Make Me Yours, Master

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Unanswered Calls

I sat there and thought about my night with Colin. Everything seemed so perfect so I promised myself I would give him a chance, he deserved one.

After I bathed I grabbed my phone and plugged it in, the battery died while we were having dinner and I never realized it until I had gotten home. When the battery turned green I turned my phone on and was surprised to have so many missed calls and texts.

Tara was staying at her current man Miles's house for the weekend so she wanted to tell me she received the flowers after I left and put them on the counter. She ranted and raved about how beautiful they were and how considerate he was for sending them. Eventually, she hung up and told me to text her when I got home.

Me: Honey, I'm home!

I continued flipping through the messages and surprisingly there were a few from Ethan. One was another apology, another checking to see if I got his flowers, and the last asking if I was ignoring him and that he hoped he hadn't done anything wrong. I rolled my eyes at his comment. There were two missed calls and finally a voicemail. Mustering up all my courage I deleted them all and then finally his contact after blocking it completely. The last part hurt the worst and before I knew it, tears were falling down my cheeks and onto my chest.

It wasn't something I wanted to do but I needed to remove him from my life somehow if I was going to pursue things with Colin. This was the only way. I couldn't have any contact with him and risk getting drawn back in or worse, screwing things up with such a great guy like Colin. My phone binged while still in my hand and I tossed it up in the air. It fell on the bed and I had to calm myself down before I picked it up.

Tara: How was the study session?

Me: It was ok but we didn't study very much. We kind of ended up going eat downtown at the Food Truck Rally and made out.

Tara: Oh you little trollop! Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!!

Me: There's nothing more to tell. He's coming over tomorrow to study again though.

Tara: Yesssssss. Throw that pussy on him girl. 💦💦💦


Tara: What? Now you can lose your virginity to that sexy ass man and it won't be awkward for you. Win, win!

Me: Goodnight Tara!

Tara: Just think about it, Britt. Good night!!

As much as I hated to admit it, she had a point, sleeping with Colin didn't seem like a horrible idea. he was extremely hot, caring, sweet and a good kisser but the thought of being with someone like him for my first time scared the hell out of me. What if he laughed at me or worst told everyone on campus he took my virginity?

No! I can't think like this. We will take it slow and if things get to that point then I will call off the whole thing at DN but until then I needed to keep things G rated between us until I figured out how to tell him the most embarrassing thing about me.


I text Brittany before I left my house but I never got a response, so I assumed she was sleeping but when I hadn't gotten a reply by noon I decided to text her again. I knew she would probably be confused from last night and possibly mad at the way I just tucked her in and left but I couldn't be around her for much longer or I would have slammed her into the wall and fucked her so hard her body would have left an imprint in the sheetrock.

Images of me being inside her haunted me all night and it took everything I had to keep from driving back over to her house and doing just that.

"Mr. Myers, your car will be here at 3 am tomorrow. Is there anything else I can do before I leave?"

"No Ruth, thank you."

The sweet little grey-haired woman had been working for me since I finished law school and she had been an amazing employee ever since. She was like a grandmother to me and while I was away on business she would be keeping an eye on the house.

I slipped off my tie, followed by my shoes, pants, and jacket, and placed the entire suit in the cleaning bag for her to bring to the cleaners then I walked over to the shower secretly hoping Brittany would text me while I was in there but no such luck. After three unread texts, I decided to call her but it rang forever, eventually going to voicemail so I hung up. An hour later I had grown impatient with her lack of response and called again only this time leaving a voicemail.

Brittany, I've been texting you all day. I wanted to say I was sorry for leaving like I did last night but you won't return them or my calls. I'm not usually this persistent but I was worried that you weren't feeling well. Anyway, I hope you got the flowers I sent and I want you know how proud I am that you will be working for my brother. I am leaving tomorrow for Sweden and will be there for the next week or more but if you need anything, please don't hesitate to call or text me.

I ended the call and placed my phone on the charger, 2 am would be coming soon and I needed to rest so I could stay up on that long-ass plane ride going over those contracts for my client.

My alarm blared in my ear and I grumbled before I picked it up and turned it off. I checked my phone and I still had no response from Brittany, my annoyance was growing from her childishness and if it weren't so damn early I would go to her house and demand she talks to me. I placed my phone back down and got up. I only had an hour before the car came to get me so I grabbed my sweats and went downstairs to the basement. Working out always helped my aggression so I turned on the radio and hit the weights.

30 minutes in, I left my gym and went back upstairs but I was still pissed off. The adrenaline pumping through my veins was only making me antsier and did little to nothing for my temper. I grabbed a quick shower then threw on some grey slacks and a black dress shirt, brought my bags to the door, and waited for the driver. My flight was leaving at 5 am and would take roughly 14 hours with a 3-hour layover so my arrival should be late Monday morning.

First-class was fairly empty and the silence only added to my already foul mood. I don't know why I was even letting this bother me but I was.

The plane took off as I stared out the window watching the sunrise in the East, casting rich colors of pink, purple, and blue hues along the horizon. The clouds came into view and suddenly disappeared as the nose of the jet broke through them. It had been a long time since I've watched such an amazing display but with my busy life I never had time to stop and smell the roses, it was always one thing after another, consuming me, suffocating the fun from my spirit.

Hours passed and my thoughts of Brittany barely left my mind. But I refused to entertain them, I'm not the right guy for her and the less contact I have with her the better. I pulled out my laptop and began going over the contracts again. I'd combed through every single word trying to find a professional way to go about this but my ego wouldn't let me. I knew this agreement was ironclad and for them to walk away from it would mean thousands of people losing their jobs.

When we finally landed, my body was sore from the lack of movement and the tension building, chances are I was going to end up threatening them if they didn't take this deal and sign today but I didn't care. I'm tired of wasting my time with ungrateful people.

After retrieving my bags I found Alfred, my driver and loaded my things into the trunk. We made the 30-minute drive to my apartment where I could take a shower and change. Once I was presentable I walked back downstairs and out the door, finding Alfred again waiting to take me to the office. As soon as we pulled away from the curb, I had a sudden bad feeling in my gut.

The drive to the office was filled with my stomach tightening and turning. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong or worse something bad was about to happen. I glanced at my phone and still hadn't received anything from Brittany so I sent a quick text hoping she had finally gotten over her issue and would at least reply with something snippy.

As soon as I hit send my phone beeped making me look down in awe.

Your message could not be delivered at this time. Please try again later.

Anger flooded me as I stared at the screen. It couldn't be a matter of service because I made sure I had the best anyone could provide, hell I could make a call or send a text from the moon if I wanted to and it would never have been undeliverable. I tried again before dialing her number only to hear the words I wasn't prepared to hear.

I'm sorry but your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again.

She blocked me!

I placed my phone on the seat next to me and clenched my jaw so tight it caused a pain to form in my head. I don't understand what happened, I mean yes I did kind of acted like a jerk, getting her drunk them leaving her alone but I wasn't the kind of guy to take advantage of a woman, especially in her condition.

Uh oh! Do you agree with Britt? Should she have blocked him out of her life or let him explain?

I feel so bad for him because he's trying to be a good guy but she doesn't see that.

But Colin might be the better guy for her! He does like cats after all!!!
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