlfriend probably misunderstood."

"What the hell! I can see clearly the sparks between you two. Mr. North is completely melted after you and vice versa. I retire, I assume our lunch is no longer valid." As soon as Rebbeca got into the elevator and the doors closed, John turned to me with an impassive look. Trying to swallow the lump in his throat that had probably been on him since Rebbeca had her moment of madness.

"So, what about our dinner? Is eight o'clock convenient?"

Unable to utter a word, I nodded, slowly sitting back in my chair, before my knees softened with emotion. He retired to his office, where he remained all day. He hadn't left, not even before I headed home to get ready for my date with him.

John was always in meetings, and I had to answer the phone, set up or cancel meetings. I was sitting at my desk, concentrating on sorting out certain files that needed to be sent to the archive, when suddenly John's voice startled me.

"Kate?" John stood in the doorway, seriously, dressed in the navy suit I had given him last Christmas and which came to him as if poured on his well-made body, on his broad shoulders and his thin waist.

"Yes?" I had answered in a hoarse voice, a sign that I hadn't said a word in a long time.

"Come, please, in the meeting room!" He was serious. Usually, I didn't go to the meeting room when they had meetings. I had nothing to look for there because all the GMs and the company's management met there, but today they called me. And with fear in my chest, thinking that they had discovered a mistake, I went. Each member of the leadership was in his chair at that big table. All men dressed impeccably in suits, the room smelled of expensive perfumes, which comfort me in a way. Their eyes were on me, and the murmur in the room stopped once I entered the room. The director of the company, Mr. Liam North, John's father, was sitting at the end of the table.

"Take a seat, Miss Ferguson!" Liam addressed me, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, as his hands clasped over a thick folder of hard brown leather covers. I sat down in the chair specially set for me. Mine was extra. The table had ten seats, and all were occupied. They were eleven with me. I sat down resolutely and thought of a speech, in case I made a mistake, I will take it. It was my fault and I will accept the criticism with my head held high, trying not to repeat the mistake. The last thing I want to do is not embarrass John, I'm proud of myself. Although I don't remember doing anything wrong. We analyze twice any report and document sent. Everything was archived according to standards. Cleary I was going crazy. John was sitting in his father's chair, flipping through some sheets, then looked up at me. A warm and loving look, which I needed so much.

"I called you here today because we all on the council noticed your recent efforts. I know that some things did not fit into your tasks and responsibilities, but you still took care of them and completed them successfully.

"I think I know what you mean… " I interrupted him for a moment, trying to apologize for a possible mistake. I thought this was probably their speech when they wanted to get someone's attention.

"A moment! I'm not finished." Liam cut it short for me. "So, for all your work here, we have decided that you are ready to move on to the next level. Namely, you will be the manager of the human resources department."

At that moment, I felt the earth slipping from under my feet, I was holding on to the table as best I could. I was promoted at work, from a simple secretary to the manager of the human resources department. It was a wonderful thing and the truth is that i deserve it. Everyone was smiling, congratulating me, and John on the other end of the room was smiling and mimicking my lip "I love you". After the meeting, I went back to my small office. It doesn't even compare to John's. But now, I guess they'll give me another office, and I'll even have my own secretary. I was happy, that I finally got to where I had set out from the beginning, to evolve ... I wanted a more beautiful career with greater chances of personal, professional development. I didn't even manage to sit in the chair to continue my work, because John came to me.

"My love, Kitty!" He was excited and proud of me.

"Yes?" I answered briefly without any expression to give me empty happiness. I showed no interest or enthusiasm, and he immediately realized that something was wrong with me.

"Hey, Kitty! What happened?" he approaches my chair, leaning slightly down.

"I don't know, I mean I'm wondering if they didn't feel compelled to promote me just because I'm marrying you and it would be better to marry a manager than a secretary?" and suddenly, once i said those words, it made me think seriously about them too… ..Is that so?"

"No! Why do think like that? Listen to me, even if we didn't get married, you still worked the same way and received the same reward for your work. Here, no one rewards you with beautiful eyes or that we will get married. And believe me, you have to stick to this job if you want to stay in position!" He was trying to convince me that it wasn't exactly what I thought. I carefully analyzed everything John told me. He made me think he was right, that I actually deserved this job and he didn't just give it to me because I was marrying him.

