Make Me Yours, Master

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After Ethan showed up at my house last night I was all for running into the battlefield, swords drawn, ready to take on whatever this world had to offer but now that I'm standing here in this dark room filled with sex toys, bondage equipment and a whole bunch of things that I couldn't identify, I was beginning to doubt myself again.

"Alright everyone, tonight will only be an informative lesson and we will be starting at the very beginning. I know some of you have already dipped your toes into the erotic world of play but we will be retraining your brains on a more professional level. If done properly this world can open up a whole new list of possibilities for every one of you and that is exactly what we are trying to do."

She walked around the room with such grace and authority that I didn't know if I should speak or bow down to her when I responded. She pulled a bunch of papers from her bag and handed them out to us. There were words that I recognized and others that looked familiar and the list resembled the questionnaire that I had to fill out in order to apply to the virgin program but this one was much more detailed. I flipped through the pages when she started talking again.

"There are so many elements that encompass this fantasy lifestyle. Trust is probably the most important one. It takes an immense amount of trust on both the dom and the sub's part. Trust that one will give and the other will take, whether good or bad, without retaliation. But with disobedience comes punishment and it will not be for pleasure, it will be for pain. The reason is to keep a certain level of discipline and if you can maintain your composure you will receive the most pleasurable reward you can handle. It's all about taking you out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits."

Her words flooded my brain and it all started making sense, why people let other people do such drastic things to them during sex, it was for pleasure. How could I have missed that? Every video, every statement about this world was surrounded by pleasure.

"So now that we have that out of the way, we will discuss some acronyms. B&D stands for bondage and discipline, D&S means dominance and submission and lastly we have S&M which is short for sadomasochism. A sadist is a person who gets turned on by delivering pain and a masochist finds pleasure in receiving pain. A dom, also known as a top, controls his submissive who is also called a bottom. And lastly a switch is someone who plays both roles of a dom and a sub."

I looked around the room at the others who had obviously heard all of these terms before and I wondered if I should have a notebook to write this down. My mind was whirling with so much information I began to get an extremely painful headache and started rubbing my temples as she continued talking.

"The other important parts of BDSM are safety, consent, communication and limits. Safety is of utmost priority, especially when you are using certain toys, an apparatus or when you involve fetish play. We strive to make sure that our patrons are completely protected from harm in every way. We want you all to feel comfortable and never pressured into anything you have already said you didn't want to do.

Everything you do with your partner must be consensual, whether verbal or written and you have to remain in constant communication about what is acceptable or off limits in regards to what you want to try and what you are absolutely against doing. In any BDSM relationship, the submissive holds all the power, they may give up their control but ultimately they set the limits and a good dom should always be in tune with his sub."

She paused for a moment when her phone rang then she excused herself from the room as she stepped out into the hall.

"How you doing? Is it becoming overwhelming yet?"

I turned to see Sara sitting next to me with a questionable look on her face and I nodded my head slowly to reassure her. "It is a lot of information but I think I got the gist of it."

"Well don't be afraid to ask questions and I promise I will help you as much as I can."

I couldn't believe that someone as sweet as her would be offering me help in this place, sure she has done this before and she could definitely be a great resource because I didn't plan on telling Tara anything about what I had gotten myself into let alone asking her for advice.

"Thanks Sara."

She turned back towards the front when Mistress walked in and started rambling on again about the different types of play. It was still a staggering amount of information but it wasn't what I thought it would be, well not yet anyway.

After two hours of mind-blowing information she sent us on our way home and explained that the next class would be a lot more hands on. Sara and I walked to our cars and each got in after saying our good byes. I drove home in silence replaying the words I had just learned over and over in my mind and what they all meant. I was never good at doing what I was told but I knew I couldn't be the type of person to inflict pain on someone so trying to figure out where I would fit into all of this would be a challenge.

As soon as I got home I went straight to bed. I had a long few days ahead of me at work this week and I needed to recover from tonight before I went back for more.


The next few days flew by and work was getting easier and more exciting every night. I truly loved working there and it was just the right amount of relaxation in between my secret erotic classes. I drove into the parking lot of DN and waited for Sara to pull in before I got out of my car. We walked inside together and I almost passed out when we were escorted into a room full of ancient looking torture devices.

"Welcome to the dungeon." Mistress said as she strolled around the room lightly running her fingers along the wooden cross that stood in the center. "Tonight we will discuss what each of these is used for and how they properly work. Can I get a volunteer?"

Everyone looked at each other hoping that someone would raise their hand when I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Ms. Richard's, would you assist me, please?"

My stomach was in my throat and I couldn't say anything as she grabbed my hand and led me towards the X shaped wood. She backed me up against the hard material and asked me to raise my harms above my head then she attached each of my wrists to the cuffs at the ends. Then she tapped my legs and before I could register what she was asking they spread apart on their own while she shackled my ankles to the ends.

"This is called the St. Andrew's cross. As you can see the person is strapped securely to the wood with soft restraints and then pleasured in a number of ways. Vibrating wands are a very popular toy used for this type of play along with nipple clamps. But you can also use floggers, crops, whips, feathers or any other type of sensual gear while you remain restrained and unable to move. Adding a blindfold intensifies the feelings by heightening your senses."

She unbuckled my limbs then let me return to the group all while I stared intriguingly at the cross when she moved to another contraption and began talking.

"This is a suspension system. It is used for the same types of play but instead of being attached to the cross your arms are above your head, and you are slightly dangling from the ceiling. The plus to this system is the ability for you and your partner to engage in sexual play while hanging from the chains. This is for a more advanced couple so I suggest you all stay away from this type of apparatus until you have more experience."

She walked to a piece of wood that had three holes in it and lifted the top to reveal three notches. "This is a stock and yes it is used exactly like it looks. Your hands go here and your neck rests here. Your partner will close it and secure it tightly. This type of contraption should be used with extreme caution because is can trigger episodes of claustrophobia or entrapment so you have to fully trust that your partner will abort this as soon as you say so."

She moved towards a bed and said "This one is self explanatory." Then she smiled and walked us into an adjoining room that was equipped with all sorts if sticks, ropes and chains attached to the wall.

She picked up a stick that had long frilly ends and smacked it against her hand. "This is a flogger. It can be used to tickle or spank and each one causes a different sensation when used."

She placed it down and continued showing us an assortment of gear before she opened a drawer and pulled out some adult toys. I could feel my face reddening at the display of colorful silicone dildos and vibrators sitting on the table. Then she explained some other types of materials like glass and metal and how they feel before she moved onto butt plugs. I tuned the last part out as much as I could because I already knew that would be a hard limit for me, no back door usage, period. NO, VANESSA!!

"I know this was a lot of information for tonight but I promise this will get easier the more you do it. Next week we are having an exhibition show downtown and you all have to attend. It is a very exclusive event that only a few people will be invited to. I will send everyone the address and a password to get in."

We left from class and walked out to our cars when I noticed a black town car pull up to the back entrance door. A well dressed man stepped out. I couldn't see his face very well but I could tell that his hair was dark and his body filled his suit like a second skin. He moved like a panther, stealthy and sleek and the longer I stared the more I wanted to know what it felt to be underneath him.

Now we're getting to the nitty gritty. Rrrrrrrr.

Well Britt hasn't passed out yet so maybe she isn't as innocent as she seems.

Who in the hell is the hot guy that walked in? Could he be a dom, and could this be the infamous Zeus?

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