Make Me Yours, Master

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Friends To The Rescue

For the rest of the night she introduced me to all the whips and paddles that she uses. She explained what each were for and how they could be used for pleasure or pain and demonstrated on me as well. It wasn't the full effect but she used enough force for me to get the picture.

When my lesson was over, I left with more questions that I had come with and I knew I had to go home and research most of it. She gave me homework in the form of vocabulary words and asked me to think of a safe word for next week and to practice my form and getting up and down from the floor position.

It was well past midnight when I left and the parking lot was almost full making me wonder if some of these people lived here because there was no way they could enjoy this type of thing for hours. I got in my car and drove off down the road towards home feeling proud of myself for opening up to something new.

I was still bummed that I hadn't heard from Ethan in almost 24 hours but I didn't know where we stood as far as relationship-wise so I wasn't going to get all psycho on him and blow up his phone the whole time he was gone. I was taking things slow like he asked. I just hoped he wasn't rethinking us already.

When I finally got home I ran straight to the tub and filled it to the brim with warm water and added Epsom salt for my sore legs. Staying in that kneeling position for so long made them hurt and cramp up so the soothing concoction I made would be just what the doctor ordered.

I lowered myself into the water and leaned against the back letting my entire body become submerged in the soothing liquid for a while. Once the water had become cold and my fingers turned to wrinkly prunes, I reluctantly removed myself from the bath and wrapped my towel around my wet body trudging my way to my bed. I was beyond exhausted and thankful that I didn't have to be at work until 3 tomorrow afternoon and as soon as I hit the bed my eyes were closed.

I jolted awake in a panic at 2 pm and rushed to get dressed. After I was done I ran out of the house with my mug of coffee that Tara had just made for me. I reached into my purse only to realize that my phone was dead. I must have been so tired last night that I fell asleep without charging it. I searched through my purse relieved that my charger was inside and made a mental note to plug it in once I got to work.

When I finally arrived I went straight to the break room and grabbed my jacket then plugged in my phone and ran to the kitchen to begin prepping. James came in a few times to make sure we had everything we needed before we opened and since it was my night to improvise I was missing some items I needed for my soufflé.

"Ok everyone, I will be back as soon as I can, until then Britt you are in charge."

I shook my head but I was so focused on my recipe that I wasn't quite sure what I had just agreed to so when the hostess came running into the back in hysterics twenty minutes later asking for me, I was a bit confused.

"Chef, we have a bit of a problem with a few reservations for tonight."

"Doesn't James deal with those things? I'm kind of busy right now." I said while I flipped the veggies in the wok with my right hand and continued stirring my ber blanc sauce with my left.

Everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind when she said "But he left you in charge while he's gone. Don't you remember him telling you?"

"That's right. I'm sorry Casey, what is the problem?"

"We are booked but we have a 12 top here that insists they made a reservation three weeks ago and they even have a confirmation but they aren't on our list and I've checked like three times."

"Calm down Casey we can accommodate them just give me a minute to think." I continued tossing and stirring when a thought popped into my mind.

I reduced the sauce and rested the veggies, ran to the lounge to grab my phone then I made a call and waited for her to answer.


"Sara, thank goodness you answered. I need a huge favor please tell me you're free tonight?"

"I am actually and thanks for reminding me, Britt." I heard her scoff.

"Good because I could use an extra hand at the restaurant tonight and I was hoping you could help me?"

"What do you need?"

"A waitress." I squinted my eyes hoping she would say yes.

She grunted and said, "What's the address?"

"9835 Rosedale Avenue. And can you come right now? Thanks bye."

I hung up to avoid the screams I'm sure she was spewing through the dead phone right now and rushed back to my station. I smiled at Casey and let her know Sara would be coming by and to bring her to the back to get changed into an apron.

Ten minutes later she was standing in front of me saying "You owe me big time. I haven't waited tables in 5 years and never in an elegant place like this. What if I give someone the wrong cutlery or pour their wine in the wrong glass?"