"Do you understand now?" he looked at me with wide eyes, stroking my cheek gently.

"Yes, I understood!" I replied resignedly "Thank you, baby!" I loved this man, I loved him from the first date. Oh my God! I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I had called Rebecca to help me decide what to wear. I had to look flawlessly, not even as if I were out of the box. However, I had to give a note of negligence, so as not to think that I had lost most of my day, making my beauty sleep and preparing for the meeting with him. My clothes were thrown everywhere, Rebecca was sitting on the edge of the bed, among the piles of clothes.

"Wear your favorite jeans, light and ready shirt. You are perfect!"

"How do I do that? ! If it takes me to I don't know which seven million star restaurant, and I'm going to appear like one hanging on the street?" I was desperate, in a time crisis, my hair was a mess. If I could put scissors in it. I was in front of the mirror, and it seemed to me that every time I looked miserable like the first time.

"And destroy your blonde treasure, neah! Okay, if you don't wear the outfit I chose, I'll take it. I made a mistake to arrange this meeting for you !! You stressed too much."

"Well, do you have a date?" I felt guilty for making her stay with me.

"Ah! No!! Stay calm! I go out with the girls. A new club has now opened and you know very well that we have to inaugurate it properly !!" She was a smile, winking at me. Suddenly, my phone rings.

“I'm never gonna dance again

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend I know you're not a fool

I should have known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you”

George Michael –Careless Whisper

Fuck! Where's that phone? It was clear! He had arrived, and I wasn't dressed.

"Oh! What a ringtone you have!" Rebecca laughed out loud. I assume you've been setting it since your heels lit up after this Mr. North."

"Please, don't start!" I continue to act in my exasperation. I took one last look in the dressing room and took what came to my hand. I let my hair down at random and ran to the door.

"Don't forget to tell me tomorrow everything!" Rebecca shouted after me. "And you don't forget to lock the door."

And I went out the door, slamming it behind me. In front of the building stairs, his car was parked! Beauty on 4 wheels, black, shiny. I had thousands of emotions and as they say "butterflies in the stomach". I wanted not to stumble on those heels and make fun of myself. The driver opened the door for me with cat-like movements, precise, fine, and fast. And there he was, in the back seat, waiting for me. "Miss Ferguson!" he nodded to me with the same grandeur he always showed, and… mmm he only smelled of perfume the moment I got inside, and I was finally with him in his car. I could barely control my emotions. Thousands of thoughts came to my mind, and yes! He was my knight on a white horse, and I was the princess waiting to be saved. It was going to be my first date since the tragedy with Jake. Many tried and failed, I was not yet ready to start a new relationship and none attracted me as much as John did.

"Mr. North!" I greeted him too after a short pause in which my thoughts had gone mad.

"How do you feel on this wonderful evening, almost hot?" He tried to have a conversation with me. How the hell do I feel? It was about 30 degrees outside, and it was 100 degrees inside. Damm it!

"Wonderful! I appreciate the gesture, I wanted to call to counter this meeting that probably seems as trivial as me, but my friend, Rebecca sat on my head all day and I did not have a break-even for a minute." Of course, I was lying, I hadn't even thought about such madness. After so long I only dreamed of it. I wanted him to take me straight to his house and make love to me. Damn dinner! He looked incredibly sexy and smelled right, and the bony structure of her face as he clenched her jaw excited me incredibly. It was clear, too, that he, like me, felt embarrassed, and tried his best to have a decent conversation.

"Even if you did this, Miss Ferguson, I would still be at your place in front of the house at exactly the same time!" His serious and determined tone made my whole body vibrate, feel thrills of pleasure. I couldn't make a sound all the way, and neither did he. I looked out of the car window, the city bustling. I didn't even know what to tell him, what topics to approach, if I talked to him about contracts and others, I would probably bore him. I was running out of ideas, but maybe he'll start talking first. When the car stopped, I noticed that I had reached an underground parking lot, where several luxury cars were being parked. It didn't look like a restaurant at all. -"Come here!" He held out his hand to me, and I let myself be guided without asking too many questions. The driver remained in the car when I turned my gaze back to where I had left. We headed for the elevator in the parking lot that obviously led to the apartments. Of course, the elevator took us up to the top floor. This guy was really full of money, he was living in a building where the hall was better furnished than my little studio. The Bordeaux carpet covered the floor, and from the meter, to meter small lanterns were positioned that subtly illuminated the hall. An armchair was placed at each door. Of course, it's not about any restaurant or maybe he has the restaurant right in his apartment, I thought. When I finally entered his apartment, I was hoping to sit down, to catch my breath, these shoes killed my feet and I had barely walked a few steps.

