Under Her Skin

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Kiara is a sweet charming college girl who lives in small town in, India with her small Family and loves to enjoy life. she moved to Mumbai for higher studies with her friend Annu But..... Her life turned upside down when she was kidnapped by international sex trafficking gang and was sold to the middle east-mafia Prince Alvan. Alvan is a young ruthless mafia and middle-east prince who loves to enjoy his power and control over the others, he is crazy for kiara since the day he saw her, and will do everything to get under her skin.. and fully own her. This story has many twists and turns, also it is full of dark scenes. WARNING : Contains Mature and Dark scene

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Chapter 1

I promise to always be by your side. Or under you. Or on top.

“Kiaraaaaaa! Kiara! wake up it’s almost 10:00 Am and you are sleeping till now !!!!!!!”

“Mommmmmm.... I am awake, Ugh !” Why does all Moms have to shout , I mean it’s only 10:00 am , and it’s not like I have to go for farming or something like that so what’s a big deal if I am sleeping till now.

“Annu is here kiara ! get up ”

“Wait ! What ....! OH MY GOD I am gonna be so dead ” Today is our reunion with friends and we planned to go out , also they told me to be ready by 10:30 Am but I am sleeping till now, they are going to kill me.

“Kiaraa baby still sleeping” Anu said as she entered my room.

Door closed.

“Bitch! Who banged you last night so hard that you are sleeping till now, I told you to be ready by 10:00 Am and here you are sleeping” she yelled at me.

“Anu ! can you please lower your voice this is a family house if mom heard you speaking like that then she is going to lecture me about the friends I have ” I told Anu .And what’s so fuss about sleeping till 10:00 Am, I have much more worse record than that.

“Ummm okay ! By the way boys are coming too... ” Anu winked at me

“What ! No .. No boys “I hated my school boys, I never talked to them in my classes and now I have to spend whole day with them, how unfair.

“There’s no fun without boys also if they will come then they are gonna pay most of the bills, now get you ass off the bed and wear something good ” She said with gritted teeth.

“Gold-digger...! don’t tell my parents that boys are coming otherwise I will not be allowed to go” I told her.

“As you say Majesty!” she winked at me.

I quickly brushed and freshened up, also took quickest bath in my history . Most of my clothes are still in the laundry, I searched through my closet to wear something good and finally, I took out my red full-sleeved top and a pair of black jeans.

“What do you think” I asked Anu about my clothes but she was too busy in her phone maybe she didn’t heard.

“Okay! Nevermind!” I put the top and jeans, then quickly brushed my hair and tied it in a cute bun. I am not a fan of make-up but a small amount of face powder and red lipstick with lip-gloss won’t harm. I don’t like high-heels or any heels they are so uncomfortable, So I quickly put my pair sneakers.

“I am ready !” I proudly told Anu, I means is there any girl on planet earth that would be ready in 30 minutes.

“Good! Also after the party I we will go to mall, I have buy some clothes and accessories” Anu told me keeping her eyes on her phone.

“Yeah me too ” Anu an I were best friends since kinder garden. After Kinder garden we took admission in same school and then we decided to take admission in same college and fortunately we got in one, but in Mumbai.

It was so hard to convince my parents because they were afraid how am I means a girl from small town is going to stay in a big city like Mumbai alone with my friend also we don’t have any relative in Mumbai, they think that Mumbai will spoil me.

“I am so excited ! we will be living in Mumbai on our own ahhhhh! freedom...Oh yeah!” Anu said in slutish way.

I don’t deny her I too like freedom because our parents are so strict here. I mean I have a long list of things to do when we go to Mumbai like, go to midnight club, get drunk, nigh out with my friends at Marine drive and many more.

“Okay let’s go” I told her and we went downstairs, where Mom was preparing breakfast

“I will be back before 7pm” I said to mom we I headed outside.

“before 6pm......” Mom told me with gritted teeth.

“okay” I said and then were outside where Anu has parked her scooty.

she started her scooty and I jumped on the backseat.

“So where are we going ?” I asked.

“We are going to the park then to the Pizza house after that for a movie then to the mall” She told me while driving.

“And where are the others ?” I asked.

“They are already at the park and we are late because of you” She blamed me and cannot deny her because I was the one that was sleeping till 10:00 am in the first place.

We reached the park in nearly 30 min.
It’s nearly 11:00 am in the morning and the sun is shining like a burning fire.

“Who’s stupid idea was to plan a reunion in a park at afternoon” I told Anu exhausted by the sun. My face was full of sweat.

“I don’t know maybe someone named kiara” she joked.

God what was I thinking ! 11:00 am at park is really a bad idea.

Anu moved towards the ticked counter and I started searching for chilled water and some ice - cream.
I purchased two ice- creams one chocolate ice cream for Anu and one butterscotch ice cream for myself.

“I’ve got the tickets! Let’s go darling wow! Ice cream thank you love” Anu said excitingly.

We entered the park and searched for our friends.......

“Hey come here!“someone called us.

we turned. They were sitting on the wooden bench by the side of lake. There were 4 boys and 5 girls. But I was not able to see who are they because we were standing too far away from them

“Heyyyy guysss! ” We yelled and waved hands at them.

“Guess who is here? ” Anu said .

“No fucking wayyyyy”

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