Make Me Yours, Master

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A Dangerous Game

After last night's surprise guest, I woke up with an uneasy feeling from seeing him and I wondered if I should be concerned that he lied to me or devastated that he went to such great lengths to get away from me. Either way, I wasn't going to let it bother me. I had plenty of other things on my plate at the moment and trying to decipher his actions was not one of them.

Work today was slow and I was itching to get back to DM and learn more about the exciting world of BDSM. I hadn't stopped thinking about the show all night and barely got any sleep replaying every scene over and over in my head. The satisfaction coming from those couples empowered me to learn everything possible about this lifestyle and I couldn't wait to start the hands on lessons.

After I got home, Tara called and let me know that she was staying over at Kyle's again and I was grateful that she wouldn't be home because I planned on shopping for some naughty things so that when we started the rough stuff I would be a little more prepared.

I ordered some take out then got to work searching different websites for the best toys of the season. I wanted to start slow with a simple vibrator and work my way up to the more invasive products when I became a little more comfortable with the idea of it. Although with my virginity still intact, I didn't know how comfortable I would ever get. The doorbell rang alerting me that my food was here and after I had paid the driver a tip, I took my food to the table and continued shopping. $100 later I submitted my order.

Once I had finished eating I hit the shower then went straight to bed knowing my day tomorrow would be a long one. I knew the next 6 months were going to be tough with managing work and the program and I was already exhausted and the real stuff hadn't even begun yet.

The next day I made it to work early and couldn't wait to try my hand at free styling one of the head Chefs originals. Once a month, he took the night off and tonight was that night. I was in charge of creating a dinner special and I had been playing with an idea all week.

Once the crew came in, I briefed them on my menu then assigned each part of the dish to the staff. Everyone got to work quickly and soon my special was being requested by every table. We had a busy night and when it finally slowed down I welcomed the break.

James came in the kitchen to tell me how many compliments my dish had gotten and I heard Veronica snort under her breath. I thanked him trying to ignore her remarks but she always seemed to get under my skin and she knew it.

Before we left the restaurant I wanted to show my gratitude to the staff. "I just wanted to thank you all for the great job you did tonight. I am privileged to have gotten this opportunity to make my own dish and I look forward to many more nights like tonight."

Everyone was just as appreciative as I was but Veronica. "Don't get used to it. Everyone has a great first dish so don't think that Chef will let you do it more than once a month." She said as she threw her coat over her shoulders and walked out the door.

I looked at Derk, one of the station Chefs and shrugged my shoulders when he walked over to me and said "Don't let her get to you. She's just mad she wasn't promoted to Sioux Chef."

I suddenly felt sorry that she was passed over for the position and that someone like me who was a rookie in the kitchen got it instead. "I can't imagine being passed over for a newbie."

"Oh please, it's not because of that, she's been sleeping with Chef Roberto for two years trying to get that position but the truth is, she is a horrible cook, that's why she just does sauces that require a recipe."

Even though what he said could have been true, not being promoted and losing it to someone who was fresh out of school still had to be painful. I gathered my things and walked out the back, locking the door behind me then headed to my car. Sunday night would our third lesson and I was eager to find out what we would be learning. The rest of the week crawled by excruciatingly slow but I managed to make it until then.


When I drove up to the building, Sara was waiting for me on the sidewalk.

"You actually showed up! I thought after the other night you would have thrown in the towel." She said as she giggled.

I slapped her arm and said "I was thinking about it until you made me realize that I should really give this a try."

She grabbed my arm then pulled me through the door and into the dark room. We were sitting around the table when Mistress came in and started asking questions about the show. Several hands went up before the discussion began but all I could think about was getting past all these formalities and starting with the real stuff.

Mistress must have caught my bored expression because she walked over to me and tapped my shoulder then said "Can I speak with you Ms. Richards?"

I sat up straight and said "Yes, ma'am." Trembling in my seat like I had just messed up and the teacher was sending me to the principals office.

She walked out the door and I followed behind her to what looked like an office. She let me in then closed the door and took a seat in the chair behind her desk, then motioned for me to take the one across from her. I quickly obeyed, afraid that if I didn't she would punish me and not in a good way.

"Ms. Richards, enlighten me. Just two short weeks ago when you walked into the classroom you looked as if you had stumbled upon a horror scene and I was sure you were in the wrong place but all of a sudden it looks like you've become an expert over night." She placed hers hand on the desk and cocked her head as she examined me closer.

I couldn't look her in the eyes so I just stared at the desk in front of me trying to figure out what to say to her. If I told her the truth she would kick me out for sure but if I lied there could be serious consequences for my actions. I could feel her gaze burning a hole through my skull and when I looked up her expression was stern.

"I ugh...well..." I began to shake my knee so violently that my chair was being pushed back. "I...may not have done...seen...had..." I huffed as I tried to find the right words without giving away my secret.

She continued watching me squirm in my seat before she said "I get it, you're inexperienced, so are half the people here. But that still doesn't explain how terrified you look every night you're here and yet tonight you seem as if you're bored."

"Inexperienced is an understatement." I whispered under my breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so...distracted tonight."

"Ms. Richards, I've been doing this long enough to know who will and won't cut it as a submissive. And yet the more I am around you the less I can figure you out."

"Is that a good or a bad thing?" I asked while looking down at my hands.

"Well on one hand, you have the potential to be molded into a very well trained sub and on the other hand, there is a possibility that what you are trying to achieve could be dangerous and our number one rule here is to make sure everyone involved is safe."

I began to fidget in my seat as it seemed she was scolding me for my choice to be here even though it was obvious to her that I never did this before. I couldn't help it when the words just poured out of my mouth. "I've never done this before. I've never even seen a man's...well you know...let alone touched it. I signed up to lose my virginity but when I got here I was given directions to the wrong room and by the time you started talking I didn't want to disrupt the class again so I decided to stay and never come back but then I became enthralled in the prospect of becoming something amazing and I wanted to know more."

I slapped my hands against my mouth as her eyes grew wide and she said "You're a virgin?"

She quickly stood up and paced behind her desk "This isn't good. Why didn't you say something sooner? Do you understand what could have happened if you actually would have made it all the way to the hands on training?"

I immediately regretted ever coming here as she continued reprimanding me for lying and that I had broken the biggest rule of them all. I kept hearing her words but it just sounded like she was saying I wasn't good enough and then Ethan's words came into mind causing me to remember the real reason for me committing to this and I stood up and said "I want to do this. Please, don't kick me out."

She stared at me and said "You don't understand, Ms. Richards, you cannot be a virgin and a submissive. You will be trained to satisfy your dom sexually and that requires you to actually open your legs and let him fuck you." She shouted before closing her eyes and returning back to her chair.

"I do understand what it means but I want this. No I need this. I need to feel something, to be something to someone." My chest was rising and falling fast as my heart beat wildly, hoping that she wouldn't send me on my way.

She sat there in silence then said "And what do you suggest we do about this little inconvenience? Should I find you someone who can't get hard or perhaps a man with no dick would be easier for you?"

I could see her annoyance growing and she had a good point but I couldn't get kicked out now, especially when I had finally warmed up to the idea of being spanked for pleasure.

"You train me!" I blurted out.

I see Veronica is going to be a problem in the kitchen. Great, just one more person for Britt to have to deal with.

So Mistress, that sneaky little minx, she got Britt to spill her secret. I mean with as dominating as she is I probably would have blabbed too.

Did she seriously just as Mistress to train her? Does she realize she still will have to lose her virginity if she becomes someone's sub. This girl better go back to the beginning and read what really happens in these relationships!!!!!

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