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The Dame and The Demon

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Chapter 2

The Dame.

I enter the upstairs office to see Vic. He's the one that hired me for this gig. I am quite glad to say it went off without a hitch. I even kidnapped a man. Well, he came willingly which was nice. And he did what he was told so well. I may keep him.

"Hey, Vic. Got your stuff." I say as I throw him the rock.

"Iz, my girl! I heard about the fire. Tragic." He says. I hate cryptic small talk.

"Ya, thankfully no deaths. Apparently, someone was smoking in one of the offices. I heard the person in charge was fired." He nods.

"Thank you for bringing this by. It means a lot." He says as he passes me a bag of money for my payment. "I saw you with The Demon. What's that about?"

"I found him at the party," I say keeping it vague.

"Good," Vic says. Looks like “Damon” just passed his second test.

I head back down to find him seeing him waiting for me at the best vantage point. I have chills running through me remembering that kiss in the stairwell. Delicious. That's what Damon is delicious. He's a big man with big hands and I want more. I sit down across from him with a smile.

"Hey, there sweetie. Thanks for waiting."

"Anytime." He says with a smirk. Good answer.

"What did you want to eat? I'll go and order."

"A burger and cola are fine with me." Man after my own heart. I stand and head to the counter. Sal and Max are there. They're good guys. Even better when they have your back. Max is a great sniper.

"Hey, Iz. Heard you were on fire tonight." Max says with a grin.

"You guys are worse gossips than a knitting club," I say admonishing them.

"Ya, we know. What's with you and the Demon?" Says Sal.

"Don't know yet. He tried to crash my job."

"And he's not dead?" Sal is shocked. I mean I have killed people who get in the way before.

"No, he was useful," I say as Pam comes up to the counter for my order. "Hey, Pam. Could I get two number threes and two burgers with cola?" She gives me a toothy grin.

"Coming right up Hun. You be careful with the Demon. He's as crazy as you are." She says. Interesting.

"I saw that bastard use a flame thrower! Dude is fucking scary!" Sal chimes in. I laugh because he's said the same about me. They are gun guys, nothing wrong with that, but we are different.

"I'll bring you your order when it's done," Pam says. I wave at the guys and head back to my new obsession. Damon has been watching me. Good. I have his attention. I grin as I sit down.

"Those gossips gave me quite the scoop on you, Sweetie," I say.

"Which story did they tell you? Sal is worse than my gran." He says chuckling.

"You're as crazy as me. And you've used a flame thrower. I've also been warned about you four times already." I say seeing what he'll do. He grins salaciously.

"Let's just say I don't usually do heists." He says with a smirk. He doesn't know what I do. This is going to be fun. I quirk my eyebrow and tilt my head pretending to be offended.

"And what's wrong with heists?" I ask.

"Nothing. You're fantastic. It's just not my thing." He says in a hurry.

"Hmm... what is your thing?" I ask sounding a bit distant.

"I've done acquisitions and hits. I've done some ransoms and info retrieval. That kind of stuff." Very impressive but I notice he doesn't ask me what I've done. He's making the same assumptions as so many others. I'm small, so I must be a one-trick pony. This will be fun.

Pam comes over with our food and two duffle bags. He goes to grab one.

"Sorry, these are for me," I say placing them at my feet and digging into my burger and fries. He looks at me with a questioning gaze. "I told you I have to work tonight." Pam laughs as she walks away.

"What's the job?" He asks.

"I have a couple of hits tonight," I say. His eyes widen a fraction. If it wasn't me I wouldn't have seen the shock.

"Iz?" I turn to see Asher, ass extraordinaire and two buddies.

"What's up?" I ask.

"I just couldn't believe my eyes seeing you out so quickly after what happened with the Morellis." His eyes flick to Damon. Ass. To his credit, Damon doesn't ask.

"Well, we can't all keep our hands as squeaky clean as you," I say. The asshole is a hitman who outsources his hits. Fucking useless.

"And you'll only ever be known as a honeypot." I don't react but everyone else does. Sal and Max start cussing him out, Pam is loading a shotgun. Even Damon is on his feet staring him down. What a sweetheart. But Asher only has eyes for Vic who came down at just the right time.

"What the fuck are you doing here Asher?" He says

"Just thought I'd stop in for a visit."

"And harass my customers?" Vic accuses.

"It's just Iz. What is she going to do? She knows the rules here." Ass!

