Make Me Yours, Master

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Ethan's POV

The moment I asked Brittany to be my girlfriend, I knew I was done for. I was never the commitment type of guy, casual dating and fucking was more my style but ever since I met her, I knew I needed to make her mine.

She just stared at me with the cutest blank expression I had ever seen but as time went by without her speaking, I began to get nervous that she would tell me no. Then she nodded her head yes and I couldn’t hold in my excitement any longer. I pulled her up from the chair and almost exploded as she crashed into my chest.

I was just about to kiss her when I heard the doors open and people rustling around us on the patio. Damn it. I had lost track of time and now it’s close to midnight.

I felt someone slap me on the back and heard Eli say, “It’s almost midnight man.”

Peering down into her beautiful big eyes, I smiled as I thought about getting to kiss her just as the time changed, making it the best new year of my life. Sure, I had shared a lot of kisses with women on this night every year but this time it was different. I wanted her and even though I was scared to admit it, I was falling in love with her.

Everyone around us was counting down from ten but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the incredible woman in front of me and once I heard the Happy New Year’s cheers around me, I took her closer in my arms and kissed her with so much emotion that I couldn’t contain myself. If we were still alone I would have laid her across this table and took her innocence without a second thought, ruining her for any other man after me. Yeah, like there will ever be anyone after me!

When we pulled apart and I looked into her eyes, she held my stare for a moment before looking down at her shoes. The loss of her enchanting glare had me hoping she hadn’t changed her mind.

Lifting her head with my finger I said, “Regretting your decision already?”

She looked into my eyes with slight remorse before saying, “Never. I’m just tired and the alcohol isn’t helping any.”

“We can go home if you want.”

“No, I’ll be fine. Plus you can’t leave your own company’s Christmas party.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time. Besides, I managed to stay until midnight, which is an improvement for me.”

“Ethan!” I heard Kellan shouting my name and even though I didn't want to leave her, I needed to go inside to say goodbye to some guests.

“Excuse me, Brittany.”

She nodded knowingly at me but it still hurt leaving her, even if it was just for a few minutes. I walked inside and joined my partners who were speaking to a few of our clients who were more like family to us.

Extending my hand, I shook his hand before giving his wife a kiss on her cheek. "Mike, Susan, thank you both for coming."

"Thank you all for the invite. It was just as amazing if not better than last years. And I am glad you decided to stay Ethan."

I smiled coyly wondering when someone was going to mention it, I just never would have thought it would have been her. Usually she is drunk as soon as she gets here and doesn't remember half of our names but someone she noticed that I was here all night.

"I may be old, boy but I still have very good perception." She laughed as her husband pulled her towards the door.

The guys all looked at me with the cheesiest grins on their faces when I said, "Don't look at me like that."

Turning away to go back outside, I was stopped when Marco grabbed my arm and said, "Not so fast. Why don't you tell us what happened between you two before we ruined your private time."

I sighed hoping they hadn't seen that but I should have known better.


"Oh come on, we know something happened or was about to happen." Eli said.

"I have a date to take home, so if you adolescents don't mind, I'm leaving."

I walked away as I heard them protesting and laughing when I saw her looking towards the parking lot as Margo was leaving. They seemed to be getting along a lot better than I expected or at least I hoped so.

Walking up behind her, I wrapped my arms around her stomach and kissed her then said, “Ready to go?”

She nodded her head and I took her hand, walking us towards my car. The drive home was silent and I couldn't help but think it had something to do with what I saw when I walked outside but when she started swaying in her seat, I knew she was probably a little too drunk to talk.

We pulled up to the house and when I walked around to get her out the car, she began to fall out as soon as I pulled on the door handle. I caught her before she hit the ground as she began giggling.

“Whoa! Had a little too much to drink did we?”

I couldn't help but laugh along with her while we walked up the walkway to the door. Knowing she would fall as soon as I let her go, I held her against my chest and pressed the numbers on the keypad as she began rubbing my back and pressing her face into my chest.

