Make Me Yours, Master

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Sensual Seduction

“When your sight is obstructed, for one reason or another, the other senses usually make up for the deficiency and the first one to compensate is your hearing.”
My sudden inability to see raised my curiosity and heightened my senses just like she said they would. I heard her draw in a long, deep breath before she spoke again.
“Listen to where your partner is, follow where they go. Even the most incapacitated person can pick up the tiniest sounds if they are concentrating hard enough. Perception is the key to predicting what they might do next. However, a good dom knows all your strengths and weaknesses and will almost always surprise you.”
She walked closer to me, stopping right before the table and lightly brushed my back with something. Tingles of exhilaration wrapped around my belly making me swallow hard while she continued to run it up and down my spine.
“I want you to imagine Zeus standing here before you. Imagine the anticipation of what he wants to do to you. Picture what it would feel like if he walked around the table, eyeing you like a piece of meat that he couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into. Your goal is to become the object of his obsession, his intoxicating drug, the one thing he can’t quit.”
My mind went wild with thoughts while she continued enticing me as if she were him. Remembering all the things he’s said to me made so much sense and how I never saw it before was beyond me. He was a dom in ever sense of the word, charming, sexy and it made me wet just thinking about him.
My thighs began to moisten as my thoughts became dirtier making me squirm with need. Moving against her orders was a punishable offense, so when the sting from the paddle hitting me right where my thighs meet my ass came, I jolted forward, biting my tongue to suppress the scream.
“You’re going to learn the hard way to follow instructions. When I say don’t move, I mean it!”
"Yes, Mistress." I replied promptly.
"Zeus will not be this patient with you and I can assure you, he hits harder. Now, don't move."
She walked back around the table, placed the paddle down then grabbed something else and returned to her position behind me. Running the smooth leather of the tassels up the back of my thigh caused the heat from earlier to return full force.
"Each material we use causes a different type of pain, or pleasure, however you choose to interpret it. Leather can bring a sensational feeling to the skin." She continued traveling the flogger up across my ass then over my back. "Feel how it tickles your skin leaving goosebumps in it's wake?"
Taking in a deep breath, I tried to concentrate on the multiple strings driving my body into overload. If she was trying to turn me on, she was doing a terrific job. My pussy began to throb as she drug it along the other side of my back, down my leg then pulled it away causing me to huff quietly. She chuckled as she walked back around the table and stood in front of me.
"A riding crop has a little wide piece on the end that is great for hitting an exact body part." She tapped my upper arm lightly twice then harder on the third strike. "It only causes pain in a localized area while the flogger fans out and inflicts a wider area of discomfort."
"The best thing about the crop..." She said before she popped one of my ass cheeks, "is the incredible feeling it leaves on the most sensitive flesh." She hit my other ass cheek sending another round of satisfaction bubbling to the surface.
I kept imagining Ethan being the one torturing me into a pleasure coma because I didn't want her to be the one to do it but the longer I held it in the harder it was becoming.
"Let go, Britt. Don't hold back on your release just to prove a point. I know you want to cum." She whacked the crop against my soaking wet lips making my orgasm build but I held it back again.
When I didn't say a word or move a muscle she sighed then returned to the drawer across the room. My body was shaking with tension, pending gratification that was sitting on the edge of precipice, waiting to be set free. If she wanted to push me to my limit, she could but I wasn't going to let her pleasure me to win this game.
"I like this new Britt. Bold, fierce but you're being hardheaded about this. Pleasure shouldn't have to be with someone you like or even know for that matter. It's about giving in and letting go."
My fingers were numb from clutching to the table so tightly trying to keep myself from cumming but I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold off. With every second she didn't touch me, the pressure inside me built. Not being able to see or anticipate her next move was making me a sitting time bomb.
She ran a cold object between my ass checks then pressed it slightly against my puckering virgin back hole making me clench my cheeks together.
"Relax, I would never do anything against your will or one of your hard limits but I want you to see how tantalizing things could be if you're pushed just a little."
Switching on the object, she pressed it against my anus. The vibrations sent pulsations straight to my clit and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. How could something so wrong feel so good and yet still make me resist the urge to cum?
"CHERRY!" I screamed out.
She immediately switched it off and pulled the blindfold from my eyes. Tears ran down my cheeks but I wasn't hurting, I was terrified. Scared that I would enjoy it too much without Ethan being present but mostly because of the fact that I would be cheating on him and that was something I couldn't handle.
"Britt, tell me what happened. Be honest with me, did I hurt you?" She said as she grabbed my robe and wrapped it around me while helping me off the table. She walked me towards the couch in the corner and pulled me down to sit next to her.
The worry on her face made me feel a little better but my embarrassment was at an all time high. I looked down at my hands in my lap and squeezed them tightly together. "You didn't hurt me."
"Good. Now tell me what happened. I need to know so that I don't make the same mistake twice."
She stared at me and I could feel the burning sensation on the side of my face. I looked her in the eyes and gave her a small smile.
"You think you would be cheating on him if you orgasmed with me?"
I nodded slowly while staring at her then said, "I know I'm being stupid about all this but I thought we would be training without sexual contact."
"I am training you for him, Britt. If you can't handle being sexually turned on then how are you going to handle being sexually tortured? I have no feelings for you and the sooner you realize that, the sooner this can work."
I could hear the disappointment in her voice and I knew refusing to submit to her was a metaphoric slap in the face because that was exactly why I was here. She stood up and when I grabbed her hand making her stop she turned around and stared coldly at me.
"I'm sorry, it won't happen again. I just need to learn the difference between pleasures, yours and his. I need to make this work and you are the only one I trust besides him."
"I will never do anything out of spite but my job is literally to make people lose control and if you keep refusing to make this work then we can't continue training."
She walked out the room leaving me sitting on the couch wallowing in self pity. After a few minutes I got up and left in worse of a mood than I came in with and after I changed my clothes all I wanted to do was go home.
Leaving the club, I noticed a white Range Rover pulling up alongside me. A door opened and a middle-aged man walked out stopping me in my tracks.
"Ms. Richard's?"
His accent sounded like butter leaving his lips. His long, lithe legs made him tower at least a foot above me and the way his body threatened to burst from his suit was hot as hell but the darkness in his eyes had my nerves on edge.
"Do I know you?"
"My assistant was willing to give a substantial amount of money for your services but she was turned down and humiliated. Have any idea why?"
"I am sorry but I don't know what you're talking about now if you'll excuse me."
He handed me a card with his name on it then said, "In case you change your mind, you know where to reach me."
Stepping off the sidewalk, he returned to his car and got back in. They drove off and the shivers inside me dissipated as I walked to the parking lot. When I reached my car, I pulled out my cell, no missed calls or text messages. My mood soured even more knowing that Ethan was so wrapped up in legal issues and taking care of his friend that I wasn't important enough to be checked on.
When I got home, Tara's car was gone and I suddenly became more depressed. I needed someone to talk to and everyone I knew wasn't here. Pulling out my phone, I dialed the one number I knew I would regret dialing but at this point I just needed someone to talk to.

Mistress is having way too much fun torturing Britt but I see why she is doing it. Britt needs to shed her shyness and let go of what could potentially cause her immense pleasure, even if Ethan isn't in the country.
Damn, I never thought holding in an orgasm would be the reason she screamed her safe word but obviously her stubbornness is worse than we thought.
And now Mr. Buy-whatever-I-want thinks he can go straight to Britt and convince her to be his? Not on your life buddy, and you better hope no one catches wind of that.
Let's hope she doesn't do something stupid from that call she just made. I wonder who it could be?
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