Make Me Yours, Master

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After watching the fifth episode of four drunk, rich women bitch each other out about who had the worst plastic surgery story, Tara was sound asleep and I was staring at the phone in my hand, wondering if I should call Ethan. Sure, I said I wouldn’t be that type of girlfriend but the pesky voice inside my head wanted to know the truth behind he and Julia’s friendship.

I finally convinced myself it was no big deal and that they really were just friends so I put the phone down and headed off to bed, covering Tara with a blanket before I went to my room. I wished I had her will power and care-free attitude. She never complained about guys, unless they had screwed her over, she just made the most of being with them while the good times lasted.

Shuffling to my room with so many things on my mind, I fell onto the bed and went straight to sleep without giving it another thought. If Ethan didn’t give me any explanation of their past then it wasn’t important. I trusted him and with a little time the truth would come out but until then I would concentrate all my energy into Mistress and work.

The next morning, I woke up with a fresh perspective and decided to put my childishness behind me. Work was going to be busy tonight because of the private party we were hosting for one of James’ friends and he was counting on me to impress them. With the exquisite menu I had planned, this could be just the thing to get me the executive Chef position since Roberto had given his notice of retirement.

I jumped in the shower then got dressed and set out for the farmer’s market to get the ingredients for the dinner tonight. The main course would consist of homemade Ravioli stuffed with Ricotta and herbs topped with pesto sauce, a side of roasted Tuscan veggies and a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad. A customized charcuterie board with locally made cheeses, cured meats, crackers, nuts and olives was just one of the appetizers and a decedent Italian Cream cheesecake with chocolate syrup for dessert.

Grabbing my bags, I headed out the door and down main street where the market was located. When I arrived, the crowd was light so I was able to get first pick of all the things I needed to make the most fantastic Italian themed meal I had ever created. After I had everything, I went straight to the restaurant to start prepping for dinner.

Several of the staff were already in the kitchen starting the dessert and sides for tonight while I got to work making the ravioli. Rolling the prepared dough out on the counter, I cut them into strips then added the herbed Ricotta and placed another sheet on top. Instead of the traditional square shape, I chose to do a rounded pasta for a more elegant look.

It took almost three hours but once I was done preparing the pasta, I was able to start the pesto sauce. Everything else was all ready for cooking and the staff was waiting on my word to begin. Looking at my watch, it was nearing 3 in the afternoon and the cheesecakes needed to be placed in the oven. While they were baking, I started the pesto sauce and balsamic glaze for the salad.

After assembling the meat and cheese boards, I placed them in the fridge along with the other appetizers for the party. There were designated servers who would be walking around with small platters of of artichoke bruschetta, flatbread caprese, and Italian stuffed mushrooms, all requested by the host.

When the guests began arriving, the platters were handed to the waiters while the veggies and ravioli were cooking. The cheesecakes were sliced and topped with chocolate syrup and shavings and adorned with a mint leaf then placed aside.

“Everything looks amazing Britt.” James said as he walked into the kitchen.

I gave him a nervous smile and said, “I just hope it taste as good.”

“I know it will and Kenneth will think the same. Now I know you’re busy so I will get out of here but if you need anything, just let me know.”

“Thanks James.”

He rushed out the door to greet more guests as I continued finishing up the ravioli. Even though the first course wouldn’t be going out for a while, we had everything prepared to start plating the salads as we waited for James’ word.

The staff were taking their break and I decided to join them outside for some fresh air. Being out there always helped me clear my mind and prepare for a long night ahead. Once our break was over, we lined up at our stations and started refilling the appetizer trays as well as preparing the main course.

One by one, the trays came and went and when the host gave the word to start the entrees, we each did our part to make it look amazing. Four ravioli per plate, drizzled with olive oil and pesto with a side of veggies and garnished with a couple of basil leaves.

Each waiter loaded a tray full of plates and delivered them to the guests. After the last plate was served, we all took a huge sigh of relief that the second rush was over. With only the dessert left to send out, the staff carefully decorated the plates with a caramel smear and topped it with a slice of cheesecake. Fresh raspberries and a dollop of whipped cream were added to the side and ready for the customers.

