Make Me Yours, Master

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The Truth

We pulled up to an elaborate iron gate and waited for his driver to put in his code before it slowly opened letting us enter the massive circular driveway. The car came to a stop and he stepped out giving me his hand to help me from the seat. The beautiful two-story mansion was covered in windows and steel and was too big for just one person, unless they were incredibly rich.

“What exactly do you do Ethan?”

He laughed as he watched my eyes roam over the beautiful house. “I’m a lawyer.”

Well damn! How didn’t I know that?

“You must be a really good one.”

“I do ok I guess.” His cocky smile had returned but this time I saw a glimpse of something different in his eyes.

His house was a vision of modern technology equipped with fingertip identification pads on the doors, security cameras on each corner of the house and gigantic windows that ran the entire length of the front of it.

After he opened the door we walked through the foyer and into the kitchen. It was like a picture straight out of a magazine. Stainless steel appliances, white countertops with black cabinets, grey tile that resembled a rustic wooden barn floor in a herringbone pattern and grey walls. It was modern and sophisticated just like him.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Water, please.” I said as he took off his suit jacket making my mouth go dry.

He fixed me a glass and motioned for me to follow him into the living room where we sat on his black leather couch.

“Are you cold? I can light the fireplace.”

“No I’m fine. Look Ethan, before we...whatever this is...goes any further, I have to tell you something.”

He placed his glass on the coffee table and leaned back against the cushion. “You have my attention.”

I chewed on the inside of my cheek as I tried to think of a subtle way to confess my most humiliating secret.

“I haven’t been with a lot of guys, well actually I haven’t been with any guy. Ever.” I closed my eyes hoping that he hadn’t heard me or that this was all just a dream and I wasn’t really in his house spilling my guts about my non existent sex life to him.

When I opened my eyes his expression hadn’t changed but his body language told me everything I needed to know, he was second guessing everything he told me thirty minutes ago.

“That explains a lot but I can't say I'm surprised.”

I stared at him with my mouth wide open trying to figure out if he heard me correctly or if I was the one confused with his response. “I’m a virgin and that doesn’t bother you?”

“No.” He chuckled.

My face grew bright red “What do you mean that explains a lot?” I asked coyly.

“Well let’s see, it could have been the way you tensed up when you thought I was going to kiss you at that party or how you always seem to run away from me when I spoke to you explicitly.”

“I didn’t run...I was just not used to being spoken to like that.”

“You don’t like when I talk dirty to you?” He asked with a mischievous glare.

“No...I mean yes...ugh this is really embarrassing.” I said dropping my head into my hands.

“It’s not embarrassing Brittany. I actually find it admirable.”

“So that doesn’t bother you?”

“I don’t think you understand how much control you have over a man as a virgin. And you should choose wisely who you give it to because you can’t take it back.” He said looking into the fire with a blank expression on his face.

I thought back on the last few weeks and for once I was glad I didn’t go through with my original plan because he was right, this was something I couldn’t take back and even though the setting was exactly what I would have imagined, it wouldn’t have been special because of who it was with. Ryan was a stranger and nothing more.

I leaned closer to him and kissed his cheek, lingering a little longer than I intended to and my heart fluttered at the smell of his cologne. He brushed a piece of hair behind my ear and I said “I understand if you change your mind about what you said earlier, I know I’m not enough for you and I can accept that.”

“Brittany you are nothing like the girls I’m used to but I meant what I said. And if you choose to agree to my terms I can show you things you never knew existed."

"What kind of terms are we talking about?"

"I like things a certain way and I can be kind of...demanding." He said as he raised his eyebrow.

"No, not you." I said sarcastically.

His grip on my knee tightened and something dangerous flashed behind his eyes as he leaned in close to my face and said "You can't handle me yet so I suggest you keep those snide remarks to yourself. I already told you I'm not a nice guy and I will teach you a lesson if you keep it up."

He slid his hand up my thigh and around my back pulling me closer. I stiffened, holding my breath in anticipation, praying that he would kiss me or touch me in any way. His words hung in the air like a thick hypnotizing fog and I could feel my heart racing in my chest as he pressed his lips to mine sealing the promise he just spoke and I knew I was done for. I was his no matter how he wanted me and I was terrified.

He pulled back and said, "Let's get you home, it's late."

Again he had left me high and dry. I knew he wanted to take things slow but this was getting ridiculous. I pouted and immediately regretted it when he gave me a stern look. I jumped off the couch and walked fast towards the door knowing he wouldn't dare do anything while we were outside.

He stepped out behind me and said, "Good girl."

The town car we road home in wasn't in the driveway but I noticed his garage door was opening and inside was a shiny black range rover who's engine had just roared to life.

He walked over and opened the passenger side door as I slid under his arm and sat in the luxurious seat. Once he was in the car we took off and headed towards my house. I hadn't realized how close we actually lived to each other until we drove up. He parked and cut the engine then got out and walked around to my side.

Even though he was a bit pretentious he was a real gentleman but I still couldn't figure him out. He ran so hot and cold all the time that I began to wonder if we would ever work out, that if I would ever be enough for him but it all changed when he looked at me with that boyish grin and his sweet side came pouring out even if it was just for a moment.

"Well, thank you again for lunch and for letting me explain things."

"Goodnight Brittany." He said as he kissed my forehead and walked back to his car.

I smiled as I watched him back out and drive away down the road. I know he had his issues but so did I and if he wanted someone who could behave I would show him how well I could. Now I couldn't wait to start my lessons from Mistress and show him exactly how amazing I could be. I might be a virgin but once I became a submissive, I would be everything he never knew he wanted.

When I finally laid down my eyes shut immediately and I had never been so at peace in all my life. Things were finally looking up, yes I had landed my dream job and had the best friend I could ever ask for but finding myself was beginning to fill in all those holes inside and new chapters were being written. I just hope keeping all these secrets wasn't going to explode in my face.

The next morning Tara came home with a car load of shopping, bags, decorations, and boxes stacked up so high I was surprised she made it home without causing a wreck.

"Tara what is all of this?"

"I've been doing a little Black Friday and Christmas shopping since Thursday night. I have a problem I know but this is my favorite time of the year!" She squealed like a seven year old as she started grabbing bags and shoving them into my arms.

I just shook my head and helped her bring everything inside until the entire living room looked like a gigantic mess.

"I have to work tonight but when I get home I'll help you sort all this out. Go get some sleep you look like a zombie."

"Haaaa girl there is so much Red Bull flowing through these veins right now, there is no way I would be able to sleep. I'll sort it all out and when you get home we can talk about your lunch date with Ethan!" She winked and started arranging boxes in little piles.

Oh great, how am I going to tell her about our talk and leave out the most important detail I told him. I went back to my room and saw I had a text message from Ethan.

Ethan: I have to go to Sweden for a week on some Urgent business.

Me: Is everything ok?

Ethan: Yes just some paperwork that needs to be notarized in person and I need to be there for the transition of the new management taking place between the companies I merged.

Me: Ok. Be careful and I will see you when you get back.

I had a sinking feeling he wasn't just leaving because of business but with him gone for the next week I wouldn't have to lie to him about where I was going every Tuesday and Sunday night, it was bad enough Tara didn't know the truth, now I had to keep it from him as well.

His house sounds awesome and sexy ass hell.

I'm so glad that he doesn't care about her virginity but I can't help but feel he's hiding something from her! He's so mysterious and I know he wants to try with her but can she truly be what he needs? Or will he end up being just like Colin?

And there it is. He's going back to Sweden! Could it really be for business or is he regretting things already?

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