My dick was twitching in my pants from her touch but I wasn't going to do anything with her tonight, not like this. When we did have sex, it was going to be with her consent and when she was completely sober, tied to my bed and spread wide for only me to see.

The keypad beeped and I opened the door, scooping her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom. The only thing she would be feeling between her legs were my silky sheets. Once she hit the comforter her eyes closed instantly. It took every bit of self restraint I had to undress her and not fuck her into tomorrow but staring at her body was driving me insane, especially the tattoo she had across her ribcage.

Examining it closer, I noticed it was in Swedish. His control is my release. So ironic that she chose those words. If only the little vixen knew what she was getting into when she said yes. Although, the little predicament Mistress had me in was going to be challenging now that Britt was my girlfriend.

Once I pulled one of my shirts over her head, I walked to my office for some distance. I knew that if I didn't get out of that room soon I was going to give in and wake her up with my dick in her tight little pussy, thrusting so hard she wouldn't be able to speak.

Walking down the stairs into the living room, I grabbed a blanket and headed down the hall towards my office. The couch wasn't the most comfortable place to be but it beats lying next to her and not being able to do anything but watch her sleep. I drifted off as soon as my head hit the leather back and didn't wake up until dawn.

Looking down, I noticed that I was still in my tuxedo and in need of a shower so I returned to my room and got an instant hard-on as soon as I saw her sleeping peacefully in my t-shirt with her leg draped over the comforter. Rushing to the bathroom as quietly as I could, I opened the door and striped out of my clothes.

The cold water did wonders to the throbbing in my head but nothing for my stiff dick. I closed my eyes and the image of her naked in my bed popped back into my mind. I began stroking myself as I envisioned settling between her legs and tasting her sweet juices flowing down my chin as I ate her like my last meal.

Her imaginary screams were enough to get me off alone but knowing that I could be the first one to give her that satisfaction is what tipped me over the edge. Finishing up in the shower, I turned off the water and got out. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I opened the door to see her wide eyes traveling up and down my body and I couldn't help the cocky smirk that appeared on my lips.

“Good morning.” I said

I laughed when she didn't respond but instead jerked her eyes up to mine and cleared her throat.

“Good morning.”

“Are you hungry? I can make us something to eat or we can go out.”

I walked to my closet and put on some clothes then walked back into the room when she cocked her head in an all knowing smile and said, “You know how to cook?”

“Yes, Brittany, I know how to cook. It may not be five star like yours but I make a mean protein shake.”

I knew she didn't believe me for one minute and I knew she would probably offer to cook but before I could suggest it she said, “I’m going to take a shower and when I get out, I’ll cook us breakfast.”

“That sounds amazing.” I said as I leaned down and kissed her cheek. “There are towels in the closet and I’ll put out some clothes for you.”

While she was showering, I went downstairs and pulled out every pot and pan, mixing bowl, spatula and spoon I had, along with everything that was in my fridge. Since I was always busy, my housekeeper usually kept it fully stocked with an assortment of things so that when I got home I could throw something together that didn't require much thought.

I heard her coming down the stairs and when I looked up, my dick stirred in my pants again at the sight of her in my clothes. She had tied my shirt into a knot and rolled up the waistband of my boxers, making them into the sexiest pair of booty shorts I had ever seen.

Her eyes widened when she saw what I had laid out for her so I said, “You have full access to anything you see in here. If you don’t have something you need I can get it, the market is just down the road.”

“I think I have more than enough. How about strawberry stuffed French toast with rum infused maple syrup?”

My thoughts brought me back to when we used to have French toast when I was a kid and how happy my family used to be. The memory faded when my phone rang so I jogged upstairs to answer it when I saw Marshall's name on the screen.

He is such an amazing man, I frickin need him in my life. Aghhhhhhhhh. And the way he describes how their first time will be!!! Just come on and do it already!

That little minx is going to give him a run for his money when they start training together!!!

What do you think happened? The suspense is killing me to, so stay tuned for next weeks chapters!!!!!

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