Make Me Yours, Master

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Sneaky Little Vixen

The club was a lot less busy tonight than it usually is during the week but it was probably because of the snow. A storm was heading our way and everyone was preparing for power outages that were sure to come. I grabbed my bag and went to the door, quickly pulling it open to escape from the frigid temperatures outside.

"Well I surely didn't expect to see you tonight." Mistress said as she walked towards me.

"I have to get as much training in as I can if I want to make a good sub. Right?" I said with a smirk on my face.

Being sarcastic with her was like hanging a nice piece of juicy meat in front of a starving lion. I knew she wasn't going to be happy once we crossed the threshold of her room.

"Keep talking like that and I'll gag you."

She turned on her heel as my mouth dropped from her words. She wouldn't really do that, would she? I suddenly became nervous and my feet wouldn't move.

When she realized I wasn't behind her she looked back over her shoulder and said, "You've still got a ways to go if you plan on being a good sub."

My feet jolted towards her, like they were under her spell, propelling me forward to the locker room. I quickly changed and beat her to the room, assuming my position when I heard the beeps from the electric pad on the other side of the door. Just like every time before, a little tingle of excitement crept up my spine as the breeze from the hall came rushing in.

Her heels clicked against the floor and again I was unsure if she was still peeved from my earlier comment or she was testing me. She ran her fingertips along my shoulder and over my chest as she walked towards the drawer.

"I have to admit, Britt, I never thought you would make it this far. The last time we were here, you surprised me. I expected you to fold as soon as I started pushing your limits but you held out and that says something. It means you are starting to become more disciplined."

I felt a rush of pride fill my heart as she opened the drawer, grabbed something from it then closed it back, throwing the mystery toy on top with a thud. Her arsenal was ever changing and just when I thought I had seen everything she introduced something new to me.

She started walking and the closer she got the more nervous I was. I knew she wouldn't cross that line again after last time but it was my fault she pushed it. I instigated that fight and earned the worst punishment because of it. I wasn't going to do that again and I had faith that she wouldn't either.

Just before she reached me her phone rang and I knew she was internally cursing herself for forgetting it in her pocket. Her biggest pet peeve was being interrupted during one of her sessions so all phones were to be turned off and left in the locker room.

I knelt there patiently as she answered then my heart sank when she said, "Uh Zeus, hello."

I nearly fell over when I realized Ethan was on the other line and at any moment he could come over. She had also enlisted him in my training and if he knew I was here, he would certainly want to come by to see my progress. He had never been hands on at practice but I had a feeling it was because he knew I wasn't good enough to work with him just yet.

"I'm in the middle of a session right now...No...I uh have a new sub...No, Sir...Yes, Sir...I'll get her ready." She lowered her hand with the phone still in it as she ended the call.

I tensed so hard from what I had just heard that I was beginning to grate my teeth together.

"Ok. Let's not panic. You have been doing very well with hiding your identity while you've been here that it won't be hard to continue doing it." She said as she paced around the room in a frenzy.

Meanwhile, my heart was beating so fast I felt like I was going to faint. There was no way I would be able to get away with this, he had already seen me naked and he would for sure see my tattoo. I reached for my side as Mistress came running over to me and said, "Cover it. NOW!" She threw the tube of makeup at me then rushed around the room to make it look like we had been working for a while so he wouldn't have to be in there for too long.

"Quickly. And after you cover it, go into the bathroom and splash water all over your chest to make it look like you've worked up a good sweat."

I jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Opening the tube with trembling hands, I squeezed a quarter sized dot onto my fingers and began rubbing it over my tattoo. When I was done, I splashed water all over my face and chest, repositioned my wig then replaced my cover. I opened the door and ran back into the room, unsure what to do next.

"He'll be here in five minutes. Kneel."

I quickly fell to my knees and waited for the rest of her instructions but before she could speak, the keypad began beeping and the door handle jiggled. We both froze like two statues as he entered the room. I heard his boots getting closer to me and I hoped that the room was dark enough that he wouldn't recognize the lack of marks on my body from our "strenuous" time tonight.

"Mistress." He said as he walked a slow circle around me. I could feel his eyes examining every inch of me, making mental notes of my positioning. "How have your sessions be going?"

"She has shown a lot of improvements since you were last here."

I heard him hum with approval but I still felt horrible kneeling here with this enormous secret all while he thought he was helping train some Russian diplomats insubordinate daughter.

After his examination, he walked over towards the couch in the corner and sat down. He was quiet for a while, no doubt waiting for us to return to our session but neither Mistress nor I knew what to do at this point.

"Show me what you two have been working on." He said roughly as if his whole demeanor changed once he stepped foot into this role.

I would be lying if I wasn't completely turned on from it but I was also petrified that I would do something stupid and blow my secret right in front of him.

"With all do respect, Zeus, I think she has had enough for tonight. I wasn't particularly easy on her earlier and I think she is done."

"Even though I believe you know what's in the best interest of your subs, the lack of marks on her body and the fact that everything in this room was intricately placed to make it look as if you two have been hard at work, makes me believe you haven't even started."

Mistress began to stutter and the fear I was experiencing earlier began to creep back into my throat as she wobbly began to walk towards the cabinet and grabbed something. She then returned to where I was standing and said, "Place your hands behind your back."

She trembled as she put the handcuffs on my wrists and tugged on them to make sure they were secured before she walked back around me. "Stand up."

I stood as she commanded and stiffened when she placed her hands on my shoulders and guided me towards the end of the room. She turned me around and pushed me against the wall, leaned in and quietly whispered into my ear, "We're going to put on a show. I won't do anything I haven't done before. Just be a good girl and you won't have to worry about him interfering. He will be watching us very closely and don't be surprised if he gives his input or attempts to intervene."

I shuttered as I thought about what she was about to do to me in front of my boyfriend. He had no clue who I was and he was about to witness me getting my ass handed to me and enjoy it.

"Spread your legs and lean forward, letting your body lightly rest against the wall."

I did just as she said as eloquently as I could knowing his eyes were trained on me and once I was in position I waited. The anticipation was killing me but I was actually beginning to relax some. I don't know if it was the fact that him being in the room made me feel secure or turned on that he was about to see the show. Although a small part of me was angry that he was here watching another woman, who happens to be his girlfriend, get pleasured by someone else.

For the next two hours, Mistress and I continued our little show as he sat quietly in the corner. I thought for sure he would have stepped in by now or at least made a comment but nothing. After Mistress had completely exhausted me, he excused himself and left us to finish up.

After the door closed and he was gone, Mistress released me from the table and looked just as perplexed as I was. The whole thing was strange and it made me feel even more uncomfortable knowing that Mistress was just as confused as I was.

"Go get dressed and meet me in my office." She said as she walked out the door.

When I arrived tonight, I was expecting to learn something new but instead I was put to the test and now I had to keep up a lie I should never have started in the first place.

Well who saw that coming? And what did you think when Mistress suddenly changed her tune on the phone with Zeus? Seems she isn't very good at lying to him. And did she really think she could get away with pretending to have already done an intense session with Britt?

I don't think he is buying this for one minute and I only see bad things happening from here on out.

Thank you all for sticking with me while I finished my other story. I am sorry for the delayed updates but I haven't had much inspiration nor did I have a plan of where I wanted this story to go up until a few days ago. I promise you will be getting more regular updates here on out now that I only have one story to focus on.

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