Make Me Yours, Master

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You’re Hired

The hostess walked up just as he finished whispering into my ear and I was thankful for the dim lighting throughout the foyer so she couldn't see how turned on I was. I cleared my throat as she grabbed the menus and walked us to our table. I was still too stunned to talk and Ethan had the same expression on his face as earlier making me not want to look at him too long.

A waiter came to the table asking for our drink order and handed us glasses of water. I took a long gulp as Ethan ordered an extremely expensive bottle of wine then went back to looking at the menu.

"Ethan, I'm so glad you could come tonight." Said a voice behind us.

"James, this is Brittany. Brittany this is my brother James. He owns the restaurant."

"It is very nice to meet you, James. You have a lovely establishment here."

"Thank you Brittany but it is I who should be thanking you for even considering accepting a job here. When my brother asked me to try your food I was a bit skeptical at first but once I had it, I knew you would be perfect to fill my Sioux chef position."

I felt a sudden rush of pride fill my heart from his words, imagine someone with such an esteemed restaurant complementing me, an amateur chef who hadn't even finished school yet.

"I am honored to have made such an impression on you. I hope I can continue to astonish you if you will let me."

He needed from ear to ear and said "You're hired! When can you start?"

I stared at him in complete shock as Ethan chuckled making me snap out of my daze and answer "Next month. I've been doing a favor for my boss while his cook is out on leave but he should be back by then."

"Great, call me then and I we can get everything started. Now please enjoy yourselves!"

He went back to his office and I almost jumped out my chair I was so excited when the server returned with our wine and poured us each a glass.

Ethan raised his and said "To the new Sioux chef of Bronto's!"

"Thank you." I replied and raised mine to his clinking our glasses together then taking a sip.

The wine was delectable and had gone down so smoothly that I never noticed I had almost drank the whole thing until Ethan grabbed the bottle and poured us both some more. We talked for a while before our first course came out then each ate in silence until our plates were empty. The food was good but the company was even better and soon I felt more relaxed.

Our conversation flowed just as easily as the two bottles of wine did and soon I had spilled my guts about culinary school and my aspirations about one day being a chef in Paris. Ethan chuckled as my words slurred together and soon he was paying the bill.

"I think we need to get you home." He said as he helped me up from the chair.

"Tha would be a gud iea." I said as I hiccuped and giggled afterwards sending me into a laughing fit all by myself.

I tried to take a step but my feet weren't connecting with my brain and before I knew it Ethan's arm was wrapped around my stomach holding me up against his strong chest. I felt my head spinning but I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or his intoxicating smell. We walked out the restaurant and straight into his car where he helped me in then latched the buckle across my chest and shut the door. My eyelids were getting heavy and my head was bobbing back and forth and before I knew it we were outside my house.

I heard the door close then a breeze as mine opened as I was hoisted into the air and carried inside. I wasn't going to complain about being in his arms but I had to say something.

"I can walk you know." I whispered against his firm chest.

"Oh really? Then I'll put you down." He started to lower himself to the ground but I gripped his shoulder in protest and felt him laugh as he straightened up. "That's what I thought."

I was really surprised that he hadn't gone all macho man on me like last time but I guess since he was the one pouring the wine he felt a little responsible for my current state. After we were inside he placed me on my bed and left to grab a wet towel from the bathroom. I kicked my shoes off and pulled my dress down, letting it slide off my body and onto the floor at my feet. Then I stumbled to my dresser for some clothes when I heard him curse under his breath as he walked back through the doorway. I had completely forgotten he was still here as I stood there in only my bra and panties. He looked away and I felt the sting of rejection hit me hard as he grabbed my shirt off the bed and placed it over me.

"I'll get you some water. You need to sleep this off." He sounded a little perturbed as he walked to the kitchen.

I sat on the bed trying not to fall asleep but my sheets were calling to me and my wine-induced self couldn't resist. I curled up under my comforter and closed my eyes but Ethan came in and made me drink the water and take a pain killer to prevent a hangover. I did as I was told then laid back down and looked up at him, his hair was tousled and there was a look on his face that I couldn't comprehend.