Servers began piling into the kitchen with empty plates and my smile could not be contained, not a single plate needed to be scraped in the garbage and there were no complaints either. James was busy walking around, chatting up the restaurant while the servers took another break before the last course was to be delivered.

“So who is the mysterious host of this party?” One of the staff members asked.

“Some hotshot graduated from college and daddy threw him this big celebration for accepting some position with a finance company.” Responded one of the servers.

Not being too interested in the explanation, I continued cleaning up my station to avoid having to stay out later than I needed to tonight. I had a lot to work on before tomorrow night and another session with Mistress. Last time, she made a fool of me because of my stupid mouth but tomorrow, I would show her I could learn from my mistakes.

“Alright everyone, the host has requested the dessert and once they are through, he would like to personally thank the Chef.” James said as he entered the kitchen, gleaming with pride.

My cheeks turned a bright red, even though my presence had been requested numerous times before this one, it was still exciting to know that someone wanted to meet me.

“Ok everyone, you heard the boss, let’s get those desserts out.” I said as I placed the last remaining plates on the tray.

Thirty minutes later, James came back into the kitchen as I was taking off my dirty apron.

“You did an amazing job, again. Ever since you started here, we have had more business, so much business that I have had to turn people down but still you pulled us out of the water and for that I am eternally grateful.”

“Thank you, James but you took a chance on my, I am the one who should be grateful.”

“I’ll be right back.” He said as he walked to his office and returned with a big white box tied with a black bow.

Handing it to me, I looked at the present in my hand then tilted my head and said, “What is this for?”

“An executive Chef should have a real coat.” He said with a smile.

I ripped the top off the box and reached inside grabbing hold of the white material. James held the bottom as I pulled it out and examined it. Tracing the letters of my name stitched on the left side, tears began to prick my eyes.

“You deserved it Brittany.”

Looking up, I almost burst out crying to see Ethan on a phone screen.

“I hope you don’t mind, I facetimed him so he could see you receive it and virtually be here when you officially accepted the position of executive Chef.”


They both said as I stood their stunned not only that he was offering me this position but that he was thoughtful enough to include my boyfriend in the process.

“YES!” I screamed a little too loud making them both wince from my loud response.

Clasping my hands over my mouth I pressed my lips together in an apologetic gesture then pulled James into a tight hug. “I would be honored.”

He chuckled as I released him and took the phone from him.

“Congratulations, Brittany. I can’t stay on the line long but I’m so proud of you and glad that I was able to witness you getting this promotion.”

“Thank you, Ethan. I know you’re busy so I’ll let you get back to work but I’m glad you could be here to, even if it was through facetime.”

We said our goodbyes then he hung up and I put the jacket on as James waited for me. Once the last button was fastened, he led me out the kitchen into the dining room. We walked up to a man with grey hair in a black suit.

He turned around and smiled as James said, “Kenneth, this is Brittany Richard’s, my executive Chef and the creative mind responsible for the delicious meal you consumed tonight.”

“Ms. Richard’s, it is a pleasure to meet you. I wanted to thank you for preparing such a wonderful meal for my son. Please, you must come meet him.”

I shook my head as he led us to a table in the far corner of the room. When we reached it, he placed his hand on someone’s shoulder and when he stood up he said, “Ms. Richard’s, allow me to introduce my son...”

“Colin?” I said as he turned around and faced me.

Britt made the executive Chef position, how could she not get it, she’s got amazing skills in the kitchen and it’s about time someone notices.

Do you think she will give up on trying to figure out how involved Julia and Ethan are, or will she pry into his life and make things worse? What about Mistress, do you think she is still pissed from their last encounter?

HOLY SHIT BALLS!!!!!! Colin is back in town and Britt just made supper for him and his entire family. What do you think he will say when he sees her? Will he explain to her why he came back and didn’t tell her? Should it really matter at this point since she is with Ethan now.

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