Make Me Yours, Master

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Zeus' POV

We drove up to the front door of the club just after the interns left and I was relieved I hadn’t run into any of them yet. I had managed to avoid meeting them since they started but I knew Mistress was dying to introduce me. I didn’t particularly want to be involved in their training but she gave me updates every week as to how they were progressing so that was all the interaction I needed.

“Did you guys see the brunette in the black shirt? She was perfect for a sub maybe even a slave.” Hades said with a sinister smile.

“I couldn’t see anything past the redheads tits.” Apollo retorted.

I laughed as they talked about the new recruits knowing fully well that these rookie’s would be no match for either one of them. They required a level of professionalism that none of these women possessed but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t try to get them to play with them once in a while. Training someone new takes a lot of patience and frankly neither of them had any of that.

I remember the look on every one of my new subs faces when I first walked through the door. Contemplation, lust, fear, and all because of total loss of control. They trembled when I walked closer and shivered from my touch and each and every time I was completely disappointed from their performance. They weren’t enough, they never were especially her.

Shaking my head I followed the guys upstairs where we found Mistress waiting in the conference room with an unreadable expression. No doubt it had something to do with the lessons tonight and I wasn’t really in the mood to hear about how horrible they were. I hoped that starting this program would take her mind off losing her sub but it seems like it was causing her more stress with every passing week.

“Why the long face?” I asked her.

She jumped as if I had startled her and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you all had come in.”

I had never seen her look so nervous before and I was almost afraid to ask why she was so distracted until she stood and said “Can we talk in your office, alone?”

She walked out the door and down the hall as I looked at the guys and shrugged my shoulders then followed her to my office. When I walked in she was standing by the window staring out in deep thought.

“Have you ever thought about starting over again, Zeus?”

I looked at her and immediately regretted accepting her invitation to talk to her in private.

“No and I don’t ever plan on being a dom again.” I said in a harsh tone.

She turned around and gave me the most disapproving face and said “Just because she was a horrible person doesn’t mean everyone is like her. Yes she almost ruined you and our company but she didn’t and you survived and now it’s time for you to get back out there and start being you again. All you do is mope around here or work at the office. I haven’t seen you smile in years and your bad attitude is starting to scare people off.”

She huffed as I sat there trying to come up with a retort but the words failed me because the truth was, she was right. I wasn’t myself this past year but I refused to start again with just anyone and she knew that finding someone who was my perfect match was like finding a needle in a hay stack.

“I don’t want just anyone Mistress. They can’t handle me they never have been but I did it anyway because just a little satisfaction is better than none.”

“What if I said I have the perfect girl for you?”

“No.” I answered quickly and turned to walk back to the conference room,

“Hear me out, please.”

I stopped and turned around knowing that if I didn’t listen to her now, she would end up following me home and tying me to a chair then force me to listen.

“Enlighten me.” I said as I rolled my eyes.

She walked to the edge of my desk and leaned against it with a hesitant look then said “One of the new girls...”

“Nope, absolutely not!”

“Sit!” She said and I groaned as I returned to my chair. “Now as I was saying. One of the new girls is from Russia and was recently sent here by her father to be trained for her husband.”

I raised my eyebrows and said “But we don't do that here Mistress, why can't she go to a club in her own country?”

“She can't because her father lied about her innocence to save himself from public embarrassment. Apparently she is a party girl who was supposed to be married to the diplomat but she can't unless she is to his liking.” She said as she stopped and waited for me to respond. "He asked that you train her but I told him that wouldn't be possible because you aren't practicing anymore so then he asked that one of the other guys do it. To which I also said they weren’t good enough then he suggested I do it.”

I thought I had imagined the whole conversation until she cleared her throat and said “Did you hear me?”

“Yes I did but I’m not sure I heard you correctly. You want to train a wild, inexperienced girl to be her husband's sub? You do know how crazy that sounds, right?”

“Yes I do, but think about it. We could really use the international angle and we would be giving her the tools to keep herself safe since her father lied to everyone.”

“I don’t know Mistress, that would be a lot of work for you and could take a lot of time away from your training a new sub.”

“Just think about it. You could always step in if I can't do it and it would get you back into the routine for in case you decide to, you know.”

She left my office as I tried to think about the positives but nothing could erase the past and the crap I had gone through because I let my guard down and trusted someone. I didn’t know if this was a good idea and I wasn’t going to say yes without knowing the whole story but co-training someone with no strings attached could be a good comeback for me but with a virgin? How was I supposed to train someone I couldn't fuck?

I returned to the conference room just as the guys were pouring another round of scotch in their tumblers. Ares passed me a glass before tipping his back and letting the brown liquor slide down his throat, releasing a satisfied hum from his lips.

“I will never get used to the good life.” He remarked.

I chuckled as I remembered our first office down town that consisted of two closet sized rooms and a man who believed in us enough to take a chance on 6 friends with a dream. That was not only the beginning of our journey to the top but also the struggles that we would soon face.

“So how are the littles coming along.” Eros asked.

“They are progressing, a little slower than I would like but we managed to keep them all even after the show.”

“That’s promising, I guess.” He said in an annoyed tone.

He didn’t like change and the thought of the program had always been a touchy subject with him but he usually came around after a while.

“So what are your plans? Where do you want to get them in the next few months?” Apollo drilled her.

“If I could just get them to the hands on training in the next few weeks I will be more on track but the preliminary lessons are taking a little more time than I thought. I was hoping to be further along with the limits and rules but we are only a few days behind because of the show. They are actually really fast learners and they seem to catch on quick so I have faith that I will be ready to begin the fun stuff soon.”

Everyone seemed to be satisfied with her response and had been talking amongst themselves while I sat there swirling my drink around the glass as I thought about my conversation with Mistress. If they only knew how bad I had been dying to get back to my old self they would be ecstatic but the truth was I didn’t know if I could do it. It had been so long since I was at the top of my game and I was afraid that if I did agree to her plan that I wouldn’t be as good as I once was and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

The sound of glasses hitting against the metal sink broke me from my daydream and I stood up as everyone was getting ready to leave. I joined them in the elevator as they continued talking about their holiday plans and the annual Christmas party coming up next month.

“So Zeus, are you doing the usual this year?” Ares asked me.

I usually went to Aspen but I had been thinking of changing it up this year.

“I don’t know yet.” I said as he raised his eyebrows.

"You mean you're going to skip the slopes? And to what do we owe the sudden change to?"

"It's still a possibility, I'm just keeping my options open for in case something else comes along."

He laughed and slapped my back when the elevator came to a stop on the ground floor. We filed out and through the back door where we got into the car and made the drive home to town. I was always the last stop but I didn't mind the quiet after the long day we had.

Our club had just increased exponentially from the show last week and I was thinking of hiring someone to put in charge of all the new clients. I was beginning to get overwhelmed with being in charge of both companies and to have a little help would make my life easier.

I added a reminder in my phone to find an assistant that would be able to manage everyone's needs and be able to keep a tight schedule that would work with their requests. The car pulled up to my house and I was so exhausted that I opted to go straight to bed sans a shower. I pulled off my clothes, placing them in the dry cleaning bag and slipped under my covers. My mind was suddenly filled with images of a petite woman sitting on her knees waiting for my command and I was starting to consider picking up my crop again.

So Mistress told him about Britt!!!! But will he go for it? And what will he say when she tells him the rules of protecting her virginity?

Do you think he would be enticed enough to train her full time?

What will Britt say the first time she meets Zeus???

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