Make Me Yours, Master

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No Answer

After the sixth ring and no answer, I hung up the phone. Why do people always say, call me, anytime, day or night, if they have no intentions of answering? Laying the phone down on my nightstand, I sat on the end of my bed and curled up wanting to sleep away my misery.

When I finally dozed off, I immediately started dreaming of Ethan. His big strong hands trailed their way up my thighs, circling my inner leg with his thumbs as my body shuttered beneath his strokes.

"My, my, Brittany. How sensitive you are just to my touch."

Moaning, I twitched as he gripped tightly under my legs and pulled me further down the bed. They dangled over the edge, shaking as I waited for him to go further north to my forbidden zone. He pressed his fingers into my skin, no doubt leaving little bruises where he squeezed then kissed where his marks were. Heat from his breath sent chills up my body and my nipples peaked.

"Would these tight little buds like some attention?" He asked before pinching one between his fingers and pulling hard eliciting a gasp from my lips.

Taking my open mouth as an invitation, he slipped his tongue inside and taunted mine with a dance. Warmth spread from between my legs all the way up to my chest as he cupped my pussy and began sliding his finger up and down my slit before pushing one into my hole.

"Oh fuck...p-please." The words fell from my lips before my brain could stop them and I knew begging was going to get me punished.

"You bad, little girl. You've just earned yourself a whipping."

I jolted awake with the first swing of the paddle, sweat glistening along my chest, my naked body wrapped around my pillow as I tried to catch my breath. My bed was a mess and completely wet from dreaming of Ethan all night. I needed him more than I needed air to breathe.

Jumping up to retrieve my laptop, I quickly searched flights to Sweden but the only ones that were available were a week out. I took the first one I could find for next Wednesday, which would give me time to talk to James about missing work and for him to be able to find someone to cook while I was gone.

After my flight was booked, I started sorting out clothes into bags. I had checked the weather and tried to pack accordingly with what I had but it seemed my clothes weren't thick enough. Making a mental note to buy some warmer clothes, I threw some more useless things into my bag along with my vibrator.

I walked into the kitchen and began making some breakfast when a thought occurred to me, I'm flying to another country to see my boyfriend and bringing my vibrator, seemed a bit pathetic. Dropping the bread on the counter I ran back into my room and took it out, placing it back in the drawer then returned to the kitchen.

My French toast had just finished cooking when another thought popped into my head. He is a dom, no doubt he would use a toy on me at some point in our relationship, so why not now? I ran back into my room and pulled the drawer open, grabbing the pink, silicone toy and placing it back into one of my bags.

I continued eating my breakfast while watching TV when Tara came bursting into the house. Her bubbly disposition told me she had an amazing night and morning with Kyle and it hurt to see her so cheerful when I wasn't but I was still happy for her.

"What's got you so delighted this morning?"

"Oh nothing, just totally in love."

Sitting down next to me, she grabbed my fork and took a bite of my food as I watched her eyes gleaming with immense affection for some guy she barely knew, yet my feelings for Ethan were just the same if not stronger.

"I can see that." I laughed.

"Britt, Kyle is the best thing that has ever happened to me, well besides meeting you but you know what I mean. It's like he knows everything about me without having to ask and he keeps me grounded, like when I want to punch someone in the face, his voice acts like valium to my brain and everything calms down."

Watching her talk about him in such an admiring way lifted my spirit and my decision to fly off to see my man confirmed that I was absolutely in love with him as well. LOVE? I love Ethan and I wanted him to be the one to take my virginity and give me every orgasm that I would ever have, no matter what Mistress did to me.

We sat on the couch a while before her phone rang and she left the room to take it. I started thinking about how stupid I was being for wanting to bring the damn vibrator with me so I got off the couch, walked to my room and took it back out of my bag and placed it in my drawer, laughing at the thought that it could feel any different whether I used it on myself or he used it on me.

For the rest of the day, I researched all the best restaurants and cookeries Sweden had to offer. Making lists of places to go and things to do when I was there while Ethan and Julia worked. The pictures alone were breathtaking and I was getting excited just looking at them.

