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Job Offer

That whole night, my dreams were filled with images of women being bent over tables, or chairs and fucked senseless or getting whipped with all sorts of different sticks and paddles. Watching those videos stirred something deep inside me and I couldn't sleep knowing that type of thing really did exist and it wasn't some colossal joke.

My alarm went off just as I had fallen asleep and I contemplated throwing it against the wall just for a few more hours of rest but I had class in 45 minutes so I had to get up. Dragging myself from the bed and into my bathroom was a challenge so trying to make the whole day on total exhaustion was going to be torture, plus I had to work tonight and I had no time in between classes to take a nap. After my shower I ran downstairs for some coffee and luckily Tara already had a whole pot made. I filled my thermos full of liquid caffeine and headed out the door.

My professor was more boring today than usual and I nodded off for a while before one of my classmates elbowed me bringing me back to reality.

"Britt, wake up before he makes you write a 10 page essay on why cats are the best pet to have!" Collin whispered as I jolted awake in my seat.

I looked around to make sure no one else saw my embarrassing moment then I turned to thank him. He was an extremely attractive guy who actually just started coming to class. He was enrolled from the beginning but chose to party more than he should have and his grades started slipping. Daddy dearest was the college dean and had supposedly told him he needed to get his life together or he was getting cut off.

"Thanks Collin. I don't think anyone wants to endure that type of torture. Besides like a cat could ever be as cool as a dog!" I responded with a scoff.

He turned his head and said "Hey, I just so happen to be a cat person!"

I laughed then immediately my smile faded when I saw his serious face. Way to go idiot you just insulted him! He must have seen my panic as he chuckled lowly and shook his head.

"I'm just messing with you Britt. But, please do explain your theory."

Professor Jones excused the class before I could open my mouth and I turned to him and said "Maybe next time. I've got another class and I can't fall asleep in the next one." I grabbed my backpack and reached for my phone when he grabbed it from my hand.

"Here's my number, just in case you feel like debating the whole cats vs dogs thing any further." Then he handed it back to me and walked out the class.

My eyes were wide and I wasn't sure what just happened so I looked at my phone to see that he did indeed just put his number in my phone, but was it really his? I shoved it into my pocket before I walked out the classroom and headed to learn about pastries. This was probably one of my favorite things to learn, since I lacked a little in my baking skills.

Once I reached class I hung my belongs in the locker room and dressed in my black pants and white jacket, tied my hair back in a pony tail and grabbed my toque. We were expected to be dressed like chefs until our training was complete and if any part of your uniform wasn't professional, you were sent home. After we dressed we took our positions at our stations and waited for our instructor to start.

Half way through class the coffee kicked in and I felt like an addict going through withdrawals. My hands were shaking and I was sweating. I felt hot and jittery and all right before we were supposed to demonstrate proper technique for melting the sugar atop creme brûlée with a torch. Luckily we had a break right before and I took advantage by drinking an entire bottle of water to calm my symptoms.

The shaking subsided a little, just enough for me to fake the ability to hold the torch properly and create the perfect crispy layer. My instructor bragged about the even amount of color and how each spot cracked beautifully when she broke through it with the spoon. My custard was the perfect consistency with a hint of cinnamon, which she said was a bold but excellent addition. I couldn't help the feeling of pride in my heart at her words and it gave me an extra boost of confidence the rest of the day.

When class was over I headed across campus for my last one of the day and to my surprise the door was closed and the lights were off. There was a note saying class was cancelled due to an emergency and my body sang with relief, because I could definitely catch a much needed nap now. I ran out the building and through the quad trying to get home as fast as I could. I didn't have to be at work until 6 and it was now 1:45 so I wanted to make every minute count. When I got home I set my alarm and climbed into bed hoping I would get some actual sleep this time.


When I got to work, the diner was packed and the kitchen was a mess. Apparently word got out about my cooking and people were coming from all over town to taste it.

"Holy shit Britt, you're finally here! We need to get those specials out ASAP. People have been waiting for hours just to try your food." Mason said as he ran by me with trays of drinks.

I threw on my coat and got to work, we had two new weekly specials, grandmas pot roast with potatoes and carrots and chicken cordon bleu pie, but I never expected them to be this popular. My helper and I worked non stop for the next 6 hours until every customer was served and fully satisfied when Mason came in and said a very insistent table was asking to meet the chef behind these amazing creations. I almost refused but my ego got the best of me so I agreed. I ran to the restroom to clean up some then changed my jacket to a new one and headed to the table.

I walked out and to my surprise it was none other than Ethan and his friends crowded around the table damn near licking the plates clean when one of them saw me approaching them.

"Well I'll be! Beautiful and she can cook?" He said making everyone from the table look in my direction. Mr. Epicure himself looked completely taken aback but couldn't help the sly smirk spreading across his face.

"So gentlemen, how was your meal tonight?"

"It was amazing. I haven't had anything like this in a long time."

"Yeah how did you go from serving tables to a top chef?" Another one chuckled.

I caught Ethan's eye and paused a while before I started speaking. "Well, I just so happen to be in my last semester of culinary school and our cook here had an accident leaving him with a broken arm so I was asked to fill in, with the agreement that I could cook whatever I wanted as long as it was a current menu item."

"So the coffee was your speciality as well?" He asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yes. Actually I try to create a different one every week but I've been a little busy lately and I haven't had time to concoct any."

"Do you have any plans after you finish school?"

"Not yet." I tried to hold in my disappointment.

They didn't need to know that I had been praised by and talking to the most well known chefs in the state yet none of them wanted to hire me. I just thought it was because I was so young but the truth was I didn't know why. So I sent out my resume just like they suggested but still nothing. I figured I would have heard something by now especially since I only had 6 weeks of school left.

I talked with them for a little while longer before I needed to get back to the kitchen to help clean up when Ethan walked up to me.

"Brittany, can I talk to you?"

"What's wrong, want to leave a bad review?" I said rolling my eyes and turning around.

He grabbed my hand stopping me from taking another step. My body instantly tensed from his touch and I felt like I was burning up from the heat thrumming through his fingers. I turned and saw the look in his eyes, a look that told me if I didn't keep my mouth shut I was going to pay for it. He dragged me out the door towards his car then turned to face me.

"You've actually managed to impress me Brittany and that doesn't happen very often. We've been eating here all week and every dish was better than the one before it. You're extremely talented but landing a job, even as a seasoned chef is hard let alone someone who's just getting on their feet. You have potential so I'm here to offer you a position in my brother's restaurant."

I pulled my hand from his, just now noticing that he was still holding it. "How do you know I haven't been offered a job already? Did you just assume from my answer back there that I haven't been offered one? That I must be so desperate that I've been cooking here at the diner because there's nothing better out there? Well you're wrong, I happen to like working here and putting my own spin on the current menu items." My face was beet red and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

"I didn't mean to offend you I was just simply offering you a start but if you already have things under control then I apologize." He spun around and opened his car door and I immediately regretted my response.

"Ok! I'll take it." I blurted it out without thinking and I saw him reach into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.

"Call me Monday and we can go over the details." He handed me his card then drove out the parking lot.

I looked down at the black card in my hand. It was simple but elegant and only had his name and number embossed in the center in silver ink with an emblem etched in the background. I ran my fingers over his name hoping I wasn't about to make a huge mistake.

So her biggest critic has now become her greatest fan!!!!

What do you think will happen while she's working for him?

Do you think she's still going to go through with giving up her virginity??

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