Make Me Yours, Master

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We Meet Again

After the spa, Rick called me to ask if I could come in to work to fill in for another waitress who was sick. I didn't have any plans so I said I would but Tara made sure I took some ibuprofen just in case I started hurting later on. The actual waxing wasn't terrible but the soreness afterwards really kicked my ass.

I made it to work and hobbled inside, earning some very strange looks from the other workers, then clocked in and took my medicine. If it was going to be busy tonight I was going to need it.

"Hey Britt, what's wrong with the legs?" Mason asked basically loud capping me in front of the entire restaurant.

I glared at him then said "Oh I twisted my knee this morning. I'm fine, just a little sore."

He nodded and I was relieved he didn't push the issue any further. After I had my apron on I got to work cleaning tables and refilling sugar caddies. The condiment bottles were refreshed and before I knew it the time had flown by and the diner was almost empty. A few drunk students with the munchies came in but they were regulars so I already knew what they wanted.

After I set the last plate down I heard the door bell chime and several men's voices entering the building. I turned to see the same group of guys from a couple weeks ago walking to a booth. They were even dressed in similar attire as before only this time the food critic walked in with them. I walked over to them and handed out the menus, skipping him and asked if they wanted the same as last time.

"How do you remember what we ordered two weeks ago, beautiful?"

"One doesn't forget a table like this. It's not very often that we get such well dressed, food connoisseurs such as yourselves." I said as I looked straight at Mr. E.

A smirk appeared on his lips and I suddenly felt hot. I looked away and back at the other guy who nodded and said "Well then, let's just see how good your memory is. We'll have the same as last time."

I gave him a cocky smile and picked up the menus then turned around wincing in pain as I walked to the kitchen. It had been five hours since I took my medicine and it was showing. I tried my hardest to not look like a complete ass in front of them but I knew they saw. I returned with their drinks and another weekly special, white chocolate raspberry dark roast. I placed it in front of him and said "Here's your, just coffee." Then walked away proudly knowing I'd nailed it yet again.

I went to get some more medicine but it was empty. Cringing at the thought that I still had 6 hours left to work without relief, I asked the staff if anyone had some but they all said no. I sat down on the stool to ease the pain but it wasn't helping and when their food was ready I internally cried knowing that I had to walk to deliver it. I took a few breathes then picked up the tray and walked as slowly as I could to their booth. I placed the food in front of them and smiled through the pain when they complimented me on my fantastic ability at remembering their order.

Mr. E gave me a confused look as his eyes traveled down to the way I was standing then back up to my face. My mind went blank as we continued to watch each other when another group of people walked into the diner and sat down. I sighed and excused myself trying not to walk like I had something stuck up my ass but it wasn't working and once I was done with the other tables order I ran out to my car for more medicine.

I slid into the passenger side leaving the door ajar and opened every compartment that I had only to come up empty handed. I threw my head back against the seat wishing the burning pain would go away. I pulled up my skirt and looked at the reddened areas, touching them gently while trying to ease the pain when an ice pack appeared and was placed on my inner thigh. I jumped as the cold bag touched them but immediately found relief in the icy heaven that had cooled the fire taking place on my legs.

"Ice always helps after a wax." He said with his hand still on the bag in between my thighs.

I quickly threw my skirt down and said "How did you...were you watching me out here?"

He laughed and his Adam's apple bobbed up and down making the heat between my legs, that had just cooled, spread all the way up my body. My cheeks were flushed and my hands were sweaty as I watched him take his hand out from under my skirt and put them up defensively.

"Don't flatter yourself, but the way you were walking gave it away. Leave that on for 10 minutes and you should be fine." He stood up and walked away towards a sleek black sports car.

"Thank you." I said as I tried to catch my breath.

He turned his head and smiled then opened his door, got in and drove away. I sat there for 10 minutes just like he said and to my surprise the pain was gone. I took the bag of ice off and got out the car taking small steps towards the diner to ensure that it didn't return.

