Make Me Yours, Master

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I Wish This Night Would Never End

His fingers danced inside me bringing me to the brink time and time again before I finally gave in and surrendered to his will.

"Aughhhhh." The pleasure that burst inside me spread throughout my entire body making my toes curl and every muscle in my stomach tense.

Looking down at him while he was still between my legs, my eyes widened when he pulled his finger out and stuck them in his mouth. His sexy, carnal act did something to me and he knew it. Smirking, he leaned forward and sucked my clit into his mouth. The still sensitive little bundle of nerves made me jump as he flicked his tongue around it sending me spiraling into another intense orgasm.

Reaching down, I grabbed his hair in my hands and tugged on it making him bite down lightly sending shivers across my chest.

"Greedy, are we?" He said in a low, deep voice.

The tingles returned and I knew I wouldn't be able to take it any longer if he kept teasing me. He crawled up my body while kissing my belly then my chest before landing on my lips. I could taste myself on him and my pussy began to throb again. If it was possible to be this turned on without actually having sex, I couldn't wait for him to be inside me.

Reaching down between us, I unzipped his pants then helped him slid them off his body. He rocked himself against my wet core and groaned and suddenly I became nervous. Tara's words about pain came to mind but I couldn't let this ruin it for me. With pain comes pleasure, right?

I rubbed him through his boxers as he hovered over me, trying to hold back any last shred of self-control he had before he slammed himself down on top of me, rubbing his hard, boxer, covered dick against my clit. The thin piece of material keeping him from being inside me was brushing my swollen lips and he if wasn't going to take them off, I was.

Slipping my fingers under the elastic, I pushed them down letting his manhood spring free. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw his size but he quickly covered my mouth with his and rocked his hips, making the head of his dick slide between my wet folds.

I reached down as he rubbed himself against me and placed my hand around him, letting him slip through my hands as he thrust back and forth. His thickness was impressive, yet it felt soft and velvety. Tiny beads of liquid started to seep from the head and I wanted to run my tongue over the slit, letting the saltiness linger but I knew he wanted to be inside of me.

Letting him go as he pulled away from me, he sat back on his heels while he reached down on the floor and pulled a condom from his pocket. I watched in amazement, frozen to the bed beneath me as he tore the package and rolled the clear sheet over the head of his cock then all the way down his shaft.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked me with so much love in his eyes that something inside me cracked open.

"Yes." I said in a desperate whisper. "Please, Ethan."

He lowered himself between my legs and looked into my eyes while he pushed slowly against my opening. Taking deep breaths to relax, I placed my hands on his chest, preparing for the immense pain I was about to experience when he leaned down and kissed me softly. The kiss deepened as he pressed himself further into me, tearing through my virtue in one swift thrust.

Pain shot through me as I felt my virginity being taken and I cried out making him pause to let me adjust to the intrusive act and to his size. Slowly, he pulled out a little making me whence again from the sting then he thrust in again. He kissed me, cupping my face as he continued his slow, cautious pace while I tried to relax.

Warmth began to spread from the bottom of my toes to the tip of my head and pleasure replaced the soreness I once felt.

"You feel so good, Brittany."

"Mhmmmmm." I began moaning as he trailed kisses all the way down my neck and chest then pulled my nipple into his mouth.

All these different sensations were making me dizzy, intoxicated with pure bliss as his thrusts became harder and faster. He gripped my breast in his hand and twirled his tongue around my nipple, licking and teasing with his teeth. He nipped at it making me scream, throwing my head against the pillow.

I could feel my belly tightening again and I clamped down on him making him hiss.

"Fuck, you're so tight."

Placing his forehead against mine, I ran my fingers down his cheek as he closed his eyes and tried to hold off but I knew he wasn't going to last much longer, and neither was I. Running my thumb along his lips, he parted them then sucked on it and I lost it.

"I'm cumming, Ethan."

He continued sucking my finger as he pounded harder into me then bit down making me come apart at the seams.

"Aughhhhhhhhh. Fuckkkkkkkk. Oh yes, yes, yessssssss."