"I'll show you a trivial date, Miss Ferguson!" And in the next second, his lips covered mine, his hands dropping the white satin dress from my shoulders, from my breasts, so that he could hold them in his palms as best he could, my neck was now sprinkled with bites. brutal of the gentleman I've been waiting for so long.

"Kate! You don't know how long I've been waiting for this moment." I could feel his strong manhood. Damn it! You don't prolong the moment, in a single movement, he turned me, where he continued his bites on my back. Oh! what a pleasant pain. Finally! It was a dream! A dream that turned into an erotic one, and I loved it. He let my underwear slip on the floor, I could feel his breathing hard when I came face to face again. He was eager, excited, and there was an explosion in my mind, I didn't know if it was the New Year, or just how you feel when you're with a real man. My legs now encircled her waist. I was where I wanted to be. He had me and I had him, his skin was glued to mine, the lips I wanted for so long, I finally felt them soft and velvety pulsing over my lips, merging, and the most important part of was far beyond my expectations. I didn't think of anything, absolutely nothing. Not even how I fell prey to carnal pleasures so easily. What will he think of me the next day when everything will be clearer? Miss Ferguson is a pity. Did all the other women he had had fall so prey so easily. My body came back to life, my senses gained new strength, I could finally say that I had gotten rid of the ghost of Jake that had haunted me since the day he left. We have a life, and that starts when you love! Is it already love? Or do I confuse it with the physical attraction I have had for him for so long? My feelings were still unclear, but one thing was certain. He was the first man to touch me in so long. My body still felt John's strong hands and touches, but I had never felt so full of energy. The smell of his skin and perfume was now impregnated on my skin. My mouth still felt the taste of his mouth. I opened my eyes slightly and saw a staircase leading to the apartment floor, a high ceiling outlined many shades of white, beige, and navy blue, a huge fireplace that proudly sits in the living room, and lots and lots of light from the glass wall that gave the impression that it does not offer a little intimidation. I hardly remembered that I was on the top floor of the skyscraper building where he lives and no one knew what happened between us just a few hours ago. His arms held me close to him, so it was quite difficult for me to move. I didn't want to wake him. But a thought kept running through my mind, maybe I should have gotten up, packed my clothes, and left. The velvety hair on his chest made him look so masculine and beautiful. Thousands of times, I tried to imagine him naked, but what I saw now was much more beautiful. I tried to slip as subtly as possible into his arms, but his grip was firm as if anticipating my thoughts of escaping. His beautiful eyes widened, and a smile of satisfaction settled on his face. I answered back with a smile. I understood from his eyes that he was fine and that he was quite happy that we were both in his apartment.

"Good morning, Miss Ferguson!" his voice echoed in my mind, and sequences from the previous evening came back to me.

"Good morning!" I muttered softly, trying to get up.

" I just. " His index finger lazily stroked my lips, stopping me from continuing my idea. His body was so warm that a blanket covering us would be completely useless.

"I wish you would tell me that every morning. I would like to wake up next to you, to see you every morning, and not be afraid to leave you the day next, knowing that surely as night comes you will be mine again, to be able to caress you, to be able to possess you in every way and form, to share anything with you. Be just mine! I know you're probably thinking - why does this madman who tells me all these things not have the courage to tell me all this so far? Or at least invite me for a date? Well! I was scared! I was afraid that you would reject me, that you would tell me that you already had someone else. And I would not have tolerated a refusal from you. From the first moment, you conquered me, Katherine! Stay with me all day, and if at the end of the day you decide that there will be nothing between us, I will respect your decision!

"But, Mr. North, I don't know what to say. I thought we'd just have dinner, and then everything would be back to normal! Not that you will receive me in your house, that everything will take a strange flock."

