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Make Me Yours, Master

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Brittany Richards never cared about her virginity but when her friend suggests she buy someone to take it, her life becomes a bit more hectic than she can handle. Her once precious gift hangs in the balance as she debates giving it away to a total stranger or will she save it for the handsome man she meets while trying to decide. More secrets become unveiled as she navigates the two roads she was presented and soon she has to make a decision but a mix up sends her down another road and soon she has choices to make that could end up hurting her. PLEASE NOTE: these are original works of cajun_queen and any names or situations are simply fiction. Any similarities to real life are merely accidental. Also please do not copy any of my work. I have put a lot into these stories and for it to be taken and twisted into something else is just plain wrong not to mention illegal. *****ATTENTION! THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE THEMES, VIOLENCE, SEXUAL CONTENT AND STRONG LANGUAGE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*****

Erotica / Romance
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Please Sir, Buy My Virginity

"You want me to do what?"

"Think about it Brit, you wouldn't even have to go out with the guy. All you have to do is pay him to take your virginity and then poof he comes to your house. Oooo dick delivery! Now that's something I could get used to."

"Seriously? Why would I want to buy a man to have sex with me. Isn't that like prostitution?"

"No it's not. And, it's so you can get rid of this burden you've been carrying. Look you said it yourself, this year was going to be the year you finally lost your virginity."

"Shhhhh would you be quiet. I really don't want the whole campus knowing that. Besides maybe it's not such a bad thing."

"Really? You're 20 years old and the longer you keep it hidden the faster it'll close up until it's sealed itself back shut."

"I was never good at anatomy but I'm pretty sure that's NOT how it works Tara."

"Come on, you know what I mean. You gotta let the those lips fly, set them free."

"Ok I'm done with your metaphors for today. Can we just get lunch and talk about something else?"

"Not until you agree to at least look at the website. There's a profile for each guy with their most recent lab results and statistics."

"NO!" I said as we walked into the food court.

"Well fine then. Have it your way. Let it wither and die from lack of attention and then you won't have to worry about it anymore."

I stuck my tongue out at her. She might have been my best friend and roommate but she was also the most annoying person ever. She sat on the bench with a huff and folded her arms over her chest while sticking out her lip. We sat there for almost 15 minutes until I finally caved and broke the silence.

"Fine. I'll look into it but I'm not making any promises."

She squealed as she jumped up and grabbed her laptop.

"I knew your curiosity would get the better of you! Ok so here's how it works, you send in an application, after you've filled out a questionnaire then everything gets submitted and if you get picked then viola!"

"Wait all this just to let someone screw you one time? What if it isn't even good? I mean isn't it supposed to be the most amazing night of your life?"

She burst out laughing and shook her head "Oh honey, no. Absolutely not. In fact it's probably one of the worst nights of your life and it hurts like hell."

I clamped my legs together at the thought of the pain. How could anyone think sex was pleasurable? The more that I thought about it the more I wanted to stay how I was but I knew she would never quit bothering me about it.

"Just show me the damn website!"

"Ok so this is the survey you have to fill out. Once this is completed they will send you the application and you submit that too. There is a screening process where they go through the recipients and if you are selected then they proceed by pairing you with the right attendant. Everything is confidential, so you will have to sign an NDA and it's all anonymous until the moment you meet. One of the best parts of the survey is when you get to tell them exactly how you want your first time to be."

My mind was whirling from all this information. Forms being filled out about my sexual preferences and agreeing to keep it completely confidential or risk being involved in a humongous time consuming lawsuit where I would ultimately lose everything I'd worked so hard for.

"Tara, maybe this isn't such a good idea. I mean I could go to a bar and drink a few beers then leave with someone and not have to worry about all these rules and processes. Just have sex and that's it."

"Or you could get the most magical first time that anyone could ever ask for with no strings attached and under confidential circumstances, without having to worry about getting some strange disease or worse, pregnant!"

I hated when she was right but she did have a point. This whole thing did sound safe and the iron clad contracts were for my protection as well as the others involved, maybe I'll just send in the questionnaire and see what happens.

"How much is this going to cost me?"

She smiled and said "Well that depends on what kind of experience you want. There are different packages from basic to deluxe and each comes with their own price tag."

"There are different packages? Let me see that."