Ripples of ecstasy floated through my body as my release spurred his on, making him grunt out unintelligible words. He jerked a few times before falling down onto the bed beside me and pulled me into his chest. We both laid there trying to catch our breaths as total gratification made me limp.

Shutting my eyes, I let exhaustion take over and fell asleep in his arms. Warmth, safety, and happiness were all I could dream about. My virginity was finally gone and now that this little obstacle was out of the way, nothing was stopping me from being his, completely.

Light filtered through my blinds, kissing my eyelids with warmth as I fluttered them open. Ethan's arm was draped over my belly while he slept on his stomach. The sheets were barely covering his muscular back and stopped just above his butt giving me the perfect glimpse of his amazing body.

Heat returned to my belly as I remembered last night. How gentle and caring he was, totally different from what I imagined knowing that he was a dom. Then I began thinking about what it would be like to be his, totally his. Kneeling before him as he held my pleasure in his hands, like dangling a dogs favorite toy right in their face but just out of reach.

"Like what you see?" His husky morning voice caught me off guard and I blushed realizing I had been caught during my erotic daydream.

"Absolutely." I replied rolling onto my side and kissing his shoulder. "Now, you stay here while I make us breakfast."

Lifting his arm up, I placed it on his side as I slide out from besides him. Soreness wracked my body and I inhaled deeply when moving made everything hurt.

He pulled me back towards him and said "A little sore this morning?"

"Just a little." I replied as he crawled on top of me.

He peppered my body with kisses before he said, "Do you know what makes the soreness go away?"

Moaning as his warm breath tickled my skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. "What?" I said breathlessly at his mercy.

"A little more exercise." Diving down to my pussy, he began licking and sucking every inch of skin he could, sending me into another lustful frenzy.

I began to squirm, trying to release the pressure building inside when his grip on my thighs tightened and he slipped two fingers inside me. Meeting him thrust for thrust, I rocked my hips faster and faster. He pulled his fingers out making me huff in frustration as he grabbed another condom.

As soon as he had it on, he pushed into me then stilled letting me get used to him again before slowly pulling out and easing back in. His slow, hard thrusts were driving me crazy but it felt so good and soon I was ready to burst.

"Cum for me, Brittany."

Before the last syllable left his lips, I screamed out while he followed with his own undoing. He pulled out and disposed of the condom before coming back to bed and laying beside me. His cocky smile said everything but I wasn't going to admit it.

"Now can I make us breakfast?" I asked with a smile.

"Only if I can help."

We laid there for a little while longer before our belly's began rumbling. Groaning, I got up and grabbed his shirt, slipped it on and buttoned it then ran out to the kitchen. Seconds later he appeared right behind me with a pair of sweat pants hanging dangerously low on his hips.

We laughed and danced around the kitchen as I made chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and eggs. We talked about everything under the sun as we fed each other tiny bites of food when the front door swung open and Tara walked in.

She looked between the both of us, noticing what I was wearing and said, "It's about time."

Feeling like I was about to die from embarrassment, I dropped my head into my hands as she came running up to me and pulled me into a hug. When she released me I slapped her arm and she chuckled then said, "Good morning, Ethan." Then walked into her room and shut the door.

"At least she didn't walk in on us this time." He said laughing from her intrusion.

I threw my towel at him before running off to my room to get dressed as he ran behind me. He grabbed me around my waist and picked me up then spun me around as I squealed.

"Knock it off you two, I don't want to hear what's about to happen." Tara screamed from down the hall.

"How about we get out of here and give her some privacy? Besides, I want to take you somewhere." He asked as he placed me down on my feet and kissed the top of my head.

Well, it finally happened. The moment we have all been waiting for. Was it everything you expected? It was for me, if not, I don't really care, lol!!!

Will this change things for Britt? Will she finally tell Ethan her deep, dark secret? And will he tell her what he's been hiding, even though she already knows!

I'm so happy that he thinks she's special enough to not be controlled in the bedroom her first time but will Britt give away her secrets if she can't control her hormones?

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