Just as I was picking up my plate and cleaning my mess, my phone began to ring. Jogging into my room, I looked at the screen and instantly regretted the call I made last night.


"Britt, I'm sorry I missed your call last night, I was sleeping and it was on silent."

"It's ok, Colin. I'm sorry that I called you so late, I didn't realize the time when I did." Rolling my eyes at my own lie, I internally face palmed myself for being so juvenile. Yeah, cause he’s going to believe that lie!

"It was 3am, which means you only called me for one of two reasons. You were either drunk or needed someone to talk to."

There was an awkwardly long pause between us before I said, "You got me. I needed someone to talk to but I'm fine now so again I'm sorry."

"No, obviously you had something pretty heavy on your mind now what was it?"

"It was nothing, honestly. I just got a little emotional with my boyfriend being out of town and a fight I had with a friend. I'm much better now."

"I don't buy it but I'll let it slide, this time. What are you doing for the rest of the day?"

"Nothing, why?"

"Let's meet for coffee and you can tell me all about this boyfriend of yours."

I froze at his request, wondering if it would be such a good idea to take him up on his offer but I knew it was harmless. After all, Colin might be a lot of things but forward is not one of them. He couldn't even tell me he was back in town and he never once tried anything on me when we were together, so I figured he was just being genuinely nice.

"Ok. How about I meet you at Willie's downtown around 3?"

"I'll see you there. Bye Britt."

After he hung up, I went back to the living room and finished cleaning up then grabbed a quick shower before putting on some jeans and a sweater. I met him downtown as he was parking along the street. He jumped out and wrapped me in a hug, dragging me into the shop.

"So, who's the guy?" He said.

"Ethan Masterson."

"That name sounds familiar. Is he a lawyer?"

"Yes." I responded as the barista handed us our coffee.

"And you said he was out of town? Where is he?"

"He had some urgent business in Sweden that he had to attend to." Sipping my coffee slowly, I glanced over the rim as he watched me intently.

"And you miss him?" He smirked as I blushed.

"Terribly. Does that make me pathetic?"

"Not at all. Look, just because we didn't work out doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy with someone else. If I'm being honest, I'm glad you are because it makes me feel a lot better about being a jerk like I was. I have the same thoughts about Arabella when I'm not around her."

"She is, a bit intimidating." I said as I raised my eyebrows.

"She can be, but she is a powerful woman."

Shaking my head and throwing up my hands, I stopped him from talking because I didn't want him to elaborate on her anymore so I changed the subject. We spent a few more hours chatting in the café' before he was summoned by his lady friend to her house.

He left with a pep in his step as I ordered another cup of coffee and made a list of things I wanted to do with Ethan while I was with him and the first thing on the list was to lose my virginity. Just imagining my first time with the love of my life set my heart racing and my panties flooded with lust.

Knowing my thirst wouldn't be quenched until I saw him, I rushed home to do the next best thing. Once I reached the house, I flung the door open and ran to my bedroom pulling my replacement boyfriend from the drawer and stripping down to my birthday suit. Laying down on the bed, I turned it on and rubbed it up and down my swollen lips that were quivering with need.

The pulsations rippled through my body sending jolts of satisfying electricity across my skin, intensifying the orgasm threatening to blow down the walls of my room and shatter me into a million pieces. I gripped the sheets with my free hand as my clit pulsated out the rest of my release making me scream into my pillow. I laid there, limp with delight as my heart rate came down. I only hope Ethan was as good as that but just in case, this little guy was coming with me to Sweden.

What do you think Ethan will say when Britt shows up in Sweden? I hope it's everything she wished for and that she gets some extra special treatment.

Well, well, well! Now we know who she called, Colin! At least he didn't try anything and seems to be very supportive of her new relationship but I can't say the same about how Britt feels about his. Could there be something wrong with Arabella or is Britt just being jealous.

This girl really needs to get laid. I mean sure, vibrators can get the job done but there is nothing like a good rump in the sheets to really make your toes curl!!!!!

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