Make Me Yours, Master

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Secret Life

His presence was surprising but the change in atmosphere when he walked close had me petrified. What if he asked me to remove the mask? I sat as still as a statue, praying that he wouldn’t notice me at all until Mistress spoke.

“Zeus! I’m glad you could finally make it to one of our lessons. This is Katiya, Ambassador Rusakov’s daughter.”
I remained quiet as he walked around me like a shark circling a cage of unsuspecting humans. The breeze caused tiny bumps to form along my arms and a shiver ran down my spine as he stopped and said, “She has excellent form for a newbie.”
Even though it was a compliment I felt as though he was about to ramble off a list of things that were wrong but instead he remained quiet.
“She has made a lot of improvements over the last three weeks but I do not think she is quit ready for your level of training.”
My heart felt like it was going to fly right out of my chest at the thought of being under his control yet it intrigued me. They continued speaking in hushed tones while I sat in my spot like a well trained puppy, never moving or speaking.
The door opened and shut then I heard Mistress walk back towards me.
“Zeus is one of the best doms in this place, and I’m not just saying that because he is my boss, I’m saying that as one of his former students. He is the one I mentioned weeks ago that I wanted to train you for but he doesn’t know that yet. He just thinks he will be assisting in your training. You and I have already discussed that I will not be doing anything sexual to you so that is where he comes in. Are you alright with that?”
The room began to spin and I began to sweat again. There was no way I could let him touch me like that, what if he recognized me? I would never be able to keep my two lives separate like he has but on the other hand I could use this to my advantage.
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I have already told him there will be no penetration at all due to the situation and he did raise his concerns about how hard it would be to train you but he assured me that he would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.”
I nodded my head in agreement and already thinking of having his skilled hands all over me had my legs saturated. The man had more suave than a GQ model and apparently the goods to back it up. If Mistress said he was good then he had to be the damn Godfather of this institution.
“Thank you, Mistress.” I answered still unsure if this was a good idea but she had no clue that I knew him and even though I was breaking yet another rule, I wasn’t going to tell her.
After he left I was so distracted that I screwed up so many times and earned another 20 lashes sporadically throughout the night. The second five were with the crop again but this time she chose my back, it hurt less than my side but she did not go as easy on me as the first time.
Next she tried the flogger but the only thing that did was leave angry red marks all over my ass. It actually wasn’t as bad as I was imagining it but then again I couldn’t stop thinking of how it would feel if Zeus were the one doing it. When I wasn’t attentive for the fourth time she cuffed me to the cross and left me there for an hour but I still couldn’t get the image of him out of my head.
When she returned I still hadn’t learned my lesson so she smacked me on my breasts with another archaic tool. This time I was starting to come around but there was no use, tonight I just wasn’t going to be there mentally.
She smacked me around that room trying to get me to pay attention but the more I tried the less it worked. It was like my whole plan was beginning to implode in on itself and I became apprehensive once again.
“Britt, let’s call it a night. Clearly your mind is somewhere else and if I haven’t gotten through to you yet I won’t but understand this, distraction is a submissives greatest downfall. If you cannot block everything out then this world is not for you. You have two different lives now and you are going to have to learn how to leave your personal one at the door. In here, you are mine and I expect your full attention and so will he.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
Feeling defeated, I grabbed my robe and solemnly walked out the door. There was no way I could do this, why did I ever think I could? I was so distracted that as soon as I shut the door behind me and turned around, I smacked right into someone.
“I’m sorry.” I muttered and wriggled out of his hold.
“I’ll let it slide this time but you should start being more careful. You wouldn’t want to run into the wrong person would you?”
This guy had no clue what I had just been through neither did he know me but I thought about what Mistress said about leaving my personal life at the door and I chose to be a good little submissive and kept quiet. I marched down the hall straight to the locker room and got dressed as quickly as I could.
