Make Me Yours, Master

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Applications And Interviews

After class, Tara convinced me we needed a girls night. So I agreed, mainly because I required her help with that damn application. I still don't know how I managed to let her talk me into it but she did.

"Ok so it looks like a basic application. Name, age, sexual preference, oh damn they even have a section on here for fantasies!"

"Wait, what?" I pulled the laptop to me and read through the questions. "Why the hell would they need to know that? I thought this was just a basic give-away-my-virginity type of thing."

"I don't know. Maybe that's why they say they want to make it memorable, you know since it's only one night."

"Maybe. But I don't really have any fantasies. I mean do you?"

"Everyone does Britt. Seriously? You don't even have one? Spanking, handcuffs, blindfolds, toys, rough sex?"

"Oh my gosh shut up. You mean people really want that?"

"Britt my dear, it's time I introduce you to this thing called erotica."

She grabbed some books from her bag and brought them over with her to the couch and laid them out on the coffee table. I looked at the titles and rolled my eyes thinking how cheesy she actually was.

"Really Tara? Did you take these from your mom?" I nearly fell off the couch I was laughing so hard.

She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at me until I calmed down and said "My mother would die if she ever read anything like this. There is some hardcore stuff in here, It makes me blush so you know it's bad."

I sat back up as she grabbed one and started reading from it using a low seductive voice.

"His hands gripped my thighs tightly and I trembled from his touch. I bit my lip when he ran them lower down my legs to my knees and spread them widely stepping in between them. "I'm going to give you everything you want but you have to give me control. Let go June, and when you do I'll make you feel things you've never felt and you'll be begging me for more." Before I knew it he pushed my hands behind my back, tying them with a ribbon then flipped me over onto my belly and slapped my ass so hard I cried out from the sting. He pulled my head up by my hair and the delicious burn of my scalp made me whine in pleasure. He pushed his cock deep inside my tight little hole sending my body into shock. I cried out for more and he definitely delivered. My pussy was shaking so hard from the orgasm threatening to take over my entire existence and once the inferno began I knew he was the only one who could put it out. "Please, sir." I begged him to give me my release as he pounded into me. "Cum, NOW." And just like a bird flying blindly in the wind, unknown of where it was going, I let go of all my restraints and inhibitions as the feeling of total satisfaction devoured me, screaming out his name as he came deep inside me..."

She looked up from the book with a smirk as I felt my face burning with embarrassment. I threw my hands over my eyes and said "What the fuck Tara? Why did you read that out loud? Oh my gosh that's so embarrassing."

She laughed as I sat there dying on the outside but in my mind I'd never been more turned on in my life. I tried to ignore the images popping into my brain as we sat there filling out the application but the more personal the questions she asked me, the hotter I became. We finally finished the extremely long page then went on about our night. The confirmation said it could take up to 3 weeks for a reply so now all I had to do was wait.


It had only been two weeks since I submitted everything online and with school and work being hectic, I had completely forgotten that I had until my phone rang "Hello?" I answered as I rushed to my next class breathlessly while trying to navigate the busy student union.

"May I please speak with Brittany Richards?" Asked a soft spoken girl.

"This is she."

"Ms. Richards, my name is Samantha, I work for DN, Inc. We received your survey and application two weeks ago and I'm calling to set up an audio appointment with you. We have a few more questions and need to interview you before we make our final decision."

I paused trying to remember where I had sent in applications over the last two weeks when I suddenly realized what she was calling me about. I dropped my phone and then quickly stumbled to pick it up "Shit!"

"Hello? I'm sorry. Um yes, an interview. What do you have available?" I asked as my hands shook.

"Would tomorrow night at 7 work for you?"

I looked at my date book for any prior engagements and luckily my night was free.

"Yes, that's perfect." I facepalmed myself, gosh why did I have to sound so eager?

"Ok all you have to do is answer your phone tomorrow night. Any questions?"

