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The drive home was filled with questions and spilling silly secrets about each other. He laughed as I told him stories of my childhood and about my imaginary friend Freida who hated light and made me sleep in the closet for a week but he never spoke about himself and I was starting to feel a little chatty so I stopped talking for a while.

"You said your parents are traveling the world. Does that mean they will be gone for Christmas?"

"Yes. We haven't celebrated in years and even when we did it was always in an exotic location. My parents aren't the traditional kind so since I moved here, Tara and I have always celebrated together."

"My office is having our party on New Year's Eve and we usually celebrate Christmas at the same time. Will you be my date?"

The excitement I was containing was overwhelming but I didn't want to seem like a teen whose crush just said he liked her too so I nonchalantly agreed.

"I guess I could go. But why don't you celebrate before Christmas?"

"My family wasn't big into the holiday's either so we usually celebrated whenever we could get everyone together. Plus my office is closed for two weeks between Christmas and New Year's to allow all my employees to be with their families and then my partners and I host a huge end of year party for everyone."

"That's really nice of you but don't you spend any time with your family?"

I felt him tense at my question and his face hardened. I knew he was at least cordial with James but I was getting the feeling there was something or someone he wasn't eager to talk about it when I asked.

"James usually comes with his wife and kids."

He never elaborated more and was extremely quite the rest of the way home so I kept silent as well. We pulled into my driveway and he walked me to my door before placing a sweet, soft kiss on my lips and saying goodnight. The whole night we had talked about me but he never divulged any details about his personal life and I was pretty sure he wasn't going to, at least not until he trusted me more.

I went to bed with so much on my mind that it was hard to close my eyes. He knew almost everything about me and yet I didn't even know if he had other siblings besides James, if he kept in touch with his parents or if they were even still alive. There was only one way to find out without him knowing and I knew the perfect place to start.

The next morning, Tara was sleeping in so I made a pot of coffee and took to searching the internet to see if it would give me any information. After an hour all I was able to find were pictures of he and his partners and their law firm, several articles about how much of a philanthropist he was and all the things he had done for the town but not a single word about his family.

"Good morning!" Tara said as she emerged from her bedroom rubbing her eyes.

"Morning sleepy head."

She grabbed a mug of coffee and sat next to me. She leaned over and watched as I scrolled through page after page of useless information.

"What are you doing?"

"A little detective work." I said never looking away from the screen.

She peeked over at my screen and said, “Why are you spying on your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend and I'm not spying, just researching."

"I take it the date didn't go so well last night. What happened, a bitter ex show up and ruin the evening?"

"No, in fact it was the best date I have ever gone on until I asked him about his family. He didn't want to talk about it."

"So you decided to snoop on him?"

Her words made me stop scrolling and I felt like a mad woman for trying to find out something that he obviously didn't want me to know. I looked at her and said, "I wasn't snooping. I was just trying to see if he had any family other than James."

"Maybe he didn't tell you because he doesn't want you to know. Listen, Britt I learned a long time ago that if a man doesn't willingly tell you something personal there is a reason and prying in his life will do nothing but cause problems.”

Looking up at her, I closed the computer and placed it on the couch, "You're right. If he wants me to know about them he will tell me on his own time."

She patted my hand and grabbed the remote turning on the TV. I had a training session with Mistress later on because she had prior engagements on our regular night and she wanted me to practice with the mask over my head before the real intense things began.

I was a little hesitant about having my entire head covered but she assured me that it was breathable and exhilarating to wear because you never knew what was coming. I had been sleeping with it the last few nights to adjust to how it felt and I figured if I could sleep with it on, I could take wearing it while she did things to me.

After Tara and I watched the first three seasons of her favorite show, I returned to my bedroom to get dressed and pack for my tonight. Since we started she had been going pretty easy on me but I was hoping that she would start getting a little more rough and I had a feeling it would be tonight, which is also why she had been bugging me to pick a safety word.

Tara went to her room to talk on the phone with Kyle as I made my great escape without letting her see me leave with a bag. I yelled out goodbye and waited for her response before I left. The drive to the club was getting more and more relaxing the longer I did it and I wondered if everyone felt this way.

I parked in my spot furthest from the entrance but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a familiar truck pull into the lot. It drove under the canopy and he stepped out and handed his keys to the valet who rode off around the back of the building. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things and the longer I stared the more I felt like I couldn't breathe.

A sudden surge of anger propelled me forward and before I knew it I was creeping towards him, being careful not to let him see me. I followed him down the hall where he disappeared into a large black door and nearly jumped out of my skin when Mistress walked up behind me.

"What are you doing? You're going to be late if you keep stalking people, now go get dressed and assume your position, only this time place your cover over your head before you exit the locker room."

I did as she said, walking hurriedly to the changing room still in disbelief. What was he doing here? My thoughts had been so consumed trying to figure it out when I noticed that I only had one minute to get to the room and in position. I grabbed the robe and wrapped it around me as I walked to the door throwing the silky material over my head.

As soon as I exited I froze, there he was, walking down the hall with three other men all staring at me as I tried to make myself blend into the wall. They passed by and I heard one of them refer to him as Zeus before I dashed off to my door entering the code and busting through the frame in just enough time to fall to my knees in my spot.

"You made it in just enough time but you still have your robe on and you know what that means."

Internally cursing myself, I responded pitifully, "Yes, Mistress. I will accept my five lashes and promise never to be late again."

"Good. Now, what is your safe word?"

I paused a few moments until she cleared her throat making me blurt out "Cherry!"

I heard her heels clicking against the wooden floor as she made her way to the drawers in the corner of the room. She opened one then another and made a chuckling sound as she closed it. She popped something against her palm as she walked towards me and my skin began to sizzle with excitement the closer she got.

“For your punishment, I have chosen a riding crop. It is a great tool to begin with because of how soft or hard you can use it. I am going to give you five lashes and you will count each out loud for me.”

My palms began to sweat and my mouth felt like the Sahara it was so dry but I responded with as much confidence as I could, “Yes, Mistress.”

I had barely closed my lips when I felt the cold leather clap against my rib cage making me lose my balance and fall to the side. I quickly got back into position and said, “One.”

Since the mask and the room were both dark, I had no clue where she was going next but not having sight only heightened my other senses and I heard her shift slightly before I felt another slap against my skin in the same location just lower on my side. I flinched slightly but held my place and said, “Two.”

She landed another whack to my side but this time it was harder making me whence and whimper out “Three.”

With the last two hits, she popped me harder and tears began to prick my eyes making me cry out four then five. I heard her walk back to the drawer and just as fast as the pain came it dissipated to a slight tingle. I held back my tears and straightened up when a whiff of cologne made me entire body stiffen.

“Zeus, I’m glad you could join us.”

Ethan is such a closed book. I only hope he starts to open up to her about his family.

ZEUS IS IN THE BUILDING!!!! And she knows who he is. DUN DUN DUN!

How funny was it when Mistress walked up on her trying to get a better view of him?? But she got her ass beat for still being in her robe. I have a feeling she will not hold back when she really starts being disobediant.

Of course Zeus is watching her first lesson in being punished, I wonder what he thought?

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