Make Me Yours, Master

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Ethan's POV

Once the tires hit the runway, I jumped from my seat and gathered my things. It was almost 5pm in Gothenburg and the trip to the hospital was going to take another hour drive by car. After the plane door was opened, I descended the stairs and was escorted to the car where the driver had already been instructed to drive me straight to where Julia was.

Staring out the window, I finally had time to process everything that had happened since New Year’s Eve. I had the most amazing girlfriend, who said she understood that I needed to leave immediately when I knew she was just doing it because she had to. She wanted me to stay, I could see the hurt in her eyes when I told her but she didn’t know the story behind Julia and I.

We met in college and instantly became friends after we got into a heated debate about corporate law. She had always wanted to be a prosecutor but she was so good at contracts and mergers. What sealed her fate, was the project we had to do where we were instructed to take two companies and turn them into one successful one.

Since then we were inseparable and to a lot of people, we would have made one hell of a couple but I never felt that way about her and her feelings about me were mutual. Instead, we agreed to be business partners, which was where my father came into play.

He had major company contacts all over the world and he was the one who got Julia her first client in her hometown. When we first toyed with the idea of joining forces, the market between US and Swedish companies was just getting started and we made the decision to start our practice there. She remained here while I became a silent partner, of sorts, unless the US companies wanted me to come aboard.

Shortly after, my father passed away and my travels to Sweden had basically ceased but Julia was the one who brought me out of my bad place and again when my last relationship had crumbled. That is why I came here, to be here for her because I was the only person she had left and it was my turn to pick her up and help her heal.

Driving up to the hospital, I walked up to the front desk receptionist in the lobby and asked for her room number. They had major security protocols in place for the intensive care unit and once I passed their assessment I was allowed to sit with her during visiting hours from 7-9pm.

Walking into her room, I sighed when I saw the lines in her arms and the tube coming out of her mouth. I sat down next to her bed and rubbed her hand hoping that somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt it. They say just being present in her room could be enough to make her wake up and I hoped they were right.

“Mr. Masterson?” A grey haired man in a long white coat walked into the room with a clipboard in his hand.

“Please, call me Ethan. You must be Dr. Kumar.” I stood as he walked closer to me and extended his hand.

Shaking mine he said, “Yes. I have some good news, her brain scan has returned and the swelling has gone down substantially. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot say what long term effects this will cause until she wakes up.”

“I understand. When will she be able to be weaned off the sedatives?”

“We have discussed in length her plan of care with the doctors in Seattle and they agree that she should stay on them for at least 24 more hours. And after a few more tests they will reassess her results and make a decision from there.”

“Thank you Dr. Kumar.”

He left the room and I sat back down to text Brittany that I had arrived.

Me: Brittany I made it to Sweden safely. I’ll be at the hospital for the majority of the time I’m here, at least until she is stable enough for me to leave. She also has a lot of work that needs to be done so I will be working from here until I can get to the office.

Brittany: I’m glad you made it safely. How is Julia doing?

Me: She sustained a pretty bad head injury and has been in a medicated coma since the accident but is showing slight improvement. The doctors have been consulting with a Neurologist in the states who is optimistic that she will survive but he cannot tell us how long it will take.

Brittany: That is good news. Please stay safe and try not to overwork yourself.

Me: I won’t. Have a good day!

Brittany: You too!

After the last text, I placed the phone in my pocket and closed my eyes. I needed to get a little nap in before I went to the office to get all the contracts she had been working on for the latest merger between two very popular software companies.

When my eyelids closed, all I could think about was how horrible I had been to Brittany and the things I had been keeping from her. How would I be able to be a good boyfriend if I had agreed to train this Russian girl with Mistress? Doing this would consume any extra time I had away from work, keeping me from being with Brittany.

I should have never said I would do it but on the other hand it was just what I needed to get back in the game. Maybe even get Brittany into my lifestyle, although, her being a virgin would put a damper on things. Yet I still couldn't forget that tattoo she had and what it said. She really had no clue she had just climbed into the lion's den.

A tap on my leg awakened me from my thoughts and I saw a nurse blushing as I opened my eyes.

"Sir, visiting hours are over. I have to ask that ask you to leave but you can come back tomorrow morning at 6am."

"Thank you." I replied as I grabbed my bag and stood up. Grabbing Julia's hand I said, "I'll be back tomorrow morning. Don't give them hell tonight, ok?"

The nurse smiled as I left the room and even though I wasn't ready to leave just yet, what the doctor told me eased my mind some and would hopefully get me through the night. The car was waiting by the exit when I walked outside and after I got in I asked that he bring me to the office to retrieve Julia's files and computer.

We arrived at the apartment at 11pm and I was starving. Opening the fridge, I pulled out some fruit and made a small smoothie before sitting down at the table and looking over the contracts. It looked like a simple merger between a Arizona company and their competitor here in Sweden but once I started reading through the agreements I noticed several inconsistencies within the contract.

The more I read the more concerning the inconsistencies became. What the Arizona company was proposing was ridiculous and if the Swedish company didn't agree to their terms, they would take them over illegally. Julia had been dealing with this issue for the last 6 months and it looked like it was becoming more and more difficult for her to handle.

Dropping the papers on the table, I leaned back in my chair sighing at the hard work ahead of me. Not only would I have to start over with both companies but I also had to establish the rules clearly for the Arizona company.

Leaving everything where it was, I headed for the shower. I needed to rinse the horrible day off me in only a way the hot stream of water could do. After standing under the faucet for a half an hour, I stepped out and dried off then threw on my boxers and a t-shirt.

When the smell of her perfume hit me, I realized it was the shirt she was wearing the morning she woke up in my bed. My dick twitched in my shorts and became painfully hard as the memories of her naked body popped into my mind. Being around her was going to be harder than I thought but I knew holding off until she was ready would pay off in the end, when I could finally make her mine.

Adjusting my dick before leaving the bathroom, I walked to the bed and laid down under the sheets. My hard cock throbbed as I tried to get comfortable and made it difficult for me to move but I had to get some rest so I tried everything I could to not think about Brittany. Getting frustrated from being turned on as hell and not getting any release, I pulled the shirt off and threw it in the corner then closed my eyes, drifting off in frustration.

The sun peered through the window, awakening me from my slumber and my dick was still just as hard if not harder than when I went to sleep. Knowing only one thing would fix it, I pulled down my waistband, letting it spring free from its cotton restraint and gripped the base. Beads of precum were seeping from the slit and as I began stroking it, my stomach muscles clenched with excitement, awaiting the explosion about to happen.

Faster and faster, I slid my hand up and down my shaft then let out a loud groan as cum shot out all over my stomach and chest. Leaning over the bed, I grabbed my towel from last night off the chair and cleaned myself off before getting up to go to the hospital. If I couldn't last one night with a hardon just from thinking about her, how would I be able restrain myself when I was around her?

So Julia and him were just old friends! Who thought it was more??? Not me, well kind of but I knew there was more to the story than he let on. So I understand why he wants to be there for her but he should have just told Britt why she was so important to her instead of letting her mind wonder with stupid thoughts.

Now that we know Julia will be ok, do you think he will be able to get past this contract so she doesn't lose this merger? It sounds like some shady things are going on that she doesn't know about.

Hot damn, he even makes masturbating sound sexy as hell.

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