Make Me Yours, Master

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Birthday Wishes

"Happy birthday, sleepy head!"

I felt my bed dip as Tara sat next to me.

"Ugh, go away."

"No! Get up and blow out your birthday candle and make a wish."

"My wish is to sleep in for my birthday now get out."

She pulled the covers off me and the cold air made me yelp out.

"Fine!" I knew she wouldn't leave until I got up and so I rolled over and sat up.

She handed me a plate of toaster waffles with the numbers 2 & 1 lit on top. I laughed at her artwork and listened to her sing happy birthday before I blew out the candles.

"Yay! Now here's your present." She picked up a black box from the floor, that was tied with a white ribbon and gave it to me.

"Tara, you didn't have to get me anything."

"Yes I did. Trust me!'

I eyed the present suspiciously, wondering what could be under the lid when she pulled the ribbon letting it fall onto the bed. She clapped her hands in anticipation as I lifted the top and peered inside. My eyes grew wide as I took in the lacey black lingerie folded neatly on the white tissue paper.

"What is this for?"

"Tonight! I figured you would want to wear something nice for the man who's about to make you a woman." She winked menacingly.

My stomach began to knot from her words. I had totally forgotten about tonight, and now I have this stringy piece of material in front of me reminding me of the what was about to come.

"Tara there is no way I'm wearing this, besides I already have something special to wear." I grabbed the box from under my bed and showed her the pink, silk nightie that I had bought to wear under my clothes.

She shook her head and said "You are not wearing that. You will look like a piece of bubblegum. Trust me, if you want this night to be memorable, you will wear what I bought you and hope that whoever your lover is will rip it right off!"

I found it hard to argue with her especially since that was one of my fantasies I had selected on my questionnaire. I covered my box and smiled when I grabbed the bra and matching panties out and laid them on the bed. My phone rang and when I saw the screen I thought hard about not answering it.


"Happy Birthday, Britt!"

"Thank you, Colin."

"I know you said you had plans tonight but can we have lunch today, just me and you?"

"Sure, I would like that. What time?"

"I'll pick you up at 11."

"OK, I'll see you then." I hung up and placed my phone on the bed then headed to the kitchen for some coffee.

After hanging out with Tara all morning, I ran to my room to get dressed for lunch when I heard a knock at the door then voices, indicating that Colin must have just shown up. I grabbed a jacket from my closet and walked into the living room where he smiled at me as I approached him. He opened the door and I waved goodbye to Tara as he followed me out.

"So where would you like to go?" He asked while he pulled the car door open.

"How about Sushi?"

He nodded his head and walked around to the drivers side, buckled his seatbelt then backed out the driveway.

"I know a great place right around the corner. How has your day been so far?"

"It was nice, Tara made me a waffle cake with candles and my parents called me, all in all it was quiet." I laughed at the joke because I knew my night would be nothing but that.

We turned down a small street a few minutes from my house and parked next to a small three story building. He got out and opened my door then we walked through a red screen door straight into what looked like a market. I began looking around when a short Asian lady started talking to Colin, who requested a table for two. She ushered us up the stairs into a dining room filled with tables and a sushi bar in the corner.

From the outside this place looked like it could barely fit the store downstairs but this level was so open and spacious that it was deceiving.

"How did you find this place?" I asked as I looked around in awe at the eclectic art on the wall.

The atmosphere was extremely romantic and I suddenly got a bad feeling in my gut that Colin was about to bring up our relationship, or lack there of and I didn't think I was ready for this right now.

"I used to come here a lot when I first started school. It was our study spot." He said as he flipped through the menu.

We finally ordered then sat in silence as we waited for our meal. Colin grabbed my hand and pulled it across the table.

"Britt, I have a confession. I brought you here for a reason, I have some good news and bad news that I wanted to share with you."

I took a breath of relief while he watched me intently but continued talking. "A few months ago my dad's friend told him about an internship that was available at his advertising company in Boston. He called yesterday and offered it to me."

