Make Me Yours, Master

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I Love The Nightlife

Monday night I went to work hoping for a distraction because tomorrow was the night of the show we were invited to and I wasn't quite sure how it was going to go. The only thing the invitation indicated was that it was a very discrete venue and to dress in masquerade attire.
I stood in front of my station and began prepping tonight's menu when suddenly we had an unexpected rush due to an impromptu Christmas dinner and luckily we weren't busy so we were able to accommodate the rowdy party.
After cooking and plating 5 courses for 20 people, my feet were beginning to burn and ache and I was ready to go home to my bed. Tara wasn't home again and even though I was happy for her I was starting to miss our time together and keeping my secret from her was only making it worse.
The next morning I woke up to the smell of coffee and cinnamon bread fresh from the oven. I jumped up and ran into the kitchen just as Tara was placing it on the counter.
"Good morning." She said with a smile on her face as she cut a slice of bread and placed it on a plate for me.
"Mmmmmmmmmm. Now I know it's getting close to the holiday season!"
She grabbed two mugs of coffee and followed me to the table.
"Speaking of the holiday's, what are your plans?"
"I'm not sure. My parents are still sailing around the world so I doubt they will be home anytime soon so I guess I'll be working and celebrating alone again this year."
"No you aren't, you're going to spend them with me and my family. My mom always goes all out for Thanksgiving and Christmas so you have to come over."
I shook my head excitedly but secretly I was disappointed that my parents never really enjoyed spending time with me, even as a kid we took elaborate vacations instead of the traditional family gatherings. Both of them lost their parents at young ages and they were never close to the rest of their family. Without wanting to sour the mood I quickly changed the subject to something I knew she would be interested in.
"I have a date tonight and I want you to give me a makeover."
She screamed so loud that I swear she busted my eardrum.
"Is it with Ethan? Please tell me it's with Mr. Pissy Pants! Please, please, please!!!"
"It's not with Ethan."
"A mystery man? Tell me more."
"He's not a mystery man, just someone I met at work. He's taking me to a masquerade party and he said there's a contest for the best dressed." I looked away so she wouldn't see the lie hiding behind my eyes and quickly changed the subject. "Anyway, will you give me a makeover?"
"You know I will and I have the perfect outfit for you too but you can't say no."
I huffed under my breath but the truth was, I really didn't want to be recognizable at this show. Everyone from my class was already acquainted with each other but what if someone else I knew was there and they saw me? I couldn't take the chance of everyone finding out what I was doing in my spare time, especially Tara or some of my parents friends.
"Ok I will wear whatever you want."
"Really?" I could see the surprise in her eyes and I hoped she wouldn't become too suspicious but I knew the party lie would keep her off my real trail.
I nodded my head and smiled thinking about how happy this would make her, even if it was for a different reason. She jumped off her stool and ran into her bedroom where I heard drawers and doors slamming then a plethora of curse words coming from her mouth. She ran into the bathroom then back into her room with cords trailing behind her, a box of various hair products and her entire bag of make up.
"Um, what do you plan on doing to me Tara?"
I heard her evil laugh as she started searching through her closet, no doubt for something skimpy and tight then she began talking to herself. I took that as a sign to go back into my room and try to relax before she turned me into some pinup doll from a dime store magazine.
Three hours later, Tara was banging on my door chomping at the bit to do her magic on the empty canvas that was my face, or so she said. I moaned as she burst through the door and jumped on my bed.
"Wake up, we have a lot of work to do."
"What do you mean a lot of work? All you have to do is my makeup and hair."
"You know absolutely NOTHING about makeovers. Now get up and take a shower before I drag you out of this bed."
She rushed out my door while I sat up and wished I hadn’t fabricated this enormous lie but I knew Tara would blow things out of proportion if she knew and I couldn’t take the chance of being talked out of something that I really wanted to do! Or was I way in over my head and over analyzing the whole situation because deep down I knew Tara really would be happy for me no matter what.
Once I was fresh from the shower I strolled into Tara's room and was nearly blinded by the amount of lights she had on. Her vanity was illuminating the entire room which contained a hair and makeup station, a faux runway with mirrors all around and tons of shoes and accessories lining her wall. She even had wigs sitting on fake heads adorned with masks.
"Tara this is a bit too much, don't you think?"
"Shush, you told me I could do what I wanted and trust me you won't be disappointed."
I sat down and never said another peep as I let her do her thing. She began with curling my hair in humungous rollers and setting them atop my head. Then she covered my entire face with a coating of foundation. She contoured my nose and cheeks, giving them a lifted look and added bronzer down my neck and onto my chest.
"What color do you want on your eyes?" She said as she picked up a palette of bright burlesque colors.
"Definitely nothing too flashy. But I wouldn't mind having a peacock look."
She gave me an excited look and grabbed a different palette with an array of shimmery colors. She began with a dark purple followed by an emerald green and then a touch of teal. She lined my lids with a gold color and drew a peacock feather up the side of my face along my cheek. She painted my lips a maroon color then added dots along my other eye with the same colors.
"Viola." She said as she spun my chair around for me to see her handiwork.
I looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself but she definitely made good on her promise by making me into someone else. Tara was the most exceptional make up artist I knew and for that I was grateful, especially tonight.
"Oh Tara, this looks amazing." I said in awe as I sat there stunned with the vision before me.
"I know." She said as she winked her eye then started taking down the curls that were pinned up.
My hair dropped in long ringlets around my face before she took sections of it and clipped it up and applied dark purple extensions along the bottom of my head. She curled each piece and unclipped my hair then moved on to another section. Once she was done she took the hair on the right side of my face, where my intricate feather was painted on, and swept it up to showcase her artwork.
She continued to pull the hair to my left side and wrapped a piece of the extension around it creating a side ponytail that laid over my shoulder. She carefully wound the curls around her finger and sprayed it with hairspray making sure each one stayed in place.
"Do you like it?"
"Yes, thank you so much Tara."
"Now we need an outfit." She said as she turned my chair around and walked to her closet where she pulled four different dresses from the rack.
The first was a long sleeve knee-length black velvet dress with rouching on the side. The second was a floor-length deep purple with sequins and a long slit up to my thigh. The third was green and reached mid calf that came off the shoulders and the last one was a dark blue one sleeve with an open back and reached mid thigh.
It was hard to decide on one so she made me try them all on to see which went best with the makeup. After twirling around in them and going back and forth to the mirror, we finally decided on the perfect dress. The long gown with the slit clashed with my hair and the black one was itchy, the green wasn't the right shade but the blue went so well with everything.
Once we had decided she gave me a pair of shoes that matched and then added some iridescent gems over the dots on my eye. She gave me some studded earrings then spritzed me down with an enticing scent that made me sneeze.
She shook her head and laughed as I wriggled my nose trying to prevent another sneeze from happening.
"Did you have to spray so much?"
"Can you act like a lady for once in your life and get over it, it wasn't that much."
I rolled my eyes because it really was a ridiculous amount of perfume and I was pretty sure it would be lingering on my body for weeks to come but I was grateful for her helping me so I kept my mouth shut.
"I'll try. But again, thank you Tara."
I grabbed my keys and walked out the door trying to keep an open mind about tonight and surprisingly became extremely excited to see this world in live action and not behind a computer screen.

Come on Britt, why do you keep lying to Tara? I don't think she would complain about you getting out of your comfort zone.
Wow, I wish I could see her right now. Tara sounds like she did an amazing job on her makeup, hair and clothes.
Does anyone see a disaster ahead? I can't wait to get her reaction when she actually sees the show!
As always, thank you all for your support and comments. I really enjoy seeing them and I appreciate each and every one of them!!!!
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