Make Me Yours, Master

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A Thanksgiving Holiday

After Mistress agreed to train me, my world took a seriously busy turn and with Thanksgiving coming up in a few days I couldn't afford to miss any work.

"Come on Britt, you can take off ONE day to be with family, can't you?" Tara asked as she pouted.
"I wish I could Tara but too many people requested months before me and unfortunately we are open Thanksgiving night."
I truly was upset that I had to miss spending time with her and her family but I was still too new and I didn't feel right taking off when other people already had plans.
"I understand but it doesn't mean I'm not upset about it."
"I know. Will you settle for a rain check?" I asked her with a big smile.
"Absolutely!" She hugged me before she left out the house for the two hour drive to her parents home.
I wanted to get to work early to avoid being more lonely than I was already feeling so I grabbed my things and headed to the restaurant. The parking lot was empty except for the skeleton crew that would be working the evening shift. Luckily, tonight was by reservation only so we already knew exactly when our customers would arrive and how many there would be.
When I made it inside, the kitchen was alive with excitement. The staff had set up a small party for us to celebrate with each other before dinner started.
James stepped into the back and said "Thank you all for an extraordinary year. Not only have we managed to maintain our two stars from the food critic that visited us in March but he has agreed to come back and give us another review."
Everyone clapped and cheered as he tried to hush them down again "Also, welcome to our newest member who has shown us how great she really is. I hope you will bring us another star from that review. Cheers to Brittany!"
My cheeks flushed from his speech and I hoped he wasn't relying too heavily on me to achieve a exemplary review because I had just started and I wasn't sure I liked the pressure that he was already putting me under.
We chatted and ate for an hour before we began to get ready for our special dinner guests. Derk mentioned that the regulars were usually friends of James' who couldn't get home or those who were habitual workers and didn't particularly like gathering with family. So imagine my surprise when Ethan walked in with a few other people and were seated at one of the best tables in the house.
I could feel my hands begin to sweat at just the close proximity of him in the next room and I knew if I didn't get my mind straight right now, I would never be able to concentrate on the real reason I was here, to cook.
Once the first course began going out, I had gotten into the zone. Being in the kitchen always calmed me and I strived to keep the distractions at a minimum especially tonight. The main course consisted of two different options. One consisted of a traditional turkey dinner and all the fixings and the other was a roast beef platter.
The night was busy and full of clinging pots, water boiling and the sounds of Chef Roberto's thunderous voice calling out commands to everyone in the room. We listened with complete obedience as he floated around the room with such authority that it almost excited me and I instantly knew in my heart that being a sub was more important to me than anything in the world.
After the last person left the restaurant, we finished cleaning up the kitchen when James came in and invited us all into the dining room to have drinks. Most of the staff jumped at the opportunity to relax after a stressful night and since I had nothing else to do I joined them. We all sat around the bar as James served us when I felt him standing behind me.
"Is someone sitting here?" He asked in regards to the empty seat next to me.
I didn't have to turn around to know exactly who it was, especially when my entire body began to tingle just from his deep voice. I shook my head and turned to look at him as he sat down. I lifted my glass and took a sip of the concoction that James had poured me and almost instantly fell off the stool.
"Wow that's strong!" I coughed as the liquid lava spilled down the back of my throat.
He groaned disapprovingly then said "Yeah, my brother seems to have a heavy wrist." He grabbed the glass from my hand and walked around the bar and fixed us both a fresh drink.
I watched as he seemed to glide effortlessly, placing one glass in front of me then walked back around the counter and took his dark grey suit jacket off, placing it on the back of his chair then sat down next to me. He raised his glass and said "Happy Thanksgiving, Brittany."
I mimicked his actions and said "Happy Thanksgiving, Ethan."
We clinked glasses and each took a slow sip of the scotch. It went down so smooth and I moaned as it warmed my belly making him smirk as he watched me.
"This is amazing. Macallan, correct?" I asked him.
He looked at me with a surprised expression and said "You know your liquor."
