Make Me Yours, Master

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Step One: Admittance

We sat on the couch for what felt like hours, me nervously chewing my nails as she sat there with the most perplexed look on her face. She turned to me then back to the TV, took a sip of her coffee, stood up and walked over to the fridge. She pulled out the chilled bottle of tequila and came back into the living room before placing it in to her lips and took a huge gulp.

This is not good, she never drinks straight tequila unless she is really pissed off and needs to cool down before she does something drastic. My heart was racing and I wasn't sure what she was about to do or say until she took another big swig from the clear bottle.

She placed her middle fingers to her temples and began rubbing them with her eyes closed then let out a huge sigh as she covered her face with her hands. I am in big trouble. I shifted in my seat, careful to not make any sudden movements as I tried to escape, when she snapped her head my way and grabbed my leg, stopping me from moving.

"Oh no you don't, missy. What the hell are you thinking?"

She was in full big sister mode at this point and I couldn't do anything but pull my knees up to my chest and lean back on the couch as she stood up and started pacing in front of me.

"You are crazy if you think you could last a minute with a rookie dom let alone an experienced one. That guy would chew you up and spit you out. Do you know what they do?"

"Yes?" I said in a squeaky voice before she glared at me making me shut my lips.

"I don't think you do, Britt. This is serious. They like to play with you, and I don't me a little teasing to make you wet. I mean rough, balls slamming against your asshole, hair pulling, pussy slapping, sex. They want to hear you scream, they want to ruin you, make you beg for it and YOU'RE STILL A VIRGIN!" She said in a loud voice, enunciating the last 4 words slowly trying to make her point.

"I..." I said leaning up as she looked at me.

"NO! You will not speak until I am done. What were you thinking? Do you honestly believe any dom would be ok with this? He could seriously hurt you."

I lowered my head and whispered under my breath, "Ethan would never hurt me."

Quickly looking up at her hoping she didn't heard me when she said, "What did you say?"

"Nothing, I'm sorry."

"You aren't mentally mature for this type of relationship, Britt." She said putting her head down as she shuffled back to the couch and sat next to me.

A sudden surge of empowerment hit me and I shifted in my seat and said, "You know what, I am mature enough for this and you don't know me as well as you think. These past few months I have awakened something inside me that I didn't know I had. I am daring and bold and I have realized this is what I need. And no, it isn't just about sex it's about more than that. It's about losing control, you know what, you just wouldn't understand." I said as I got up and walked towards my room.

"Stop right there." She said then grabbed my arm. "What do you mean I wouldn't understand. I've been in one of those relationships before and it is grueling, demanding and rough on your body and your mind. Doms aren't nice and they won't go easy on you just because you are a newbie, they like to push you to your limit and they love testing you. They will try to break you and then leave you there to pick up the pieces yourself."

Tears falling down her cheeks, she stood there breathless as I dragged her into a hug. I had never seen her like this and it was starting to worry me. She was always my rock, the friend who told it like it was but here she was, a weak, fragile girl who needed me to make it all better.

"Hey, what's this about?" I said as she pulled away and wiped her face.

"Nothing. I just don't want to see you get hurt or go through what I went through because it isn't all it's cracked to be."

I knew she had experimented in many ways but never had I thought she stayed with someone long enough for that type of torture.

“Tara I know you’re looking out for me but I promise you, I won’t let anyone take advantage of me. Plus my trainer is well aware of my, um, status and is fine with it.”

Looking at me in utter disbelief she said, “Oh really? So they’re in the business of letting virgins get spanked but not fucked? Come on Britt, I was born in the dark but it wasn’t last night.”

Fearing she would beat the rest of my secret out of me, I said, “Not exactly. It was hard to convince her not to kick me out but eventually she agreed.”

“HER? Hold up, your being trained by a femdom? Brittany Richards, you little freak!” She teased as my face turned bright red.

“It’s not like that, Tara. She found out about my mixup and I sort of forced her to keep her mouth shut.”

“What have you gotten yourself into, Britt?” She asked me.

“Nothing bad, I promise.”

Staring at me a while, she finally huffed and said “If anyone tries to make you do anything you don’t want to, you better damn well make sure you use your safe word!”

Walking back into the kitchen to put the tequila in the fridge, she returned with a box of chocolates and two mimosas. Handing me one of the glasses, she opened the box and offered me one.

Reaching for a small round one, I said “Thank you for understanding, Tara. I really wasn’t expecting that at all.”

Checking the bottom of the lid for the flavors she looked at me and replied “I still don’t agree with it just because of your inexperience but if your trainer doesn’t have an issue with it, I feel a little better that they won’t give you more than you can handle, at least right now!” She said while wriggling her eyebrows.

Even though I finally told her my secret, I still felt horrible that I was keeping the most important part from her but what she didn’t know wasn’t going to kill her.

“So, what will your new boyfriend think about all this?”

Cringing from her question, I tried to think of something to tell her that would keep her off my back and from mentioning it in front of Ethan.

“It’s a surprise for him.”

She looked at me for a moment then shook her head. I knew she didn’t believe my answer but being the best friend she is, she didn’t question it and for that I would forever be grateful. There was no way I could even begin to explain the mess I had made of things to her or to Ethan, for that matter but as long as he was away I could continue my training in peace.

“Thanks for the talk, Tara but I need a shower and some sleep. I have class tonight.”

I left her sitting on the couch with the rest of the chocolate as I went to my room to pack my bag and relax in the hot steamy confinement’s of my bathroom. Once the water was ready, I jumped in and stood under the heavenly stream letting it drip down my body as I thought about everything from the night before.

Now that Ethan and I were official, keeping my night life from him was going to be harder than I thought. I was going to have to keep extra precaution around him to ensure he never knew it was me or I would ruin everything before it even started and the first thing that came to mind was my tattoo. He hadn’t mentioned anything to me but he had to have seen it if he undressed me that night.

While rinsing the soap from my body, I made a mental note to look online for some kind of tattoo coverup to use when I was being trained by him and the thought that I needed to hide another thing from him made me feel bad again. Grabbing my towel, I stepped out the shower and dried off then put on my pajamas and headed for my room.

Laying down after my shower felt amazing and soon I was drifting asleep. Memories of the kiss we shared at midnight crept into my dreams making me miss him and the thought of him and his business partner being more than just that had my eyes popping open.

I laid on my back staring at the ceiling trying not to be that kind of girlfriend but every second that passed made my nerves bad. I needed to know everything about her and why they were so close but where would I be able to find anything out?

Once again, Tara’s words about staying out of his personal life came into my mind. I know we haven’t talked much about his life but hopefully that would change now that we were a couple.

Closing my eyes once more, I drifted into a deep sleep and before I knew it my alarm was going off. Hitting it, I rolled over and hopped out of bed confident that tonight I would be on my p’s and q’s for Mistress, although I had a sinking suspicion she was out for blood.

Well the cat is finally out of the bag, well at least one paw is for sure! Who knew she would come clean with Tara? And what is up with her reaction? She’s been in the type of relationship before but it sounds like it was more of a sadist/masochist kind.

Does Tara really believe that Britt knows what’s best for her? Or was she right to warn her about how bad things could really get?

Who else is excited for training now that Mistress knows the truth? Do you think she will be harder on Britt or will she throw in the towel? Will her friendship with Zeus give her more of a reason to really lay it on her or will she go easy on her?

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