Make Me Yours, Master

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Old Friends

His expression said it all, he was not expecting to see me just like I wasn't expecting to see him, yet all I could think of was how he ended things then showed up at the exhibit with another woman. It's not like we were a couple or I liked him for that matter but he left for an internship then lied to me.

"Britt." He said in a surprised tone.

"Do you two know each other?" His father asked, looking between us as we stared awkwardly at each other.

"We're old friends." I replied with a smile just as the blonde next to him stood up and wrapped her arm around his waist.

He stiffened as the tension in the air thickened and he said "Britt, this is my girlfriend, Arabella."

"It's always nice to meet an old friend of Colin's." She said as she extended her hand to me and shook it when I placed it in hers.

There was something mesmerizing about her stare and I suddenly found myself at a loss for words. Stumbling over my tongue I stuttered out, "Y-yes, well, um it's nice to meet you, Arabella."

He looked over at her like a love-sick puppy as she continued looking me in the eye. She was poised, confident and had him wrapped around her fingers, no wonder he never got in touch with me when he came back into town.

Her glare sent shivers down my spine and I excused myself while James stayed to talk with them. I couldn't explain what it was but being around her set off internal alarms and I was glad to be getting out of there.

After I got home, I headed straight to the shower but not before checking my phone. Seeing I had a message from Ethan, I slid it open and began reading.

Ethan: I am extremely proud of you Brittany. I knew you would do great things for James and now you deserve the recognition for it. I promise, once I get home, we will have a proper celebration.

Me: Thank you but I wouldn’t have gotten the job if it weren’t for you so I think a little of the credit goes to you.

Ethan: I just suggested your name and James hired you but you did all the hard work. Give yourself credit, Brittany.

I smiled because he was right. All my hard work had finally paid off, the long hours at culinary school, the practice runs at the diner, even cooking for Colin’s sister and her friends had helped me perfect my abilities. And now I was the youngest executive Chef in the city.

Me: I have to get to bed but I will hold you to your promise. Have a good day!

Ethan: I’m looking forward to it. Sleep well, Brittany.

After my shower, I slipped into bed and laid there just thinking about my night. Seeing Colin again was a surprise yet it didn’t hurt as much as the first time I saw him at the show. I guess I never really liked him to begin with but he was kind and never pushed me into anything I didn’t want.

When I closed my eyes, everything felt right and for once I wasn’t going to bed wondering where I stood anymore. I got a promotion and my boyfriend was there to see it, through a phone screen but he was still part of my big day and I would have to do something big for James to thank him.

Rolling over the next day, I couldn’t believe I had slept until noon but I must have been more worn out than I thought from the dinner party. Packing my bag, I set it on the floor of my room and walked into the kitchen to fix myself some lunch.

“Well it’s about time you woke up! Did I miss something important last night?”

On the counter was a massive bouquet of white flowers full of hydrangea, peonies, lilies and roses, decorated with sprigs of eucalyptus branches and berries, wrapped in a silver bow and sitting in a beautiful crystal vase.

The card inside read: This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to get home and celebrate with you.

Miss you terribly,


I handed Tara the card and said “James promoted me to executive Chef and Facetimed Ethan so he could see me receive my coat.”

“Britt! That is amazing! I’m so proud of you and props to James for involving Ethan.”

I laughed as I started making a Margarita panini for lunch. Tara and I talked while I sliced tomatoes and basil then spread garlic aioli on some French bread then layered everything along with some provolone cheese on top. Placing it on the grill, I pressed it down and set the timer.

“Tara, how did you get into BDSM?”

“It was right after high school and I was in a bad place emotionally when I met this guy in a club downtown. He was mysterious and hot and at least 10 years older than me and he could turn me on with just a word or a touch. Of course I was intrigued so he took me to a place where they did whatever you wanted. The rough stuff was sensational but then he started getting really possessive and making me do things that I wasn’t ready for until I had to run away to the city to get away from him.”

“Did he abuse you?”

“No it wasn’t like that, he was a sadist and enjoyed torturing me as a means of getting his own sexual gratification. He was a horrible human being but he never hit me without my consent, I just wasn’t that kind of sub and he didn’t want to let me go because he said I had potential. Anyway, I left and never went back and I’m way better off without him.”

Shaking my head, I heard the timer going off and quickly took my sandwich off the grill. She kept eyeing me the whole time like she knew I wanted to ask her something but I didn’t know how.

“I want this to work but I don’t know how to turn off my mind and let it happen.”

She tapped her chin and said “When I was having a hard time concentrating and couldn’t get it right, he would tell me to pick a spot, somewhere in the room or in front of me and focus all my energy going through it. If the pain or the situation ever becomes too much, use your safe word and always let your dom know they went too far but if he’s good enough he will already know.”

I ate my sandwich as she got ready for work and after she left I went back to my room when my phone rang. I saw Colin’s number come across the screen and I silenced it and threw it back on the bed. There was no reason for me to talk to him and if he was expecting me to answer he must have bumped his head. It quit ringing then almost instantly a voicemail alert dinged on my phone.

Being curious, I slid it open to hear what he had to say.

Britt, this is Colin. Look I was wrong for not getting in touch with you when I got back into town and I feel bad about it. I just wanted to say I was sorry and hope we can still be friends. Anyway, give me a call sometime, I really do miss hanging out with you. Bye!

I deleted the message but sent him a quick text to let him know everything was fine between us and that we could still be friends. After I sent it, I laid down for a quick nap knowing tonight would be another rough lesson.

My alarm went off at 4 and after I hit the off button I went to the bathroom to shower. The warm water always helped relax me and a little self care didn’t hurt either. When I was done, I sat on the couch and waited for Tara to get home so we could watch TV. It was hard carving out time for her with my job, training and now Ethan but since he was away for however long, we had been spending a lot more time together.

She walked through the door at 6 and immediately came sit down with me. Our snacks were laid out on the coffee table and we had a bet on who would start fighting first on the show. Within five minutes, the blonde named Niki took the first swing then grabbed another woman by her hair. I looked over at Tara and smiled.

“How do you get it right every time?” She asked me.

“Because that girl fights with a different person every episode.”

“Truth but in her defense they started shit with her first. Mari slept with her husband and Jordyn stole a lot of money from her when she worked at her boutique.”

Shaking my head, we continued watching until it was time for me to go. Getting into my car, I hoped that Mistress wasn’t still mad from last week because I wasn't sure I was ready to begin the real lessons, how to survive a femdom.

The parking lot was full tonight and my stomach began turning thinking about someone recognizing me, so I grabbed the wig Tara used for Halloween last year and headed into the club. Passing down the hall, each room was occupied and the main waiting room was packed with men and women.

I finally reached the locker room then changed quickly before going to Mistress’ door and entering my code but before it opened a tall man in a dark blue suit walked past me and smiled then whispered something to the young woman alongside him.

All the hair on my neck stood up as the breeze he created, sent a waft of his cologne my way. The smell danced under my nostrils making my anxiety return. Pushing the door open and rushing in, I finally felt safe inside and quickly knelt in position. I took Tara’s advice and found a spot with a tiny crack in the floor in front of where I was kneeling and focused all my fears going through it, like water flowing down a drain. Taking a few cleansing breaths, my nerves started to settle, and then the door opened.

So Colin is back in town and he has a girlfriend. Something doesn’t feel right about her and Britt noticed.

So Tara was in a BDSM relationship with a sadist and had to run away? I hope he doesn’t come looking for her.

So what’s up with this guy at the club and why are there so many people? Stay tuned to find out what’s going on and get ready for an update of Ethan.

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