"My dad is a scotch aficionado and has practically every bottle from every country. They travel a lot and he always brings a bottle or two home with him. Most kids get a new car when they turn 16, I got a love of scotch." I winked at him as he sat there listening to my pathetic life story.
"You and your father seem close."
I sighed as he took a sip then raised his eyebrow. "Actually, quite the opposite. We weren't the conventional family. My father became very successful at a young age and after he and my mother got married he quickly turned his father's business into an empire. Not too long after, I entered the world and was raised by a nanny while they continued their love of themselves. When I was 10 I was sent off to boarding school and returned when I was 18. My father never had any intentions of letting me take over and neither did I so it worked out when my love of food that carried me through those lonely days and nights became my dream career."
"I'm sorry, that must have been hard."
"It was but I managed to make myself happy by cooking. He retired about a two years ago and bought a yacht and is now traveling the Mediterranean. They bought me a house and gave me a ridiculous inheritance, which I will probably never use, and set sail never to be bothered again."
I placed my glass down as the weight of what I said hit me. I never really told anyone about my childhood but now that I heard it out loud I never realized how lonely I really was until now. I could feel him staring at me not knowing what to say when he got up and walked back around the bar and grabbed the entire bottle of scotch, bringing it back with him to his seat and poured us each another glass.
"I guess have a lot more in common than I thought."
I got the feeling he wasn't as eager to share his past so we just sat there awkwardly drinking our scotch as the others around us laughed and chatted comfortably.
"So, I take it you don't have any plans for Christmas either?"
He scoffed and said "No. I don't really celebrate the holidays." He stared at the glass in his hand as I watched his expression sour.
"You know if you keep doing that, your face with stay that way."
He chuckled lightly then turned to me and stared deep into my eyes like he wanted to say something then closed his eyes before he went back to sipping on his drink.
After three glasses I was starting to feel a little dizzy and I took it as a sign to call a ride home. I grabbed my phone and attempted to dial it several times before he took it from me and said "Come on, I'll drop you off."
"That's ok I can get a cab." I said as I slid off the stool carefully.
"No. I'll bring you home." He said sternly as he took his jacket off the back of the chair and slid it over his shoulders.
"Yes, sir." I said jokingly until I saw him stiffen next to me and I instantly dropped my head and stared at my feet.
He took a deep breath then placed his hand on my back and guided me outside. He walked us to his car, helping me in after he opened the door then walked around to the other side. He slid in and started the engine and drove off towards my house.
We rode the whole way in silence and I couldn't help but notice his knuckles were turning white from the tight grip he had on the steering wheel and his eyes were trained straight ahead. We had made it to my house in just a few minutes and I was never so happy to get away from someone than I was in that moment.
I opened the door and as soon my feet hit the ground my heel rolled tipping me to the side and I stumbled forward right into him. He wrapped his arm around my waist to steady me and pulled me close causing my hands to land on his firm chest. I could feel his steady heartbeat beneath his shirt pounding against my palm, sending my own pulse to quicken.
I looked up into his eyes and all I saw was his blank expression staring back at me. I backed away, mentally kicking myself for thinking that I would ever be what he wanted and walked quickly to my doorway. I didn't want him to see me breakdown from another one of his denials.
"Brittany, wait."
"It's ok Ethan." I said as my voice started to crack.
My keys were out and my hands were trembling trying to open the door when I was spun around and pushed up against it so swiftly that the lightheadedness I had been feeling increased. His lips collided with mine, tongues swirling like flames of a fire. I ran my hands up his chest into his hair and pulled him further to me as he gripped my hips tightly pinning to the hard wood behind us.
I could feel every emotion, every unspoken word he wanted to say, the feelings he was trying so hard to fight, all in that one kiss and I wanted to be under him more than I needed to breathe.

Oh no, she couldn't go to Tara's for Thanksgiving because of work. Cheeky bastards!!! But at least her work family had a makeshift party for them.
Awe Ethan got to spend time with his brother for the holiday. He's so sweet, especially how he takes care of Britt when James made her drink too strong 🤣🤣
OH CRAP! Could this be it? Could Britt finally lose her virginity and could Ethan finally be giving into his feelings??????
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