When my shift was finally over I went home and sat in a warm bath with some Epsom salts. I closed my eyes but all I could see was his arrogant smile and those gorgeous lips. His warm brown eyes sparkled with mischief but there was something deeper in his look, like hurt, hesitation. I didn't know what it was but it was there and I could see it. I shook my head trying to erase it from my memories. I had way more important things to think about and drooling over some guy who would never go for a girl like me, was not one of them.

After my soak, my legs felt so much better and I walked to my bedroom and fell asleep. Tara was still out but I knew I wouldn't hear her come in. She's like a got damn mouse, quiet and sneaky. I slept most of the day and at 12 Tara came running into my room and jumped on my bed scaring the living shit out of me.

"Bitch get up! We have a date with margaritas tonight and you need to look good!"

I groaned "Ughhhhh why did I ever agree to making Tito's night with you a thing?"

"Because you love me and you love margaritas!"

She had a point, I did love margaritas! "Fine! But no fake eyelashes this time and I'm wearing my own perfume!"

"Ok, madam!"

She ran out of my room leaving me to snooze for a little while longer. After another two hours of napping she ran in again but this time she turned my radio on then pressed play on her iPod sending music blaring out the speakers. I jumped up and nearly fell out of the bed as a result, causing her to burst into a fit of laughter bending over clutching her sides.

"Why do you always do that?" I said covering my ears from the sounds of hard metal thrumming through the room.

She lowered the volume and grabbed my hands pulling me out of the bed and towards the bathroom. She pushed me into the shower and made me wash my hair with her expensive shampoo and rub my body down with her pomegranate sugar scrub. The sensation was so tantalizing that I could have massaged it into my skin all day but I knew if I did I would probably tear the first layer of dermis off.

Once I finished she pushed me down into a chair and started blow drying and styling my hair. She spritzed it with beach wave spray, that left a heavenly scent of coconut and sea salt in the air, then twirled a few pieces around her fingers to set the curls.

Next she fixed my face. She added a light coating of foundation, some eyeliner and mascara making my eyelashes look even longer and thicker than normal then painted my lips a deep red color. When she was done she placed the mirror in front of my face and I almost didn't recognize myself.

She'd been doing makeovers on me for years but tonight it felt different. I felt grown up and I was terrified about what that meant. My entire childhood, I'd never had to lift a finger. My parents practically bought me whatever I wanted just to keep me happy but they missed out on what I really needed, them. When I started college they bought me a house and furnished it completely, I had to fight them tooth and nail just to let me pay the utilities but eventually they gave in. But after I left they decided to sail the world on my fathers new yacht and I hadn't seen them since. Sure they call once a month but I haven't spent a single holiday with them or celebrated a birthday together in 4 years.

"Well?" She asked pulling me out of my sad thoughts.

"Looks great as usual!" I said smiling even though it was the last thing I wanted to do but eventually I had to get used to being on my own.

"Now, what will you wear?"

I stood up and walked to my closet pulling out various shirts and pairs of shorts. After trying what get like everything in my closet, I settled on a pair of blue jean shorts with a cute black crop top tank that was tight and stopped just above my belly button. We were only going to the tequila bar so getting dressed up wasn't an option, plus their was a fake beach set up outside and we always got a table in the sand.

When we got there the place was packed but Tara knew the owner and he had a table outside saved just for her. We walked out and took a seat when the waitress came over with a pitcher of strawberry margaritas, glasses, some salt and limes and two shots of Patron. We clinked the glasses together and shot the tequila slamming the glasses down and laughing when I noticed someone behind Tara watching us. I looked closer and saw those familiar tormented brown eyes staring back at me.

Ok Omgosh who else would have died if some hot guy had his hands up your skirt with a bag of ice?

Lol what's going to happen at the bar? Check out next weeks chapter to find out!!

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