We read through the four different packages ranging from a one night stand type thing all the way up to a wine and dine have a good time date. They each were customized personally to you and could be altered up until 12 hours before the night. As I read through the details I couldn't help but think how organized it really was and how safe it seemed. They only chose 4 women a month and there was a strict policy about not dating any of the men after your encounter. That won't be a problem for me because if I didn't die from the first time being with them then I would definitely if I ever saw them out in public.

I scrolled through the tabs at the top then found the forms I needed to fill out. It was extremely detailed and consisted of things I had never heard of so Tara helped me with most of it. Once I was done I hit submit and we continued eating lunch. My afternoon class had been cancelled so I was able to go back home and rest before I had to go to work.

"Hey Britt!"

"Hi Mason."

"You're so lucky you missed the midday rush. Man it was crazy!"

"Great that only means we'll be quiet as hell for supper!"

"I don't know there's a big sci-fi convention going on this weekend so this place is sure to be packed. Especially since it's the only 24 hr cafe around here."

He finished clearing his tables then walked to the back as I walked around the counter and clocked in then grabbed my apron and a wash cloth. The tables were a mess and if I didn't clean them off Rick would kill me. Twenty minutes later all the tables were spotless and restocked with condiments. The napkins with silverware were placed at each seat and the place was still empty. I sat on a stool and pulled out my phone. I had an email notification from DN, Inc. and when I opened it, it was a confirmation that they had received my survey and would be sending me an application within the next 2-4 business days.

I closed the email and placed my phone down on the counter, sighing about my decision. Was I really going to do this?

The doorbell chimed and in walked a group of guys all wearing dress pants and button down shirts with jackets. I didn't recognize any of them but they sure didn't look like trekkies. I walked over to the table and handed them some menus then asked for their drink orders. After I had their drinks ready I grabbed a tray and loaded them up and brought them to the table. I gave them a few more minutes, as they were waiting for another guy to arrive, then returned to the kitchen.

After 15 more minutes I walked back over to see if they were ready to place their order when one of them said "What's good here beautiful?"

I chuckled at his pick up line and responded with an annoyed tone "Depends on what you like but the omelets are good."

"Well I'll have a veggie omelet and some house fries."

I took the rest of their orders and asked about the extra person when they all laughed and said this wasn't his type of food but he will want coffee when he gets here. So I went to the back and made my famous gourmet flavor of the week, caramel mocha. Night shift was the only time I could experiment with my creations and more than anything people loved them. The door chimed letting me know someone else was here so I went back to the front seeing that their last guest had finally arrived.

I walked up to the table and asked for his drink order handing him a menu. He pushed it back in my hand and said "Unless this place has 5 stars, I won't be eating anything. I'll just have coffee."

"Well in case you didn't notice, this is a 24hr diner, we don't serve eggs Benedict or frittatas. But I'll be back with your coffee, Sir!" I turned on my heel and walked to the back then poured a cup of coffee into the oldest mug I had and brought it out to him.

"You're cafe especial, Sir." I placed it in front of him then curtsied and walked away earning a few snickers from his friends.

When their food was up I took the tray and walked out to the table only to see Mr. Pretentious was missing, but his cup was empty. I smiled as I thought to myself, another satisfied customer. Unfortunately he returned shortly after with a scowl on his face.

When they finally finished their food and paid their bill, the diner had filled up and I was trying to juggle drunk college guys who were getting a little handsy and serving my tables.

"Yo Britt, you got a awesome tip."

He walked over to me with a folded napkin and a $100 bill in it. On the napkin were 5 stars and a note.

Excellent cup of coffee. But the service was a bit sarcastic.


I smiled and placed them both into my pocket. I busted my ass the rest of the night and when 3am came I ran out the door. My Friday classes didn't start until 12 so I had more than enough time to sleep but when I got home I had another email from DN and this time it was the application. I closed my phone and put it on my nightstand not ready to deal with reality this early in the morning.

I just want to say thank you to all my friends and supporters. Without any of you this book would not be possible. I’m new to this genre so please be kind but as always I want your feedback!

I hope you enjoy the first chapter and stay tuned for the next chapter. Updates will be posted on Friday’s at 9am central time!!!!

I love you all!!!❤️💋💋💋

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