Make Me Yours, Master

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Waiting Is Hard To Do

I spent the rest of Saturday cleaning up the living room while Tara slept like a baby. Even though she had enough caffeine in her system to power a small jet, her body had hit exhaustion mode and she crashed thirty minutes after she came home. I grabbed my ear buds and scrolled through my playlist on my phone before picking the perfect one to clean the house.

Eight hours later the entire house was squeaky clean and I was filthy from the years of dust and dirt that had taken up residence in the nooks and crannies of the house. I headed straight for the shower feeling completely filthy and drained from scrubbing cabinets and floors all day but the end result was amazing.

After my shower, Tara was just waking up from her slumber and my stomach had begun to rumble so I decided to order supper. When the food arrived we plopped down on the floor and ate off the coffee table while we watched TV when she turned to me and said, "Let's go somewhere, I feel like it's been forever since we had a girls night and there's this new bar that just opened up around the corner."

"No plans with Kyle tonight?"

"No he has to work!" She said while making a sad face and rolling her eyes.

I laughed at her immaturity because I never thought I would see the day when Tara Monroe found someone who could make her miss them as much as she missed Kyle when he wasn't around. She had it bad but I was just as deep as her because the truth was I was devastated that Ethan had to leave to go to Sweden so suddenly but more scared that he was running away instead of needing to do business.

I sighed and said, "You know what, we haven't had a girls night in forever and I think we both deserve one!"

She dropped her chip on the table and looked at me in total surprise then said, "Are you being serious right now?" Then she brought her hand to my forehead and said, "Do you have a fever? Because you have never willingly decided to come out with me. Ever!"

"Yes I'm being serious besides this gives me the perfect chance to wear some of the clothes my best friend bought for me."

She jumped up from her spot and ran into her room then screamed from down the hall "I have to get ready. Give me a few hours then I can help you pick something out and do your hair and makeup."

I sat there finishing my supper while she showered and fixed herself up. I glanced at my phone every few minutes hoping for a text from Ethan but they never came. I knew his flight was long but I was sure he would have text me while he was in the air. After Tara was done getting ready, she grabbed a few things from my closet and told me to pick my favorite then she sat me in front the mirror and got to work.

The club was two blocks from our house so we decided to walk instead of calling a cab and when we got to the door the line was wrapped around the side. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front of the line then whispered something into the bouncers ear when he laughed and opened the door for us.

"Tara how do you do that?"

"He's my cousin and I told him it was your first time out so he would let us in." She started laughing as I slapped her arm.

"You are something else girl."

"Yeah and still love me."

We walked over to the bar and go a drink before she pulled me onto the dance floor. The place was packed and the music was loud but I was determined to have a good time without thinking about what Ethan was doing.

Several drinks later my head began to spin so I motioned to Tara that I needed to sit down. She nodded and we walked over to where the tables were and found a booth that was empty.

"This place is amazing!"

"Yeah it's nice." I said as I stared at the blank screen on my phone.

I still hadn't heard anything from Ethan and I was beginning to get worried that something bad had happened or that he had suddenly decided that maybe it was best that he stay away from me so I sent him a text.

Me: I hope you made it safely to Sweden.

I placed my phone back into my clutch and took a sip of water. My head was swimming from the alcohol and worry and I was ready to go home but I didn't want Tara to have to leave because of me.

"You want to go home, huh?"

I looked at her and nodded my head. "Would you be mad if I said yes?"

"No, in fact I was ready to go as soon as we got here. Going out just isn't as fun as it used to be before I met Kyle." She sighed and placed her elbows on the table and her head in her hands.

"Then lets go home." I said as I grabbed her hand and walked towards the exit.

The temperature had dropped a lot since we left but we only had a short walk so we bundled up with our jackets and headed to the house. After we got home, Tara lit the fireplace and made some hot chocolate while I got undressed and wiped the makeup off my face.

When I was finally done she was sitting on the couch in her pajamas with two mugs of steaming hot goodness and a blanket draped across her lap. I joined her on the couch and soon we were both nodding off from the long day we had.

I woke up the next morning asleep on the couch while Tara was sprawled out on the floor in front of the fire place. Snow had begun to fall sometime early in the morning and coated the entire street like a thick white blanket. It was official, the first snow of the season had fallen and tonight was my first private lesson with Mistress.

Tara was still asleep as I made my famous homemade sticky buns, bacon and scrambled eggs but I heard her moving around when the smell finally made its way into the living room. She walked in rubbing her eyes and doing her happy dance when she realized what I was making.

"Oooooooooo, wait does this mean..." She ran back into the living room and I heard her scream "FIRST SNOW BREAKFAST!"

She was just as happy with the scenery as I was, which is probably why we got a long so well. She never saw snow until she moved here from Florida so the first time she did I had made this breakfast that morning and she said I had to make it every time the first flake fell for the season. It's been a tradition ever since.

After breakfast I checked my phone and I still hadn't heard from Ethan, now my brain was in panic mode and I couldn't stop thinking about all the horrible possibilities that had occurred. Could his plane have crashed? Did he get in a wreck on the way to or from the airport? Did someone kidnap him?

Get it together girl! I took a few cleansing breaths and tried to think positively. He probably was asleep from the long flight and he was probably doing work the whole time he was traveling. I didn't know much about what he did but as a lawyer I knew he had to be pretty busy most of the time.

I tried to focus on tonight and what I could possibly be learning. Mistress was a tough woman and I wouldn't be surprised if I came home completely spent from our session but this is what I wanted and I wasn't going to start getting scared now.

Tara had just left to go to Kyle's and I made sure to pack everything Mistress told me to bring for tonight in my tote. She wanted me to get in the habit of always having the essentials with me, an extra pair of clothes, some antibacterial ointment, a comfy bra, and a pillow to keep in my car. I wasn't sure what all this was for but I had a sinking feeling it was going to be clear tonight.

I grabbed my things and placed it in the trunk along with an extra water bottle and a energy bar because I was going to be there for a long time and I didn't want to be hungry. I drove up and found Sara then walked into the office. It was extremely quiet tonight but I was grateful for the peace at least for the next two hours.

"Hello everyone. Tonight's class will consist of the basic rules in which every sub should follow. Once you have found your perfect dom, they will go into more detail of what things you will be expected to do and not do through the course of your relationship. Now, if you are good and follow the rules you will be rewarded but if you defy them in any way, you will be punished."

My fingers were twitching as she said punish. How is it that one simple word had me dying to know what it felt like? Just to know that if I did one thing wrong, I would be at his mercy. She continued to go through how we should act, the correct way to accept a reward and punishment and that under no circumstance were we to ever utter our safe word if we didn't really mean it.

"Crying wolf can be a dangerous thing and will probably get you fired faster than anything else you do. That word is used only when you have reached your maximum limit and cannot take anymore."

Her eyes kept turning to mine with every word she said almost as if she was giving me an out without saying it but I was not going to let her change my mind. I needed this and if she didn't help me I would find someone else who would.

Tara is in love! I'm so happy for her! But we need to meet this mystery man and soon.

Britt has it bad too and I am so glad she hasn't bothered him the entire time he was on the plane but he needs to text her and let her know he is fine.

I cannot wait until Mistress and Britt get started. I have a feeling they will both be surprised!!!!

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