"Really? That's how you want to do this? Iz. Asher is now fair game try not to get too messy." I watch Asher's eyes widen as I smile. It's not a sweet or pretty smile. I have put up with so much of his shit over the years because he's Vic's nephew. But now he's mine.

I get up reaching behind me to the hunting knife tucked into the waist of my jeans. His two cronies step up to guard him. They're just doing their jobs. I won't kill them unless I have to. I step in between them and crouch down quickly elbowing them in the back of the knees bringing them down to the ground. I turn to grab the back of their heads slamming them into the table. They slump to the ground unconscious.

I turn to find that Asher had tried to run but Sal and Max are at the door blocking his path. I stalk over to him slowly watching him panic.

"A lot of fear of just some honey pot," I say as I drag my knife lightly across the top of a table. I put my big knife back and trade it for two of the throwing knives I have stored in a band across my stomach.

Sal and Max move quickly out of the way. Good plan. I toss one and watch as it knicks his ear earning a scream from him. He's probably had worse shaving that stupid soul patch.

He tries to run again, so I toss the other knife into the back of his knee and watch as it sinks into him. He falls forward and is crawling across the floor now. Drama queen. I stroll up and yank it out quickly. I flip him over and straddle his thighs. Grabbing my hunting knife again. He's crying now.

"Don't worry Asher, it's just Iz," I whisper soothingly. As I gently trace a line down the length of his neck down to his chest down to the top of his jeans.

I hear Pam say "pathetic" and round of agreements. I smile when I hear Damon.

"I thought she was just a thief." After a round of laughter, he warms my heart by saying "I could watch her all day."

"She's pretty scary for a little thing," Max says.

I see Asher try to throw a punch, but he swings too wide, so I slam the throwing knife into his elbow and watch him scream.

"Hitting a lady. Tsk." I say and punch him across the face. "And as for the Morellis, they got what they deserved. Just like you." I yank out my knives and stand up and walk back to my table and take a long pull of my drink. I know I'm still covered in blood but I didn't get to finish my meal. I wipe down my hands with my napkin as I hear him move. I hear a metallic sound. Gun. I turn to see him sitting up and I pull my Ruger and shoot him in the head before he can aim with his butchered arm. Ass.

"Sorry about the mess Pam I'll clean up before I go," I call as I sit down and dig into my meal.

"No it's fine I'll call the cleaner it was a good show. I can't believe he cried." She's so sweet.

Damon appears in front of me with a great big smile and what looks like an impressive erection. He may just be as crazy as me. He sits and we eat our meal in silence. I pay for my bags, but he pays for the meal. What a gentleman.

After a cleanup in the bathroom and yet another wardrobe change, I look the part of after dark teenager. Poor Damon is going to get whiplash from these character changes.

I return to the counter just in time for the cleaner to show up.

"Hey, Chuck!" I call.

"Iz! You finally got the green light huh?" He says with a grin as he starts unfolding tarps. I just grin. I'm going to be late if I don't hurry. I thank Pam and Chuck and hug Vic. He pats me on the back. Damon and I head out he even carries a bag for me.

After we settle into the van I head downtown. It's almost dawn and I have people to kill.

"So what else can you do?" He asks with a flirty smile.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"I would. You were amazing back there."

"Well, I'm sure if you stick around you'll figure it out," I say testing the waters.

"Oh, baby. You're not getting rid of me now. I'm hooked." Good answer. I smile as I park down an alley. Taking the bags we make our way up to the roof. I set up two tripods mounting the guns. I aim at them and double-check the scopes.

The Donahue Brothers have been making my life hell. They hired me to take out their father, so they could take over the family business. So I did. Now they want me to take care of each other. They can't just talk shit out but if people could do that I wouldn't have a job. So here I am. To add to this weirdness they set up a meeting with each other, so they could watch the other one die. Sick fucks. And that's coming from me. So I took both jobs. I am just waiting for the money to be transferred and then it's hunting season.

Damon is behind me stretched out seductively on the roof watching me work. The man is pure sex and intensity. It's distracting but I manage to make it through. I wonder how good of a shot he is. We're about two buildings away from my targets.

"Hey, sweet thing. You want to join me?" He gets up and stalks over to me and pulls me close gripping my ass.

"I thought you'd never ask. Who do we have?" I pull out the picture of the targets.

"Pick one. I'll tag the other. We have to do it at the same time." I say leaning into him.

"Deal." He says smirking.

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