"You don't have to worry because we have people for that. All you do is ask for their orders and that's it."

"You're lucky I have a great memory because I know damn well this place doesn't let you have a notepad."

She marched to the back and got her apron as I prepared myself for the speech to come. I was responsible for telling the staff the special and if there was anything important that needed to be known about tonight.

Once everyone was gathered I told them what we would be serving and what the two special dessert choices were when James came barreling into the kitchen with an apologetic smile.

"I'm so sorry Britt I got caught in traffic on the way back but here are your ingredients." He placed the bags on the back counter as I sifted through them grabbing the things I needed for one of my chocolate cakes for tonight.

"Thank you James. Oh and we had a bit of a snafu with an extra reservation tonight but we have it handled."

"What kind of snafu? We are totally booked tonight and do not have the extra staff for more reservations." He said in a perturbed tone as he stared at me with a pissed off look.

"I know and I called in extra help and had some tables brought in front the back to be placed outside for the table of 12 that showed up with a reservation confirmation that wasn't on our books. Now if we don't try to make this right we could lose them as customers and risk having them ruining the restaurant because we refused to honor their reservation."

I could see his anger melting away as he realized I was right then he said, "Good call Britt. Now, I have to go figure out why their reservation never showed in our system." He walked into his office and shut the door leaving us to our work.

The rest of the night was chaotic and I barely had a moment to sit down until we had finished cleaning up and were ready to walk to our cars. James was busy thanking Sara for helping out when I noticed I had a few texts from Ethan. My night had suddenly gotten better just seeing his name on the screen but secretly scared of what he had to say.

I slid along the message and read them immediately.

Ethan: Brittany, I apologize for not responding sooner but I had some things come up while I was on the flight that needed my immediate attention. I have just now been able to read your message but I hope you will forgive me for my delayed reply.

Two hours later

Ethan: I hope you aren't upset with me for not answering you sooner.

One hour later

Ethan: If you are ignoring me, you already know the consequence of your choice so I suggest you message me back.

His last text sent shivers down my spine. I don't know how he could make me feel this way when he was halfway across the world but I was already anticipating the repercussions if I didn't answer back soon.

Me: I'm glad you made it to Sweden in one piece and no I was not ignoring you I've had a very busy couple of nights.

I quickly typed back and hit send then placed my phone back into my bag while getting into my car. After I made it home I looked up the time difference between here and Sweden knowing as soon as I sent it he would already be up and waiting.

Ethan: It seems you did. James told me about how well you handled their situation. He made the best choice in hiring you.

I must admit his sweet side made my belly flutter but the deeper part of my soul was hoping for a fight. My new-found confidence was sure we could tolerate his quick whit and stern hand but I wasn't. He was more worldly and sophisticated than I, even though we came from the same social status but he took his high-class place in society more seriously than I did and I didn't know how long I would be able to keep up.

Me: It wasn't too difficult but I also had some help from a friend so that made it easier.

He never replied so I just assumed work had taken him away but still the thought of him doubting us always popped into my mind. I needed to toughen up and gain some trust but he was too closed off making it hard for me to know him fully.

My eyes closed instantly for the second night in a row and for that I was thankful but my mind wouldn't rest. Images of shackles on beds, leather clothing fitted to my skin like a glove, and the smell of arousal hanging in the air had my body twisted in sexual anguish and I was finally ready for my release.

James is such a great boss and it sounds like she is getting along with her coworkers very well. Until Veronica comes back!!!!

Ethan is so frickin hot that his words make me want to disobey him. Let's just hope his time in Sweden goes by quickly and he can get home to Britt before she blows.

A/N: The next few chapters will be mostly training sessions between Mistress and Britt and will involve very basic things. Please don't take any of my lessons as legitimate training because I am putting my twists into it but there is a lot of research that has gone into this book in the form of rules and compliance with this type of lifestyle. If you are interested in one of these relationships I suggest you do your research!!! Love you guys!

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