"Strange? Kate, it seems to me that what we are doing now is special and beautiful. And so it should be from now on. The two of us against the world!" He had taken my hands and massaged them in a slightly nervous and agitated way. He was excited about this whole thing.

" Kate, let me love you! And no, don't think that I'm telling this to every beautiful lady to cross my threshold the same thing. I want to tell you that I haven't had a serious relationship in a long time. It wasn't meant to be, but I didn't try either." I was still sitting in his arms on the couch, thinking how I got here was unreal. His words seemed to come from a love novel, in fact, the whole story seemed to come from a love novel. How did he realize that after only one night of love, which was not even planned, I would be the one with whom he would like to spend his day and every night?

"To love me?" I detached myself from his grip, trying to find my clothes. I walked around the room, wrapped in the blanket on the couch until I gathered my clothes thrown away after last night's passion.

"I want my life to begin! I want to love you!" Gently, he got up from the couch, naked, exposed in front of me, having no hesitation in exposing his nakedness. He knew he had a perfect body, which he was sure he was proud of, his thigh muscles tensed with every step he took in my direction, and I stood still, forgetting to swallow, deifying his body. He lunged at me, kissing me, and his hands gripped my face. We lay down on his soft, comfortable couch again, stroking his well-defined back, while he sprinkled sweet kisses on my neck, and his hips made their way between mine when he finally got to where he wanted. . Moans of pleasure were heard timidly, and then they intensified with the final pleasure. Recovering from that euphoric dizziness, I decided it would be best to leave. Even if I come out of this story with a broken heart.

"Where are you going? I hope only in the bathroom.

"No, Mr. North! I'm going home, and on Monday I'll be back at the office, where I hope I still have a job." I knew that I would not be able to continue working for his company for a long time, so I had to start looking for a new job immediately.

"Fuck Mr. North! I think that after what happened between us, we should say our first name." Heading towards me, the muscles of my thighs and abdomen moved in rhythm with him, and I tried to avoid his gaze, hiding my teary eyes. I was afraid to get attached, to love. I had been hurt, and I wasn't going to let the story happen again. But, he had something that attracted me, that made him irresistible, and I made myself feel at ease next to him. His presence made me feel sexy, feminine and wanted. I wanted him more with each passing minute, wishing that his beautiful words had not been in vein. In a gentle motion, he gripped my chin with his fingers, turning my face toward him. He was amazed to see my wet eyes, and instinctively he hugged me, wrapping his arms around me. Our bodies complemented each other perfectly, we could feel his smooth skin, in contrast to his silky hair that went down to his intimate area. He kissed the strands of hair on the top of my head, and his warm breath made me melt in his grip.

"Kate, my love, I hope I didn't hurt you, because I will never forgive me.

"I'd rather leave before more harm happens. I would not like to be another piece added to the collection." Suddenly, he pulled me away from him. His warm, gentle gaze suddenly turned cold. He ran nervously, his fingers through his hair, muttering and swearing in a whisper "I can't let you go, I know clearly what reputation I have. And do you know why? That's because I didn't give anyone access to my personal life, and people began to assume I was a Don Juan. But, honey... " his hands were touching mine, making them nervous, "I haven't had anyone in a very long time, and what happened last night, I think, was clear proof.

"I just want the access code, so I can get out of here faster." Ignoring what I said, he continued "I checked you from the first day since you got hired, I clearly asked you to be my secretary, I wanted you close to me. I knew where you lived, what you did in your free time, sometimes I even came and watched you go every weekend to walk through Central Park, with a tight heart, so that there would not be a boyfriend waiting for you there. And I was standing, like a shy beast, not having the courage to ask you at least one night out with me. Indeed, just like you, I imagined it differently. Not at all, to throw you in my bed from the first night, but it's been so long since then and now that my wait was boiling, and I think you felt it too. Thanks to your friend, more daring, I found a pretext to do what I wanted long ago. Kate, I think I love you! And god damn it, if you don't let me find out! So, from that night on, our love story began. For the public, we were more reticent - not revealing too many details and we behaved decently when there were other people around us, but in the dormitory, we let our imagination run wild - we did absolutely everything we felt, we loved each other passionately, we gave each other every last drop. , and then we fed on each other to regain our energy. I often spent the weekends at his mountain cottage. I was living a beautiful love story, but not a day went by that I didn't think it could end tragically.

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