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The Dame and The Demon

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Chapter 3

The Demon

God, this woman is going to kill me in the best way possible. She is trusting me with a job. Her job. The woman is taking out the heads of the Donahue clan. For each other. I hear her phone vibrate she checks it and grins as it vibrates again. I'm assuming the payments have been made.

"Showtime." She says her voice brimming with excitement. She takes up her gun nestling it to her shoulder taking aim. Our arms are brushing and I can barely keep it together as I aim at the other brother. I want her now. After seeing her deal with that jackass Asher I just wanted to nail her against the wall. The roof might be the next fantasy.

Damon, get your shit together. Shoot first fuck later. But what if we could do it at the same time... well shit.

I graze my hand down her ass as I adjust my grip on the gun. I hear her moan. She's as horny as I am. Good. I run my hand between her legs and I watch her shift her legs farther apart.

"Are you ready to shoot your load?" She says in a husky voice. Oh, this temptress.

"Only for you. Count us down?" I say running my hand down the inside of her thigh.

"On three. One." She says as my hand makes its way back up to her center and give her some pressure there.

"Two" she says breathlessly as she squirms against my hand. I bring up my hand to her ass and up along her spine. Watching her shifts into business mode. I go back to my gun with a smile. Every job should be like this. Not a bad plan.

"Three" she says in a strong but lust laden voice. We both pull on the triggers at the same time. I hear the explosion of the rifles but before I hear our targets hit she's on top of me. God yes!

She is straddling my hips rubbing herself along my dick. I can't help but moan. I take her top off and expose her bare breasts to the morning air. Is she bare everywhere?

Her tits are perfect just like the rest of her body. Honed to perfection. Lethal. Mine. She tears my dress shirt apart under her.

"We have five minutes to get off and pack up before a tai chi class comes up. Or do we want to take our time and head back to my place?" She asks. I want her now but it's not smart. And I want all of her.

"Lets go home. I want to take my time with you." I say.

"Home. Huh?" Shit. I didn't even catch that. She makes me reckless. Oh, well. It's not like I don't mean it. "Sounds good." I let out a breath and go to kiss her but hesitate I don't want to be unconscious again and lose her. She laughs as if reading my mind and kisses my dark hungry soul. We pack up and get her shirt back on. She throws a blanket and some burned out candles on the ground before we leave. I'm confused but I know better than to question her plans. They've worked out seamlessly so far.

As we leave she starts quietly giggling in her sweet voice and smooths my hair. And I see a few older people coming up the stairwell. She looks shocked and blushes and looks down avoiding eyes as I smirk at her knowing her act. As we hurry down the steps I hear a few of them chuckling quietly.

We reach the van and she throws me the keys. I get in and start the van while she sits in the passenger.

"I'll give you directions" she says with a mischievous look. What is my siren up to?

"Ok." I start driving and feel her move towards me. She unbuttons my pants. Oh, God! She frees my cock and wraps her glorious mouth around it. I'm going to crash this car. I try to stay focused as she sucks and licks at my dick. Just when I get close she pops off and says "turn right". She's not even looking but I turn right as she goes back to taking my dick into her hot little mouth. After a few more minutes and I'm ready to burst again. She hums her way off of me "turn left". She licks up my shaft and I feel my balls tighten as I try to stay on the road. She moves her hand up my thigh and traces her hand gently across the seam of my pants where my balls are. I swerve on the road as she chuckles. "Look out for number sixteen." She goes back down and my tip meets the back of her throat and I lose all cool. I release with a grunt and a thrust into her mouth. She swallows my seed and licks clean my cock before sitting back in her seat. "You missed the house." She says smiling. Saucy thing. I can't wait to get her off next.

I finally actually take in my surroundings we are out of the city there are a bunch of farmhouses around. I take a u-turn and find number sixteen. It's a ranch style brick house surrounded by acres of fields and woodland. I park in the drive, and she gets out and picks up the weapon bags and brings them to the side of the house where she opens a door to a root cellar and deposits the bags in a trash can. She makes her way back to me and I follow her with the first bag into the house.

I don't know what I expected her house to look like but this wasn't it. It looks like a home. There were pictures of smiling people in frames along the walls and shelves accompanied by small knick-knacks. It looks like a family could live here easily. Family was never in the cards for me what with the work I do. Its just not a good plan. Her home seems comfortable. Easy. Warm. I'm kinda freaking out.

I start noticing if you look hard enough you would see her. A sharpened knife on display here a baseball bat there. The windows are thicker the doors are heavier than normal. Its like looking at one of her disguises all sweet and disarming until its too late. Now I feel more at ease.

She turns to me and drops her bag.

"Where do you want to start first?" She asks. Here.

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