Make Me Yours, Master

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Zeus' POV

I called the guys at the office to discuss the upcoming show. Mistress had given us the idea to let the interns see a real life scene at its finest and I had to admit it was a good idea and it would be really good for business.

"Apollo, I will make sure everything gets delivered to the theatre before next Tuesday, will you make sure what I've ordered gets set up properly and is tested before then?"

"Sure thing, boss."

"Hades, Eros and Poseidon will do scenes with their subs and I want the rest of you to make sure we have everything ready for that night. This could increase our business substantially if people know how well and eloquently we perform. Mistress has contacted some of her old colleagues as well."

"So what exactly are we allowed to do?" Hades said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Whatever you want, if we want people to consider coming here as well as the new interns choosing to stay, then they need to see what we have to offer."

After the call I opened my laptop and finished some more contracts. I had to go down to the club tonight to sign some papers for the show and Mistress hinted that it was time for me to get more involved again. It had been a little over a year since I even touched a crop and it had always been my favorite but after everything that happened with her, I never wanted to pick another one up again.

I finished my work and placed everything in my briefcase when I accidently knocked over the folder containing the applicants in the program. I picked them up and studied them closely wondering if any of these women would be worthy of my talents when I noticed a profile that was different than all the others. Her likes were typical and her dislikes were similar but her written answers where contradictory. I could usually tell within the first 10 minutes of meeting them if they would be cut out for this type of thing or not and just looking at this application I wasn't sure this was for her.

Closing the folder, I placed it into my bag and called my driver. I had a business diner before I had to go to the office so I went downstairs and waited in the lobby for my car. As soon as I got to the foyer my driver had pulled up and was stepping out to open the door. He drove me the 10 minutes to restaurant then dropped me off in the front.

Steve Notoro was my equipment supplier and the best in the business but he also was the one who referred the most people to the club. Everything he produced was handmade and the detail was perfection. He had a way of making each piece personal to my staff and it never went unnoticed.

"Steve, it's nice to see you again."

"Zeus my friend, please have a seat. I ordered us a drink."

I placed my bag on the floor and sat across the table from him. Never the one for small talk he went right into the questions.

"So this show, am I to be expecting you to finally come out of your hiding place and participate? You know its been a while since I've made anything specifically for you?" He smirked as the words left his mouth.

I chuckled at his comment because he already knew the answer to that but he still never stopped trying to convince me to go back.

"No I will not be returning to my throne. But I have a dom who is interested in Kinbaku and I need your help with a few things."

"One day you're going to realize how much you've missed it. I just hope it's not too late by then. So what do you need from me?"

"I need a certain type of rope, mostly non abrasive kinds. Also I am going to need beams placed in the rooms for extra support so that it doesn't interfere with the integrity of the structure."

His eyes twinkled as I began to explain all the new things I wanted to add to the building and soon he had sketched the entire draft on a sheet of paper he had in his pocket. We ate and drank for a few more hours discussing the upcoming show when the hostess walked over and handed us the bill. It was getting close to midnight and we were being politely kicked out.

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways as my driver took me to the club. It was a a bit of a drive because the only place we could acquire that was big enough was an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. We had security 24 hrs a day so I was never concerned with anyone's safety but I had been looking into other buildings for the past month to bring us closer to the city.

Once we made it to the building, I watched as the new interns walked out having just finished there recent lesson with Mistress. When I walked through the door she was standing there with an exhausted look on her face.

"This is going to be a long six months. I swear some of these people have never even heard of this type of thing let alone actually done it and there's this one girl who stiffens up every time I introduce something new."

"I have more than enough faith that you will get them whipped into shape before then."

"You haven't met them yet." She said as she rolled her eyes.

"When have you ever backed down from a challenge? I seem to recall someone who didn't have a problem keeping all of us in line."

"That was easy, you know I can handle any man, but girls have a tendency to be know-it-alls or extremely stubborn when it comes to being told what to do by another woman."

She was right most female subs had no problem doing whatever their dom said but when it came to being instructed by someone else, especially another female, they turned into catty, defiant women.

"Are the guys here yet?"

"Yes they're waiting for you in the conference room."

We walked upstairs to the top floor where our meetings were usually held and stepped into the whiskey filled room.

"I see you guys already started without us." Mistress said with her nose turned up in the air.

"Well you were busy with the newbies and we were ready for some fun." Eros said.

She laughed as she walked over to the bar and poured herself a double.

"Whoa, rough day?" Apollo asked.

"You have no idea. So unless any of you want to be bent over and fucked in the ass with my new toy, I suggest you all leave me alone and don't ask any questions." She said before she sat down and took a long sip of her drink.

Everyone threw their hands in the air in surrender and she began laughing as she downed the rest of the Scotch before returning to the bar and pouring another.

"Alright then, let's get down to business. The empty part of the building has 8 theatre rooms but we will only be using three of them. Like I said earlier today, Eros, Hades, and Poseidon will be doing shows in one of them and some of the other doms will be in the other two. I met with Steve tonight and he has everything ready for delivery Monday. "

"Have we had any responses from anyone yet?" Ares asked as he tilted his glass up and finished the last drop.

"We have had an overwhelming amount of RSVPs. In fact we may have to turn some people down, unless you want to open up another room. Maybe we could do female dom show just for those who are interested?" Mistress said.

"That isn't a bad idea, have you gotten any vibes from the new ones who would possibly be into being a sub?" I asked her.

"There is one guy who has a very particular style and is interested in learning. He has asked me to train him after our lessons have ended and I have considered it, especially since my sub will be retiring soon. He has potential." She answered as she shrugged her shoulders.

"We can open a fourth room but that is it, I would much rather it be limited to our regular contributors than to just anyone. Will you be able to do a scene?"

She nodded her head and went back to drinking her Scotch. Ever since her sub decided to leave, she has been acting a little distant and I know it's because she isn't ready to let him go. He has been with her for almost 4 years and she still enjoys the thrill of his occasional defiance but to train a new sub takes a lot of work and she likes consistency.

We continued talking for another hour until I realized it was almost 3 in the morning. Everyone left but I decided to stay in one of the bedrooms here at the club and go straight to work later in the morning. I walked down to the second floor and headed straight to my old play room.

Even though it hadn't been used in a year it was routinely cleaned and maintained by the crew. The wood was polished and the floors were mopped every week. The bed was changed every other week but all the toys, whips, canes, floggers, and crops had been disposed of at my request. I didn't want any reminders of her so I demanded they be removed immediately but I never returned after that night.

I went back upstairs to the bedroom and laid down, hoping for a few hours of sleep but I knew it wouldn't happen. I had been debating for some time now whether or not I should return to the exhilarating world of BDSM but someone would have to make it worth my wild and I honestly hoped that one of the new interns would be it but according to Mistress, none of them would be what I was looking for.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, hoping that the morning would bring me some clarity. Maybe she was wrong about them and one of these women would be just what I had been looking for but I wasn't getting my hopes up.

Zeus wants to start working again!!!

Who else thinks Mistress is talking about Britt and her deer in headlights look, haaaaaaa.

What will happen at this show? Do you think Britt will be able to handle it or will she freak out?

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