Make Me Yours, Master

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Ethan's POV

Ever since the first day I met Brittany, I knew there was something different about her but when she told me she was still a virgin I didn't exactly know how things would work between us. She had no idea what she was taking on, she was like a little sheep walking into the lion's den.

After I dropped her off at her house my phone rang and as soon as I saw the caller ID I groaned.


"Ethan, I'm sorry to be calling so late your time but I wanted to remind you to bring all of the paperwork including the previous contracts when you come back to Sweden."

"I have them all Mr. Marshall don't worry. I have been getting updates regularly from your new CEO and Julia has the originals in the office with her. We have everything we need for next week."

"I know you do but I don't want any more hiccups. You know they didn't take the announcement too well when I told them I would be stepping down as CEO."

"As they should have. Your legacy will be hard to top but I have no doubt Stewart will fill your shoes nicely. Besides they can't back out now." I laughed slightly.

We talked for another hour as I packed my bag. I had forgotten about the trip with everything that happened on Thanksgiving and the night after. Then the conversation with Brittany tonight. I just couldn't stay away from her and now I know why. She's innocent and has so much potential to be exactly what I need but could I put her through that?

My life had been so dark before she walked into it and I was afraid that I would just be dragging her down with me but the truth was she had been a new light to me. She stirred things inside me that I never felt before and I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared shitless of what that meant. What if she wanted a family? What if she wanted the white picket fence and a dog or a minivan?

I couldn't give her all those things not right now, maybe never but I knew I didn't want her to be with anyone else. I wanted to be her savior, her everything, I wanted to teach her how good it could feel to just lose control.

I sat down on the couch with a glass of whiskey as I thought about everything I could give her. But the hardest thing was going to be keeping my hands off her until she realized I was what she needed. I know she has a lot of doubt about me and it didn't help that I wasn't giving her any reason to trust me.

Taking a sip of my drink, I noticed the time and realized that I needed to get some sleep before my flight. I also needed to tell her I was leaving and not make it sound like it was from what she told me, even though this trip couldn't have come at a worse time. Maybe while I was there I could clear my head and figure out how to make this thing work between us.

After I woke up, I grabbed my phone and sent a text to her.

Me: I have to go to Sweden for a week on some Urgent business.

I place my phone down and went take a shower. After I got out I heard my phone bing and picked it up. Just seeing her name come across the screen made my dick hard but I was afraid of her response.

Brittany: Is everything ok?

I smiled thinking about how caring she was, she had a big heart and she was entrusting me to not break it. If only she knew how dangerous that was.

Me: Yes just some paperwork that needs to be notarized in person and I need to be there for the transition of the new management taking place between the companies I merged.

Brittany: Ok. Be careful and I will see you when you get back.

I stared at my phone and couldn't think of a reply so I sat it back down on the bed and got dressed. Once I was ready I grabbed my bags and walked outside to the car. After everything was placed in the trunk, the driver opened my door as I answered my phone.


"Ethan we are having issues with the internet at the office. I've called IT to fix it but they are saying someone tried to hack the system."

Anger flooded my body as I thought about someone trying to break into my companies personal files. We hold our clients confidentiality at the highest priority and for someone to try and access them would not be allowed.

"Fuck! I do not need this shit right as I am about to be going to Sweden for a week. Did anyone download anything they weren't supposed to? Was someone sent something they may have opened that contained a virus?"

"Ethan we are trying to figure it out. The entire team is here working on it but they don't know when or for how long this has been going on. It could be something to do with the outage we had last week but once I have more information I will call you. Don't worry about anything, we have it under control and you can still access the files from your computer in Sweden."

"Thanks Marco and keep me informed of everything you find."

I hung up and all kinds of thoughts came to mind. Why would someone want to hack my system? I know we've accumulated some enemies during the years but no one has ever been a threat or at least I thought.

The hanger came into view and I thought long and hard about telling my driver to turn around so that I could deal with this issue myself but I had confidence in my IT team and my partners to figure this out without me. They weren't just my partners, they were my friends and the only people I was close to other than my brother.

The plane took off and my head was full of problems, again. It seemed like my life had turned into one huge conflict and when I corrected one, another popped up. When would it stop? When would I be able to enjoy the things this life provided for me without someone always trying to destroy me?

My whole trip was spent on the phone with my IT guy as he walked me through my system with me. I had my laptop open as he tried to trace whatever program was used to tap into my system but he explained whatever it was was a newer program and it would take longer for him to break the code because of the shields that they had protecting it.

Once the plane landed, they still hadn't gotten any closer to an answer than they had twelve hours ago but he assured me he would be working on it day and night until he came up with something. I was frustrated that it was taking so long but I knew whoever did this was looking for something specific and they were good.

"Sir, your driver is waiting for you."

I looked up to see a petite flight attendant with long brown hair smiling at me. I had been so focused on this damn hack that I didn't realized we were ready to un-board.

"Thank you." I said as I stood up and placed my laptop in my bag and slung it over my shoulder.

She grabbed my strap and said, "Let me get that for you."

I could see the question in her eyes as she stood there with her tight skirt and on a normal day I would have taken her up on her offer, bending her over this seat and fucking her until she couldn't speak but I wasn't about to blow my chances with Brittany for some eager little girl who only wanted to say she got laid by me on an airplane.

"I can handle it, Ms..."

"It's Amber and I know you can but if you need anything, and I do mean, anything..." She traced her finger along my chest and I immediately flipped.

"Well, Ms. Amber, I won't be needing your help and if you ever touch me again you will be fired."

She recoiled with shame and stepped aside saying "I'm sorry Mr. Masterson. It won't happen again." Then she scurried past me off the plane, never looking at me again.

I guess she never got the memo about touching me, but I promise she won't make that mistake again. She probably won't be flying back home with me either.

The drive to the office was a long one and after being up all night with IT and the guys, I knew I would need a lot of coffee to be able to handle Julia and Mr. Marshall so when the car pulled up to my favorite bistro, I knew my driver was on the same page as me.

"Thanks Sam."

He smiled into the rearview mirror and stepped out. A few minutes later he returned with two large mugs of Sweden's best coffee then handed me one as he got back behind the wheel and took off to the office.

When we arrived, everyone was sitting down to lunch and I walked right past them into my office, closing the door. I picked up my phone to call Marco who picked up right away.

"Ethan, hope you made it to Sweden without losing your shit on anyone."

Boy did he know me well, anytime something didn't go as planned he knew I took it out on anyone who was around me.

"Have you found anything yet?"

"Nothing. This guy is good but I have full faith in our team and once we have any information you know I will call you. So stop worrying about this and fix Sweden's problems!"

We both hung up and when I went to place my phone on the desk I got a text from an unknown number.

Blocked number: I knew it wouldn't be long before your team found something wrong with your system. But you are no match for me and when I finally get what I want, you will be nothing.


I never received a response and because of the strict communication laws in this part of Sweden, I wouldn't be able to trace the number until I got home, and by then it might be too late.

Ethan you better not do anything to hurt Britt or I will hurt you myself 😡

That little slut! How dare she throw herself at my...I mean Britt's man? Doesn't she know who she is messing with?

Haaaaaaaaa, you tell her Ethan. Now she will know her place!!!


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