Make Me Yours, Master

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Submissive In Training

Two grueling hours of the most mundane information later, Mistress and I were headed to her office. She opened the door and told me to take a seat as she pulled a stack of papers from her desk.

"You have already signed all the necessary paperwork for the company but I need these NDAs and consent forms signed for your private lessons for me. We can both agree that there will be nothing sexual happening between us but there will be times when I have to touch you for education purposes. I want you to be comfortable with it but at any point if it becomes too much I want you to tell me."


"From now on you will address me as Mistress and you will answer with yes or no first.”

"Yes, Mistress."

She smiled and said, "Do you have any questions before we begin?"

"No, Mistress."

"Have you picked out a safe word?"

"No, Mistress."

"A safe word should not be something cute and it cannot mean yes in any other language. This avoids confusion and sends a clear message that you have reached your limit. I have the complete list of your hard and softs but you need to tell me if anything ever changes with them. Sometimes when you are playing things that you said you would never try become enticing to you. There is no harm in trying things but if you absolutely do not want to do something then it needs to be determined before you start."

"I absolutely do not want anything in my butt." I blurted out quickly then blushed as I looked down in my lap.

She made some marks on the paper and said "Then there will be no attempts whatsoever in that department." She placed the pen down, looked at me and said, "If you are going to take this seriously, then you need to get over your fears and insecurities. No one is embarrassed here and we will never do anything to make you feel awkward or self-conscious. Once you get past that everything else will fall into place."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you bring everything I told you to?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I want you to get in the habit of always having your safety bag with you. Now follow me and I will show you where you will be getting dressed and undressed."

We walked out her office and down a long hallway adjourned with colorful doors on each side. Each one was adorned with intricate drawings and symbols.

"Every dom has a room and they are each distinguished by the symbols and carvings that represent something about them. All of these rooms belong to the training doms. The second floor belongs to the advanced level doms and the third level belongs to the expert level doms, including the sadists."

A shiver ran down my spine when she winked. I had seen a lot online about these sadists and I wanted to stay as far away from them as I possibly could, punishment is one thing but humiliation is another and there was no way I could be someone's slave.

"Don't worry we only have two and they are spoken for. Plus I don't think I could ever get you to that level." She laughed making me instantly relax.

We stopped in front of a matte black door with crystal rhinestones and a female symbol standing over a male symbol. "This is my room. Only four people at a time have the code. Me, my sub, housekeeping and maintenance. We also have alarm buttons in all of the rooms that when pressed unlock the door in case of any fire or medical emergencies."

This was beginning to sound more like a horror show than a place of pleasure but at least they made safety a priority.

She continued down the hall to the dressing rooms. She pressed the numbers on the lock and pushed the door open. She assigned me a locker and told me to bring a lock next week but for tonight I could leave my things in her office. I had a robe in my locker that I was responsible for washing at home after I left and bringing back when I returned. She gave me a code for her door and told me to meet her in 5 minutes and left me to get undressed.

After I placed my things in my bag, I slipped on the robe and quickly walked out the door making it just in time to meet her. She input her code and the door opened revealing a dimly lit room with dark purple walls. The subtle smell of disinfectant and vanilla wafted through the room making me instantly feel at ease. There were different contraptions set up around the room but the one that stood out the most was a bed that looked like it came straight out of the gynecologists office. It was padded but the butt part was missing and in its place were stirrups.

She saw my face and said, "You will see what its used for one day but for now we will just go through your routine. Every night after you have changed, you will come to this room, place your robe on the hook, and kneel on this spot."

She pointed to a small red dot on the floor and motioned for me to do what she said. I slowly slipped the robe of and hung it up, then covered myself as best as I could before walking to the spot and kneeling down.

She stood behind me and turned my body to where I was facing the corner of the wall and said, "Your palms resting on your thighs and your head will be down with your eyes on the floor. NEVER look up, move or talk until you are told to."

I nodded my head. Suddenly I felt a sting along my backside making me jerk forward landing on all fours like a dog.

"How do you address me?"

"Yes, Mistress." I said with a shaky voice.

"Good. Now back in position."

I hurried back into the kneeling position with my palms on my thighs and my head down, tears threatening to spill from my eyes at her harshness. Gone was the teacher in the classroom replaced by the dominant female who was going to make me a sub, or kill me in the process.

I heard her heels clicking as she walked away then a cabinet open and close before she returned to my side. She never said a word and the fear in me had my eyes trained on a tiny crack in the floor in front of me. She moved towards the other side of the room and started messing with something before she turned on some music just barely audible to the human ear.

I don't know how long I knelt there when I noticed the temperature in the room was cooler than I was used to and goosebumps began to form along my skin, soon I was beginning to shiver. She walked over to the wall and I heard the air kick off and the room warm making the feeling in my fingers and toes return.

Finally she spoke "Stand up."

I tried to stand without any assistance but my legs were numb from being in the same position for so long that I stumbled forward before I quickly found my footing. I kept my head down with my hands still on my thighs in fear that she might hit me again for not assuming the exact position, although she hadn't told me the correct way to stand.

She walked over to me and said, "You will get better at standing from a kneeling position the more you do it. It will become second nature to you."

"Yes, Mistress." I replied quietly.

"Relax Ms. Richards, if you keep stiffening up like that you will pass out and I really don't want to have to call the ambulance on your first day."

She walked behind me, picking something up, then passed by me again and placed whatever she had in her hands on the wooden table. I relaxed as much as I could but my mind was racing not knowing what she was about to do to me. I'll admit it was a bit exciting but terrifying as well and not how I expected this night to go.

"Come to me."

My feet lead me to her voice without my brain fulling understanding the dangers that lie ahead and when I saw her shoes I stopped.

"These are some of the toys I will be introducing you to tonight."

I looked at the table and saw a variety of vibrators in all shapes and sizes and instantly panicked. Of course she would have to use these on me, why did I think this would be a good idea? I've never let a woman touch me before but here I am about to let this crazy lady bring me to orgasm.

"Britt, look at me. I know you haven't done something like this before but you are going to have to trust me that I will not do anything to hurt you or take advantage of you. I am here to teach you and nothing else. This is the most intimate thing between two people and if this is going to bother you then we cannot continue."

"It will not be an issue, Mistress. I trust you."

I have to be able to trust her if I want to be worth a damn and letting her do these things to me was only going to benefit me in the end. I wanted to be more than just Britt the Chef, I wanted to be Britt the bad ass bitch who holds so much power over someone that they would be begging me to be theirs.

"Ok then, let's proceed. Pick one and turn it on, hold it in your hands, against your breast, trail it down your stomach. Let the vibrations stimulate every part of your body. These toys are much more than just for your clitoris."

I grabbed a small black one, similar to the one I ordered online and turned it on. It wasn't a powerful vibration that I was expecting but a nice tremble in my hand. I pressed it to my neck noticing how much it tickled against my skin as I slid it down my chest to my nipples. The vibrations seemed to travel straight down my belly and the further south I pushed it the more my lady bits begged to be touched.

Mistress watched as I slowly pulled it away from my body, turned it off then placed it back on the table. My embarrassment was slowly subsiding but the fact that someone was watching me was a little creepy.

"That's enough for now but at least you're getting a little braver, I can work with that. I will open your mind to a whole new world and soon you will be doing it with nothing but pure confidence."

I really hope Britt tells Tara about all this before she gets too deep.

Mistress is my idol, I want to be as confident and demanding as her one day!!!! Let's just hope she doesn't scare Britt off.

This poor child y'all. I can't believe she went from not being able to say the word dick or pussy to running a vibrator up and down her naked body in front of a total stranger.

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