Make Me Yours, Master

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Red Light Special

I drove up to the address that Mistress had given me and took a breath before stepping out of my car. I noticed Sara walking over in her long red dress with a black wig on and a black and silver mask on her face. She whistled loudly as she stepped in front of me.

"Is that you B..."

"Shhhhh." I said cutting her off before she said my name. "I don't want anyone to know who I am." I grabbed her elbow and pulled her towards the door.

"Well it work, I didn't even know it was you, I just recognized your car. But you look amazing."

"Thank you. Now can we get inside before someone notices me."

We walked up to the red shiny door and knocked like we were told. The window opened and a pair of eyes peered through.

"Password." He asked in a deep sultry voice.

"Pineapple." I replied quietly as he watched me closely then looked towards Sara.

"Pomegranate." She whispered.

The window shut and the door opened revealing a dark hall with lights along the floor, illuminating a long hallway. He ushered us to another dark room that smelled like leather and musk. A petite woman, with a short bob cut that was dyed blue, dressed in a fitted black bodysuit and black stiletto's escorted us down the hall into another room. We walked down a theatre like aisle with dark colored couches on either side. She brought us to the first row and seated us before she returned back through the door.

The lights were so dim you could barely see anything until someone opened the door letting the light from the hallway filter in. Several more people were escorted into our room all dressed elaborately in costumes and kink wear and a waitress walked around handing out glasses of champagne.

After we were served we sat patiently waiting for the show to start when everything went quiet as the curtain in front of us began to rise. In the center of the stage sat a similar looking St. Andrew's cross that Mistress had strapped me to a week ago. A slender naked women with a mask walked across the stage followed by a man in jeans and a white unbuttoned shirt. She stopped and turned around then backed up against the cross where the man secured her wrists and ankles to the cuffs.

He ran his hand all the way from her neck down between her legs then back up to her nipples where he began tugging lightly on her erect buds. He walked off stage then returned with a massage wand, turning it on as he walked towards her then placed it against her clit. Her body became rigid and her chest began to rise and fall faster and faster but she never said a word. He took the wand away and I watched as her body sagged against the restraints as he walked back off the stage returning again with a whip, a crop and a flogger.

He tapped her inner knee once with the crop then continued tapping all the way up until he smacked her nipple. She huffed out loudly as he repeated the action several more times until she was a panting mess with red spots all along her breasts. Then he took the flogger and whacked her hips on both sides leaving more red marks on her skin as she whimpered with pleasure. He slid his fingers inside her and began thrusting faster and faster until she screamed out her release. He let her recover before he released her hands and feet from the cross then guided her off stage as the curtain dropped.

Sara and I looked at each other in awe as we heard scurrying on the stage and the curtain lifted once again. This time there was a long wooden table with a naked woman bent over it and a man standing behind her stroking himself.

I closed my eyes and covered them with my hands when Sara leaned over and said "You better open your eyes, you don't want to miss this."

"I'm sorry, I'm just not used to seeing these public...with others around me." I said as I removed my hands and opened one of my eyes.

"If you can't watch it, then how are you going to do it?" She said then returned to watch the couple in front of us.

She was right, it was time I quit being so shy and give it all I had. I wanted this and I needed to show it. I placed both my hands in my lap and raised my head high and continued watching the scene before me as the man ran his hand up and down her back while he grabbed his enormous dick in the other and pressed it against her center. He slammed into her making her jerk forward and began thrusting hard and slow. Her body slid against the wood as she began moaning loudly when he slapped her ass hard making her quiet down.

She was holding onto the edge of the table so hard that her knuckles began turning white all while he continued his sensual assault on her body. He pulled her by her hair making her back arch and lifting her body off the table slightly. He entered her again and pounded her so hard her whole body began to shake as she came apart underneath him. He quickly finished on her back right after her as the curtain began to descend again.

After it was all the way down, the attendant who served us champagne came back around with fresh glasses when I noticed I hadn't taken a sip of my first one. In one swift gulp, I downed the sweet bubbly drink then grabbed another as she took our empty flutes. I began sipping a lot slower on the second glass when I noticed the curtain rising again and a voluptuous female was kneeling in the center of the floor with a collar around her neck and a leash leading off stage.

My interest was peaked when I noticed the line getting tugged and she sat up on all fours and began to crawl towards where she was being pulled just as a very muscular man met her on stage. He ordered her to stop and she sat back on her heels and raised her arms like a dog would raise his paws, waiting for his next command. The man unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out then ran the head of it along her lips before telling her to open her mouth. She did as she was told and he thrust into her mouth eliciting a gag from her and began wildly pounding as she sat there in the same position and let him choke her with his member.

My cheeks began to flush as he continued this for several minutes until he stilled and finished off down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth and patted her on the head saying "Good girl." Then dropped her leash and walked towards the chair that was just behind her. He sat down and told her to come to him, to which she listened and crawled up his body, straddling his lap. She grabbed him and sat herself onto his dick then began slowly bouncing up and down.

All kinds of emotions were running through my mind but the greatest one was desire. Desire for someone to make me theirs, to want me so bad that they couldn't get enough of me, to trust that I would do whatever they asked as long as they gave me what I needed.

They woman began bouncing faster and faster as he held her arms behind her back and sucked on her breasts. She moaned as he wrapped his hand around her throat and began talking dirty to her making her scream out as she came over and over again, only slowing down when one orgasm ended and bucking her hips faster as another one began. He grunted a few times and she fell forward onto his chest as he came inside her. They sat there for a few minutes before he lifted her up and carried her off the stage as the curtain dropped again.

My hands were on the edge of the couch, gripping it so tight that my fingers were numb and I never realized how much it had effected me until I noticed Sara smiling at me. I blushed and chuckled then whispered "Wow."

She nodded and raised her champagne in the air and said "May the next 6 months be just as exhilarating."

I grabbed mine and toasted with her then tossed back the rest of my drink feeling the rush of bubbles go straight to my head and I became instantly dizzy. I giggled at the sudden effect when the woman came around again and picked up our glasses then began escorting people out of their seats and to the exit. We were the last to leave and were following a couple holding hands in front of us when the man turned and whispered something into the woman's ear.

I stopped dead in my tracks making Sara bump into me. I turned around quickly and placed my finger on my lips signaling her to remain quiet as she gave me a puzzled look. Then I turned back around and continued walking behind them. There was something oddly familiar about him and the closer I got to him the more I couldn't stop trying to figure out why.

It wasn't until we were outside in the alley that I realized who it was then grabbed Sara's hand and pulled her towards the parking lot.

"Whoa girl, slow down I can't run in these heels." She barked behind me as she tugged on my hand trying to stop me from dragging her all the way to our cars.

Once we were a safe distance away I started talking to myself. "What is he doing here? And with another women? Why am I even bothered, we aren't anything. Ughhhh." I threw my hands up and huffed as Sara looked at me like I was crazy.

"Who are you talking about? And why did you run out of there like a lunatic? Did you know those people?"

I was still too angry to speak so my words came out as a bark. "I just know him. And he isn't supposed to be here."

I opened my car door and watched as she unlocked hers and got in still looking confused as she drove away. My blood began to boil as I thought about the last time we spoke and now he's here. He lied to me...Colin lied to me.

Britt my girl, I'm so proud of you for actually showing up! Who think's Sara and her will become really good friends?

Well that was an interesting show, but it seemed kind of mild mannered to me. I wonder if she knows it gets a lot more detailed than that! HAAAAAA.

COLIN? What the f is he doing there? He's supposed to be interning. He better have a really good excuse for being a jerk!

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