Make Me Yours, Master

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Study Date

After checking my phone one last time, I couldn't believe Ethan hadn't talked to me after last night. I mean it's not like we were a couple but he could have left a note or something when he left. What am I saying, he probably had a lot to do before his trip. Or he really is just using you for his brother's restaurant. I shook my head, not wanting to believe that he was like that but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Coming to the diner all the time, critiquing my food, offering me a job on the spot, it was all his ploy from the beginning. He didn't want me he just needed my skills.

My anger got the best of me and I couldn't help myself. "Well fuck him too. I don't need him to do anything more for me. Maybe I'll call James and turn the job down. No that would be crazy. On the other hand it would be teaching his pretentious ass a lesson about assuming that all women need him."

I sighed as I realized I just had a whole conversation with myself about some guy who happened to have the connections that I needed and who happened to be on a plane to who knows where for gosh knows what and with gosh knows who. I could feel my jealousy beginning to rear it's ugly head but I couldn't let it get the best of me. There was nothing between us and the sooner I realized that the better off I would be. Besides Colin is a great guy and he seemed to be into me. Maybe.

I drove up to the address Colin had sent me. I almost messaged him to make sure I was in the right place but he walked out the front door just as I picked up the phone to call him. He was standing there in basketball shorts and no shirt, tanned and sweaty, holding a leash attached to the collar of the most beautiful German Shepard I had ever seen. He waved as I got out the car and I just stood there stunned as I waited for the gate to open.

"Hey Britt! I hope you found it ok."

"Yeah it's actually not that far from my house. This place is beautiful. Do you live here alone?"

The gate opened and he walked over, grabbing my bag and books from me as his dog sat as still as a statue. He could tell I wanted to run over and pet it but being the fact that it could attack me kept me from running to it and doing so.

He laughed and said "You can try but he usually doesn't really take to new people, well no one actually, except me."

I smiled and caustiously walked towards him with my hand out as I knelt down on my knees a few feet away. He looked at Colin for some sort of permission then bounded over to me, knocking me over and starting licking my face and hands. I fell to the side as he tackled me and rolled onto his back for a belly rub. I brushed my fingers through his thick coat and scratched his belly as he soaked up the attention.

Colin was staring at us in awe then shook his head and said "He never greets me like that!"

"I have a way with animals! What's his name?"

"I can see that and his name is Tank."

I sat on the ground and pet him while Colin brought my things inside. He returned fully dressed and carrying two bottles of water before he handed me one and picked up a tennis ball for Tank to retrieve. I took the water and he threw the ball into the yard, causing Tank to blast off after it.

"So what part of History are you having trouble with?"

He laughed and said "Straight to business I see!"

"Sorry. I just didn't want to keep you from anything important by prolonging our study session."

"I told you I have nothing planned this weekend so we have all the time in the world." He said as he smiled.

I blushed and couldn't help but look down at my feet. Why do I always feel like a shy little girl around guys? Just once I wished I had the confidence Tara did when she was around them. He walked over to me and placed his fingers under my chin, lifting my head up. Our eyes met and heat began creeping down my neck into my belly, there was something about them that made me want to lose myself.

He brushed his lips against mine before running his tongue along my part begging for entrance. I opened my mouth, inviting him in, as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close deepening the kiss. It was soft and pleading like a promise but once he touched me, I knew I wouldn't be able to restrain myself. I pulled away leaving a shocked look on his face and stepped back.

"I'm sorry Britt, I just thought..."

"It's ok Colin, but we should start studying." I smiled as I grabbed his hand and led him inside.

We talked and laughed for hours, barely opening a single book when I realized it was almost 8 and we hadn't taken a break all night. My stomach growled in protest and I reached down trying to silence it while Colin burst out laughing.

"Sounds like someone is hungry. Come on I know a great place a few blocks from here with tons of food trucks."


We left his house and walked to the center of town where dozens of colorful trucks were lined up along the streets. There was music and a huge seating area with tables in the middle, surrounded by lights. We decided on street tacos and draft beer then found a high table in the corner and settled in. When we were finished we stayed to listen to the band.

"Britt? Is that you?"

"Anyla, hey. How are you?"

"I've been good. I haven't seen you since the party, I hope I didn't scare off you from any future ones."

"Not at all. Are you here to listen to the band?"

"Yeah, actually the guy with the guitar is my boyfriend. He plays here every other weekend. What are you doing here?" She said staring between the two of us.

I immediately froze when she narrowed her eyes at Colin, I mean she did see my interaction with Ethan that night so I could only imagine what she assumed was going on.

"Uh, this is Colin. We have history together, I was tutoring him and we got hungry so we came here." I spit my words out a little too fast making them both look at me. "Do you want to join us?"

"I would but they're almost done playing and we have to leave right after. His band got a gig in Chicago tomorrow night so we need to go. But thank you."

She walked off, never taking her eyes off of Colin making me extremely uncomfortable.

"So I guess we better get back to my house." He said interrupting my racing thoughts.

"Uh yeah it's getting late and I need to get home."

We left town and strolled along the road in silence. When we reached his house he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms, placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"Are you sure you can't stay for a little longer?" He pleaded.

My stomach began knotting and my brain shut down. Did he just ask me what I think he asked me? My cheeks became red and I wanted to say yes but I didn't want to jump to any conclusions, especially since my life was about to get really complicated very soon.

"I can't. But maybe you could come over to my house tomorrow and we can actually study."

He cupped my face and kissed my forehead then smiled down at me. "I would love to."

He opened my car door and watched me drive off all while my heart fluttered in my chest. He was such a great guy, someone I could be happy with and not have to worry about if I said or did something to embarrass him. But just like always my thoughts went back to Ethan and the sudden realization that he wasn't the right guy for me at all. He was uptight, obviously well restrained and extremely complicated.

I drove home with a massive headache and all these new problems floating around in my brain. Would losing my virginity to someone else cause a problem between Colin and I if we became involved? Did Ethan really want something from me? How did I get myself into this situation?

When I got home Tara was gone and I was alone, again. I unlocked the door and noticed a humongous bouquet of flowers on the counter. Wow she must have been really good last weekend! I reached the fragrant roses and saw the card with my name on it. These were for me? I grabbed it and slid the note from the envelope.

Congratulations Brittany!

My brother made an excellent choice last night. I know you will do great things at his restaurant and I am glad you accepted my invitation to dinner to meet him. I'm sorry I left so abruptly and I wanted to apologize in person but you weren't home.


I clutched the note to my chest and took a deep breath. Every time I try to forget him he does something like this to rope me back in. But not this time, the flowers were nice but he shouldn't be doing things like this to me to have to apologize in the first place. I threw the card away and walked to my room, tomorrow I was going to give Colin a chance. I needed someone like him, someone stable, sweet, not afraid to say how he feels and takes charge.

The house was so quiet without Tara here and the thought of falling asleep by myself always scared me but I had two choices, either I would have to grow up and accept that maybe it would be like that rest of my life or I could take a chance and be happy for once.

Colin likes her!!!!!!! Wow I was hoping Ethan would make a move but you snooze you lose!

Will she still go along with her plan? Or do you think Colin will be the answer to her problems all along?

So Ethan can be romantic, but it seems he's a little too late!
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