Make Me Yours, Master

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Excuse Me, What?

The words sounded just as absurd as they did coming out of me mouth but again I always did have a severe case of verbal diarrhea and couldn’t hold my tongue, something I was sure I would be paying for later if she agreed.

She studied me intently then laughed. “I don’t train women.”

“Please! You have to, who else would be better at making me the best than you? And the whole sex thing can still remain a secret.”

“Absolutely not. I cannot lie about something as crucial as that. I could get fired, or worse, charges brought against me. Do you understand the ramifications of this?”


“No I don’t think you do. Lying about anything, especially from the beginning is a sure fire way to lose any and all respect and trust with your future dom. Which, by the way, is the main thing these relationships are based on. You can’t ask me to go against the very thing I vowed to uphold let alone lie to my partners and everyone here just for you.”

I looked away as tears began to collect in my eyes and I didn’t want her to see me being weak like she already thought I was. I had to think of something that could change her mind and fast. “I’ll do anything. I’ll do whatever you want. Please, just train me.”

She sat behind her desk for what felt like an eternity before she finally spoke. “There may be something you can do for me.”

“Yes! I said anything, whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

“If I agree to this, you have to be my bosses permanent sub.”

I looked at her like she had just grown three heads and said “Why?”

“His last sub was a horrible woman. She wasn’t disciplined, she was manipulative and deceitful and she had Zeus wrapped around her fingers. He lost his touch while he was with her and turned into a softie and let me tell you he is one of the greatest doms I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. He was tough but his record was impeccable. Anyway, she used their relationship against him and tried to ruin his life. Luckily for him and us, our contracts were concrete and she couldn’t get as far as she liked.”

“So what does this have to do with me?”

“I want to train you to be the sub he deserves. There is just something about you that is perfect for him.”

I thought for a few moments at her request. What if this guy would hurt me, what if he found out about my situation and wanted to take legal action against me, what if I couldn’t handle him? I felt the pressure of her ultimatum weighing on my shoulders but the thought of getting kicked out was worse than what she was suggesting.

“OK.” I said way too fast before thinking about what my answer actually meant. “But how will that work? If I’ know...still a virgin?”

“There is a program over seas that trains women who are in arranged marriages how to be submissive to their husbands. It’s usually used only for very important people only and with the utmost discretion between families. These marriages are usually from one royal family to another or status based and the men request their virgin brides know how to submit to them in public and in the bedroom.”

I cringed at her statement wondering what father would send his daughter to a place like this to learn how to be a pet to their disgusting future husband. I was starting to rethink my decision when she said “It is exactly what you are thinking and although we don’t exactly agree with it, they train these women how to survive. They are treated so horrifically in other parts of the world that they use it as an opportunity to not only help them but teach them how to live a normal life without getting killed for doing something wrong.”

What she said only slightly eased my mind but it made sense to give them some sort of backbone if they were going to be dealing with crude men the rest of their lives and if they could train a virgin to take that kind of beating, she could surely prepare me for mine.

“Ok. So how will that work with me?”

“We could fabricate a little white lie about why you’re here?” She put her fist under her chin and thought a while before her eyes lit up and she said “You are a Russian councilman’s unruly daughter who has been betrothed to the Ambassador. He is expecting a submissive wife and lover and you only have 5 months to train because your wedding is in April. Your father requested that you come here to the states because he doesn’t want anyone to know his brat of a daughter has to be tamed before she is married off. He also doesn’t want anyone to know that he lied to get you married off. Your name and face will be withheld from him the entire time you are here.”

“How am I going to train? In disguise?” I asked sarcastically.

“Yes actually. We have breathable masks that are used for fetish play but it will keep your identity a secret when you are around Zeus. We can still do lessons with the group but you and I will do private lessons afterhours when everyone is gone. But this can only work if you keep this confidential.”