Opening the door, I checked both ways before I stepped out being careful not to let him see me then walked as quick as I could to the exit. If he knew it was me under that mask everything I had been working for would be ruined and he would be so disappointed in me.
When I got in my car I jumped when my phone rang and answered without looking.
"Hello?" I said out of breath from the mini marathon I just ran to get to my care.
"Are you ok? You sound out of breath."
I froze when I heard his voice, not expecting him to call since he said he would be working all night.
"Uh, yeah, I'm fine, just ran to get my phone. It was in the kitchen."
"I am about to leave the office and I wanted to see you tonight."
Being as quiet as I could, I started my car and drove towards my house while trying to come up with an excuse not to see him but for some reason all I wanted was to be in his arms, especially after tonight.
"Yeah come over. I have to run to the store real quick so if I'm not there just come in, Tara is here."
"See you then, Brittany."
He hung up as I sped off towards my house. When I rounded the corner I stopped at the store and grabbed a bottle of wine and some food then got back in the car and made it home before he arrived. I quickly took a shower, careful as to not irritate the marks along my back and ass when I heard the door bell.
I grabbed my towel and patted my skin but the burning was worse after the warm water so I chose to air dry in my room for a while.
I could hear Tara and Ethan talking in the living room when I noticed how bad my punishment really was. I had red streaks all along my side wrapping around to my back and down my legs and I needed to make sure they were covered.
Throwing on a pair of loose fitting sweat pants, I waddled towards the door and hoped neither of them saw how awkwardly I was walking.
"Britt! This guy is a keeper. Did you know he has his own yacht?"
"No he never told me that. Full of secrets now, are we?" I said as I grabbed a glass of wine from the counter.
He cocked his head and said, "No, it just never came up."
We talked for a while longer before Tara went to bed and he and I ended up on the couch watching TV. I was trying my hardest to be a brat, making comments all night hoping one of them would set him off but he just remained quiet.
The movie ended and he looked at his watch then said, "It's getting late, I better go."
"Why don't you stay over?" I said as I poured the last of the wine into my glass.
"Brittany, I think you have had enough to drink."
"Oh hush, I'm not going anywhere, my bedroom is right down the hall."
I could see how tempted he was to take me up on my offer but he was still hesitant so I placed my glass down and crawled into his lap. Straddling him, I placed my lips over his and let the alcohol take over and before I knew it my hips were grinding by themselves. He grabbed my ass and I cried into his mouth.
"Brittany, stop before you do something you might regret."
"Please, Ethan. I've been a bad girl and I think I need to be punished." I begged as I slid my hands down his chest and slowly started unbuttoning his shirt.
He placed his hands over mine, stopping me from going any further and looked into my eyes saying, "You don't know what you're saying, Brittany. You've had too much to drink, now let's get you to bed."
I dropped my hands and stood up feeling so confused. Why didn't he want me? Here I was, practically throwing myself at him and he was telling me no. Wrapping my arms around myself I said, "Why don't you want me?"

He got up from the couch and walked towards me but I didn't want him to touch me so I backed away from him as he kept stepping forward until I was on the wall. He pressed himself against me and I felt his hardness on my leg.

"If you think for one second I don't want you then I haven't been clear enough with you. When I take you, Brittany, it will be with your consent and when you're sober. I want to make sure you feel everything and I won't stop until you are completely mine."

I looked into his eyes and everything finally made sense. The house, the cars, how the way he spoke to me made me weak in the knees and wet in the panties and the way my skin sizzled when he touched me. He was a dom and not just any dom, the dom. Zeus!

Well it's about time she gets to meet the man, the myth, the legend, ZEUS. But she might need to keep her head in the game because if she keeps this up Mistress will beat her ass every time.

And there it is!!!!!! ETHAN IS ZEUS!!!!

Who thinks he will figure out who she is?

Who thinks she will learn to keep her secrets from everyone?

Who thinks this is a disaster waiting to happen?

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