"No thanks." I barely blurted out before the phone disconnected.

I stared at my phone for a minute before I started moving my feet towards class. I mindlessly walked in and sat down still trying to process the conversation that had just occurred. My hands started shaking and my knees started trembling, my palms were sweating and I finally came to the realization that I might actually be close to losing my virginity!

Class was a blur, and so was the rest of the day. I needed Tara to listen in on my call tonight so she could help me answer the questions correctly, for all I know I could be agreeing to some sick game. When I got home I placed my laptop on the coffee table and started researching this place. After two hours of searching and coming up with nothing, Tara finally walked through the door damn near throwing herself on the couch.

"Did I miss it?"

"No it's only 6:55."

"Are you nervous?"

"Yes and skeptical. I have been trying to find out about this place for hours and nothing! Not even a mention on any blogs, or forums. It's like top secret."

"Well it kind of is, Britt. You saw all the requirements to even be considered. I imagine it's even more locked down than the government."

My phone rang interrupting our conversation and we both froze. She nudged my shoulder after the third ring and I grabbed it saying "Here goes nothing"


"Ms. Richards?" The voice sounded distorted but I figured it was all for confidentiality so I tried to relax.

"This is she."

"This is Ryan from DN, Inc. I'm calling to conduct your interview and I've got a lot of questions for you. Are you able to talk?"


"Ok but before we continue I have to inform you that this call is confidential and only between you and I. Whatever is discussed stays between us and if I, my associates or anyone associated with this business finds out you said anything, your contract will be terminated and legal action will be taken. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I stood up and walked to my bedroom, closing and locking the door behind me.

The rest of the phone call consisted of extremely personal questions and instructions. He explained everything in detail and gave me several chances during the interview to back out before I got in too deep. But with each passing question I became more accustomed to the idea and excited about it. He asked one finally question catching me off guard.

"If you are chosen, you will be able to choose the date so I need you to pick three Saturdays, in the near future, so we can tentatively put you on the schedule."

I have to pick? Holy shit why couldn't it just be a surprise. Now I have to think about it until the day arrives! Without thinking I blurted out a date.

"November 12th."

He paused and waited for me to continue talking.

"Oh and uh maybe December 4th or 11th."

Way to go idiot you picked your birthday. What a way to ruin your 21st. We finished talking and after I hung up I threw myself into my pillows and screamed. Tara can running to the door knocking like a mad woman. "What happened? Britt come on open the door."

I got up and walked over unlocking the knob and returned to the bed as she rushed in sitting next to me. She stared at me with big eyes waiting for me to talk but I knew I couldn't tell her anything.

"He made me pick the date."

"And?" She said bouncing on the bed with a big smile on her face.

"I picked my birthday night. Uh why did I say that date? It's going to be horrible."

"Oh come on no it won't. Just think of how great a present it would be! He walks in with a bow wrapped around his d..."

"STOP! Oh my gosh don't say it." I stuck my fingers in my ears as she burst out laughing.

"How in the world are you going to fuck one if you can't even hear the word?"

I looked at her and hit her with my pillow. "You're not helping. What am I going to do? My fate is sealed now."

"Well first of all you don't have to go through with it you know that. And second of all you have 8 weeks to prepare so this weekend we're going to the spa. Full body massages, facials, pedis and manis, you name it. And a Brazilian wax."

"Why? They haven't picked me yet?"

"Because you need to be primped and pampered before that night, just in case, and if you wax for the first time a week before you'll be too sore to even move let along have sex. We'll make another one in 2 weeks and then the third appointment a few days before your birthday to freshen you up."

She picked up her cell and made an appointment for tomorrow morning at her favorite spa. I knew better than to argue and she was right I needed to be ready and being a hairy mess would not make it the ultimate experience I was imagining.

That application sounds a little detailed!

Tara is the greatest friend ever!!!

What will Britt do? Do you think she will actually go for it or chicken out?

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