She looked at me sternly like she was threatening to kill me if I even mentioned our agreement to anyone and I shook my head letting her know I wasn’t going to say a word.

“But will he agree to me being his sub? I mean I don’t want to be trained only for him to look at me as unsuitable.”

“I will handle that. You just get ready for the most exciting thing you will ever learn in your life!”

She walked over to the door and opened it, leading us back to the classroom. Everyone looked at me wondering what we had been up to when Mistress walked to the front of the class and began talking.

“What was that all about?” Sara asked me.

“She needed me to complete some paperwork that I had missed last week.”

I didn’t like how easy it had become to lie to the people I had come to care about but I knew that betraying Mistress’ trust was not in the plan and I was going to make sure I did everything she wanted me to do for keeping my secret and not dismissing me from the program.

Sara nodded her head and turned back towards the front of the class.

“Tonight we will discuss hard and soft limits. It is important that you always communicate to your partner what you like and don’t like as well as what you are comfortable with trying and things that you absolutely do not want to do. I cannot stress this enough, if you do not set clear limits, it can be harmful not just physically but mentally. Trust is not an option, it is MANDATORY.”

She said as she looked straight at me making me blush at the thought of what she was going to do to me for lying to her. We continued discussing limits before getting a list of potential sexual activities that partners could engage when class ended. We all stood up and walked outside when Sara stopped me and said.

“Tomorrow is my birthday and I want to get a tattoo, would you come with me?”

I was stunned that she would ask me to join her even though we barely knew each other but we were both training to be subs and would be spending a lot more time with each other in the next five months so I agreed to meet her downtown at six.

She left and as I got into my car to leave, I noticed the same black town car that pulled up last week driving in again. This time six men dressed in suits stepped out and shuffled through the door. I began to wonder if one of them was the man Mistress wanted me to train for and I suddenly got overwhelmed. I took a few deep breaths then drove myself home hoping that I had made the right decision.

The next night I met Sara at the ink studio where she was sitting in the lobby waiting for her turn. She had three binders in front of her, looking for the perfect tattoo when she saw me come in.

“Hey! I’m so glad you came. I can’t decide what to get. I want something original yet popular, maybe in Chinese lettering. Shoot I don’t know.”

I took a look at the pictures and asked her “What will this tattoo mean to you?”

“I don’t need a reason to get one do I?”

“No but if you think about what you want it to say it will be easier to decide.”

She thought a moment and said “My last dom said that I was too clingy. He said I wasn’t independent enough.” She looked down at her hands as if trying to forget a painful past when I saw a simple black butterfly and had an idea.

“What about that one with the words Fly with your own wings written around it.”

Her face lit up and she pulled me into a hug. “That’s perfect Britt. Thank you! You’re pretty good at this, you should get one too.”

I was never against getting a tattoo I just never had a reason to get one or knew what I wanted but I could feel myself growing into someone new and decided that maybe that was reason enough. I started looking through the book at all the different quotes when I came upon a single word. Yours.

I closed the book and asked the lady at counter to add me to the list behind Sara then went sit back down next to her. Twenty minutes later they called us both to the back together and we sat next to each other on the tables. She had decided to get hers on her wrist but I didn’t want mine to be visible to the naked eye so I chose to put it along my ribcage.

After choosing a matte black color and making sure the translation was correct, the stencil was placed along my side right where I wanted. I laid down and waited for him to get started. I felt the needle hitting my skin and flinched. He paused and reminded me that moving would mess it up so I took a breath and channeled my inner statue. An hour later he was done and I was so happy with how it came out. It was only 5 simple words, but they held so much weight for my future. Din kontroll är min frigivning.

How did Mistress not have a mini stroke when Britt asked her to train her. LOL!!! I see she will be regretting her decision soon.

I still don’t get how she will be a sub if she is a virgin but maybe that will be fixed before then???

Who else wants to know what her tattoo says??? Who am I kidding I’m sure you’ve already translated it by now. Lol!

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