"Goodnight Brittany." He said as he pulled the covers back over my body.

My eyes were shutting and my body was relaxed but I still managed to mumble a form of "okay, thank you" when I heard the door to my room close.

The next morning I woke up surprisingly hangover free and with a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I didn't remember doing anything embarrassing last night but in my inebriated state, anything was possible.

I rolled over, grabbing my phone from the nightstand and noticed I had 3 missed calls and 20 text messages, all from Tara, except one. I opened his message and suddenly felt overwhelmed.

Colin: Hi Britt, this is Colin. I was wondering if you could help me with History class. I haven't done too well on my last two tests and my dad is on my case to pass.

Me: Hey Colin. Sure I can help you. When is a good time?

Colin: Great. I'm free all weekend if you are.

Me: Actually I am. How about you meet me at the Union after lunch?

Colin: I have someone coming over to fix my fence would it be ok if you came to my house?

Me: Sure. Send me your address and I'll be there for 2.

Colin: Ok see you then.
9827 Sycamore Ave

Me: 👍🏻

My door opened and Tara came running in, no doubt to hear about my night.

"Sooooooooooo? You didn't answer my phone calls or messages!" She said as she wiggled her eyebrows and shook her chest.

I rolled my eyes at her suggestion. "Nothing happened Tara. We ate dinner, drank a lot of wine, he brought me home then left."

I couldn't help the look of disappointment on my face after the last 6 words escaped my mouth. He didn't even text me or call like he did last time. I guess he really didn't want anything to do with me.

"Oh come on! Seriously? Not even a little over the clothes action? What is this guys problem?"

I chuckled at her comment because the truth was, I didn't have a clue. "I wish I knew! But hey on the bright side, I got the job!" I said with a huge smile.

"That's great! We have to celebrate. Let's go shopping!"

"I can't I told Colin I would help him with History class, seems his grades are slipping again and daddy doesn't appreciate it."

"Damn girl! Colin Renfroe? He's like the sexiest guy on campus plus his dad is the dean and his family is super rich. How do you keep attracting all these fine ass guys?"

"What do you mean attract? They don't want me! One of them hired me to save his brothers restaurant and the other wants me to tutor him. Doesn't seem like they have any interest in me other than to get what they want." I spat out angrily.

"Wow! Sorry. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers! But what gives, you haven't been acting yourself lately. Did Ethan do something?" She had gone all protective big sister on me and I couldn't help but laugh.

"No. Yes. I don't know Tara. Sometimes I think he likes me and other times I feel like he's trying to get away from me. He says things to me that should make me blush but all I feel is incredibly turned on and then when he touches me..." I fanned myself dramatically as she stared at me in amusement.

"What kinds of things does he say?"

I slapped her arm and got up leaving her to wonder what had me so flustered. "I have to get ready. I'll be at Colin's so don't worry about me for supper."

"No you don't! Get back here bitch. What did he say?" She ran past me, blocking my path to the bathroom and refused to move.

"Don't worry about it, he probably just said it because he's a control freak, asshole who doesn't know what to do with a girl who bites back." Crossing my arms like an upset toddler, I sat back on my bed.

"I'm going to need more information from you before I make an assumption about the guy." She stared at me waiting for me to spill and the look she gave me blurt it all out.

"After the bar accident and my drunken mistake he threatened to come over her and bend me over his knee because he said my mouth needed taming. Then last night he told me that answering him yes sir was the sexiest thing I could have said to him. He kept pouring me wine all night and I got drunk, which I thought he would be pissed off about but brought me home where I remember stripping down to my bra and panties then after he walked in he and saw me he covered me with my shirt then left."

Her jaw was touching the floor and her eyes were wide open. "DAMN!"

"I'm going take a shower. I'll see you tonight." I grabbed my clothes and towels and pushed her aside as I made my way into the bathroom.

I guess I was a little more upset than I thought but I needed to stop fantasizing about a guy who just didn't want me.

Well Britt did it again, she needs to say no to alcohol, lol.

Do you think Ethan will call while he's in Sweden?

What about Colin? Sounds like he's got a crush on Britt!!!!
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