Make Me Yours, Master

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After Ethan tucked me into bed, it didn't take long for me to pass out. All that wine and the extensive workout from earlier that night made it almost impossible for me to stay awake. Yet even as I was dozing off, his words played on repeat in my mind and soon I was dreaming of our first time.

"Give yourself to me, Brittany. I want the part of you that you have never given to anyone else."

"Yes, please."

I laid there with my hands tied above my head and a blindfold over my eyes as he caressed every inch of my skin with his hands. His touch left trails of fire along my belly and my core burned with need.

"It makes me hard just thinking about how much your body can handle, to let every tantalizing sensation take a hold of you, to have you lose control for me, and to just make you feel and not think."

"Please, Ethan. Take me."

He smacked my belly with the crop and said, "All that begging is going to get you punished."

"Please, please just fuck me."

My nipple stung from the leather as he swatted me two more times but instead of pain, all I felt was pleasure. Arousal leaking from my pussy had me pulling against the restraints around my wrists.

"Stay still." He said as he pressed his fingers against my clit.

The sudden pressure he created had my legs trembling with lust and the longer he teased me the more I was losing the battle. He was never going to give in if I kept defying him but being bad just felt so good and I started bucking my hips against his hand. He removed his hand making my huff in frustration then popped my thigh with the flogger.

I woke up in a sweat with my body tingling with desire but he was nowhere in sight and again I felt like a loser. Twice in one night, the man I had fallen for denied me but this time it empowered me. It made me want to be the best sub, his sub. I wanted him to take my control and use it for both our pleasures.

Looking at the clock, I realized it was almost 7 am and I needed to get up. Tonight was the Mayor's office Christmas party and I was finally going to be able to showcase my talents. James had settled on my classic menu of glazed ham, sweet potatoes, green bean almondine, and several desserts set up in a buffet style.

My head was throbbing but I was determined not to let anything stop me anymore, I was going to rock this dinner and after tonight I was going to make sure I kept both sides of my life separate. Mistress was a great mentor but I craved the days when Zeus would be training me because it gave me insight into what he truly wanted from me and I was not going to mess this up, unless he found out my true identity.

When I made it to the restaurant, James was the only one there and he was in his office printing menus for another party we had in a few days. I began chopping all the vegetables along with getting the ham in the oven when a few more of the staff came in.

We finished prepping and went to the dining room to lay out the room. The main table would be on the longest wall in the room and would hold the entire main course, including the carving block where the ham would be.

In the second dining room, we constructed a bar from an old island James had in the storage room, then stocked it with liquor, wine, drink mixes and the glasses. When we were finally done I went back into the kitchen and started making the desserts.

Everything was completed and the guests were starting to arrive at 5pm exactly. The waiters began walking around with appetizers as we finished up placing the food into the metal pans. Once the ham was ready, I sat it on the block to rest for a while when James came in with the Mayor.

"This is our new chef, Brittany Richards. Brittany, this is Mayor Henderson." He stuck out his hand while I wiped mine on my apron.

I said, "Did you say, Henderson? Is your wife Victoria Henderson?"

"Yes she is, do you know her?"

"Yes, actually, I hosted a small luncheon for her and a few of her friends a few months ago at my house."

"Ah, yes. I do remember her saying something about that. She was very complimentary of you and she even suggested we ask you to cater something for us one day. Small world I guess." He chuckled as I shook his hand.

"Well I hope you feel the same way after tonight. We have prepared a traditional menu for you and your guests, now I know you asked something different but I tried to stay as close to your request while putting my own spin on it."

"Whatever you have prepared will be perfect. I don't make mistakes which is why I asked for you personally. Now I hope you all join us."

I looked down at my dirty apron and chefs coat and politely said, "No thank you sir, we are here for you tonight. Anything you need or want just ask. I will make sure to keep everything fresh and filled as needed."

"Nonsense, I will not take no for an answer. This is a casual party for my staff and their families and I want you to meet them. There could be a lot of potential for future business waiting out there and you wouldn't want to miss it, now would you?"

James gave me a pleading look and I laughed as I said, "Of course not and I would love to join you."

They returned to the dining room as I grabbed a new coat from the closet and stepped into the room. I spotted Victoria across the way and slowly made my way over, stopping to speak to some customers along the way when the Mayor grabbed me and introduced me to several of his councilmen.

We talked for almost an hour before I realized the entree's needed to be put out and I excused myself as I returned to the kitchen and took everything back out to the main table. One by one, we placed the sides in their places and the ham under the light.

Hank, one of the cooks in the kitchen, had the pleasure of slicing the ham along with six other cooks who were assigned to the sides. The Mayor gave a quick speech thanking everyone for being there tonight and once he was done everyone began lining up. One by one, they were served and I started making my rounds again.

The compliments started making me blush when Victoria noticed me.

"Brittany! I cannot believe you are the chef that my husband has been talking about but then again I knew you would do great things. Congratulations on landing a job at Bronto's! It's about time he finds some new talent."

What she said confirmed my worst fears like when Ethan first told me about the restaurant. I knew his brother was struggling but for what, I didn't know.

"What do you mean?"

"Chef Roberto was a great chef but he never took a chance with his food. The same old menu and specials every month, even his holiday menu was the same every year. But you have added so much more to this place. Maybe now James can get that star he's been chasing for a while now."

I felt my lips creep into a smile as I imagined the restaurant earning a star just because of my food. Sure, I loved to take things and make them new but creating dishes was my passion. Adding flavors to a boring pallet was like throwing paint onto an empty canvas. I was finally able to create my own masterpieces and take this place out of the hole it had been in for a while now.

She walked away as I returned to the main table and spruced up the pans then went take a break with the rest of the staff. I checked my phone and found a few messages from Ethan wishing me luck for tonight. I sent a quick reply then started cleaning up the kitchen before checking on the guests as the desserts were being served. Everything had gone smoothly and James had actually turned down several requests because of our sudden packed schedule.

When the party was over and everything was cleaned, I headed to my house for a good nights sleep. I didn't realize how much I was hurting until I got there and sank into a nice warm tub making my muscles relax for the first time in days. This was getting harder than I thought, chef by day, sub by night and all while trying to keep anyone who was close to me finding out about it.

Ethan must have called me while I was in the tub but my phone was on charge in my bedroom so I wasn't able to answer. By the time I got out it was too late to call him back so I text him before slumping into bed and crashing.

Over time, I was beginning to get the hang of my double life but I didn't know how long I could do it for. The next two weeks passed by so fast that I felt like I was a record, going round and round on the same track. I went to work, then training and saw Ethan only a few times because of his schedule but I was getting better at focusing while with Mistress. This new life was beginning to grow on me and I was ready for more.

Why does Ethan have to be such a gentleman sometimes? When is he going to show her his Zeus side? And do you think she will be able to handle it?

Britt has wowed another person with her amazing cooking talents but I'm not surprised.

The Christmas party will be very interesting. Find out who she meets but will it cause more problems to her already long list or not???

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