"Colin that's great. Congratulations."

He squeezed my hand then said "But I have to be there this Monday. I just hope you're ok with it and that maybe we can get together when I get back. I really like hanging out with you."

And now I know why he wanted to bring me to lunch, he's leaving. Was it ideal, no, but I was actually relieved about it.

"We should definitely get together when you get back, how long will you be gone?"

"I'll be back for the spring semester, it's only an 8 week program but it will look great on my resume, so I couldn't pass it up."

We got our food and ate quickly due to the errands he had to run before he left. He dropped me off at home in just enough time for me to take a shower and get ready for tonight. The closer it got to 7 o'clock the more my stomach started churning and the more I thought about calling it off. Tara came into my room to help me get ready and give me a pep talk.

"So I know you're nervous but just remember, you can call me at any time and I will be there in three seconds flat."

"Thanks Tara but I think everything will be ok."

Once I was ready, I put my things in my car and made the twenty minute drive to DN, Inc. Samantha gave me a password to use when I got to the gate and she had already given me directions to the suite and told me to let her know when I had arrived then she would call my attendant, Ryan. Once I made it through the security tent, I parked at the far end of lot and took a deep breath before getting out and walking towards the front of the building.

It was fairly full for a Friday night and I wasn't sure I was in the right place until I saw the sign over the door that she sent me a picture of and walked in. When I opened the door there were about twenty other people sitting around a table and I got the sudden feeling that I was not in the right place.

"You must be Ms. Richards. Please have a seat so we can begin."

I looked around at all the people staring at me waiting for me to take a seat when I hesitantly walked to an empty chair and sat next to a girl who looked just as nervous as me.

"Now that everyone is here, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mistress and you will address me as such. In front of each of you is a folder with some very standard consents and a list of rules that were sent to you through your emails."

I opened the folder and looked through the paperwork which consisted of the NDA form that I had previously signed and my questionnaire that was filled out when I first applied. There was a new form that needed to be completed and I quickly read through it while the woman in the front began talking again.

"If you have any questions, please wait until I am done talking before you speak. This particular program was designed by myself and my partners to ensure that your training as an elite class of subs and or doms is done so with great integrity and completion. Every one of you were accepted into this program with the intention of becoming the best you can be and I am here to ensure it happens."

She continued talking as I looked around the room in total confusion. There had to be some mistake, this wasn't where I was supposed to be. My eyes darted around the room as the other people remained calm and almost bewitched by her words.

”I am a female dom and a few of my jobs for the next six months are to be your mentor and coach. I will run you through everything you will need to know and along the way you will be tested to see where you best fit in the exciting world of BDSM. Some of you have little to no training so in the beginning we will take it slow with the basics. Now, please introduce yourselves to each other because you will be getting a lot more acquainted very soon.”

The girl next to me turned and said ”I’m Sara, I've been a sub for almost a year but my dom recently let me go so I applied for this program to get some more experience and hopefully find someone more suited to my needs as well as his. What about you? You look like a newbie. I'm sorry, I talk a lot, I hope I didn't scare you with all that information.”

I quickly searched my brain for the little I knew about this, thanks to Tara and her porn lessons, and blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. ”Yes I'm new. Never did this before, ever. Yep I uh I was curious I guess but now that I'm here I'm thinking maybe it's not for me.”

”Don't be silly. We all felt that way the first time, although, I was never given the opportunity to learn from such an amazing teacher as her.” She said pointing to the beautiful blonde-haired woman standing in the front.

I looked around the room at the amused faces and wondered if anyone would notice me run out of the room.

Lingerie is always a good gift but why did Britt think that she could look sexy in a pink nightie? Wow this girl needs some lessons from Tara.

Colin's leaving? That sounds a little fishy to me, doesn't it? I mean he sounded so stuck on Britt and then all of a sudden he's going away for an internship?

HOLY GUACAMOLE! She done walked into something she isn't ready for. How do you think this will go?????

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