Make Me Yours, Master

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Ethan's POV

After I dropped Brittany off at her house, I got the feeling she was hiding something from me. We had been having an amazing time since I got home and last night was probably the greatest night I had ever spent with a woman, especially since I had finally made her mine but when I suggested we meet for supper tonight she got nervous and made up an excuse not to.

I knew right away something was up but I didn’t push it and instead decided to use my free time to get some work done. Julia was still trying to fix things on her own back in Sweden and I agreed to let her but I told her I was still going to put the final approval on anything she was going to send to the feuding companies.

Every road was jammed with traffic and as I drove to the office and I noticed that the sidewalks were eerily bare. Everyone who wasn’t already trying to get home, was staying in due to the winter advisory that was predicted to hit in the next twenty four hours. I didn’t have much to worry about since my house was wired for any power outages but I made a mental note to make sure Brittany was finished with her plans and with me before the weather started to get bad.

I turned into the parking lot and drove into the garage, making sure to park where I could get out easily just in case the storm was moving faster than predicted. Once I was out the car, I unlocked the back door and went to my office. Everyone had already gone home so I welcomed the peaceful quiet.

Pulling my laptop from my bag, I opened it and immediately turned it on, anticipating dozens of emails from Julia. When I finally got into it, there were only two. One from her and another from an unknown sender. I eyed the second one and stuck it in my spam folder while opening Julia’s and reading through it. I made some changes before sending it back to her.

I was about to close out my browser when another email came through with the subject line, Open me, NOW! The majority of these emails usually consisted of some desperate company trying to sell me enhancement pills or a scam about my rich uncle in Africa who left me his entire fortune. I was about to send it to my spam folder when I accidently opened it finding a photograph of a woman with red hair and a bag in her hands walking into my club.

I didn’t give much thought about it and closed it out but something about it bugged me. Who was this and why were they sending this to me? I examined the photo but it was too blurry and far away to recognize the woman. Next, I tried to trace the email for more information about the sender and how they got my contact but whoever it was had gone through great lengths to assure I couldn’t find out.

After a few hours of getting nowhere with my search, I decided to give Mistress a call to see how things had been at the club. Also, there was still the matter of helping her train Katiya. I still don’t know why I agreed to it but something about it enticed me and when I met her, I felt like she needed this. I couldn’t explain it but it was like if I could turn her into the woman she wanted to be, I could maybe get back into training but since I fell for Brittany, I didn’t want to do it anymore.

I grabbed my phone and found her contact then called her. She picked up after a few rings and when she answered so harshly, I figured she had forgotten to turn off her phone while she was in her session. No doubt with her new toy.


“Uh Zeus, hello”

“Are you busy?”

“I’m in the middle of a session right now.” She said hastily.

“I figured as much. Are you with Katiya?”

“No...I uh have a new sub.”

“Are you lying to me?” If there was one thing I knew, it was when someone was lying to me and Mistress was one person who could never tell a lie.

“No, Sir.” She said with a hint of fear in her voice. She knew that I could make her pay for that her mishap so she wasn’t about to get on my bad side.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes and I expect to be blown away.”

“Yes, Sir...I’ll get her ready.”

Her tone was short and frantic before she ended the call and I knew she hadn’t gotten too far in her session before I called but something about our phone call had me intrigued. She had never been this distracted that she left her phone on, let alone answered it while in the middle of a session. She had to be hiding something and if my call wasn’t enough proof, my mention of a impromptu visit had surely gotten her worked up.

I headed downstairs to the car and drove to the club, only making it in 5 minutes due to the lack of traffic on the road. When I drove up behind the building, where me and the guys parked, I noticed none of them were there besides Mistress. Badging in, the door unlocked and I pulled on it. Once I was inside I made my way to her room and entered the code.

When I got inside, Katiya was kneeling on the floor and Mistress was standing behind her. The room looked like a mess, but it looked more like it had been staged than actually properly used. I walked towards the trembling woman and the closer I got the more my suspicions were raised. Something was going on here and it wasn’t a normal training session.

I circled around her, examining how stiff she was and said, “Mistress, how have your sessions been going?”

“She has shown a lot of improvements since you were last here.”

"Hmm." I replied as I watched her kneeling in her position. Her posture was perfect and she hadn't moved a centimeter the entire time I walked around her. In fact, I would have thought she was a mannequin if I hadn't seen her breathing so heavily.

I turned towards the couch in the corner and walked to it, sat down then commanded, “Show me what you two have been working on.”

Mistress nearly choked as she answered me, “With all do respect, Zeus, I think she has had enough for tonight. I wasn’t particularly easy on her earlier and I think she is done.”

“Even though I believe you know what’s in the best interest of your subs, the lack of marks on her body and the fact that everything in this room was intricately placed to make it look as if you two have been hard at work, makes me believe you haven’t even started.” Her eyes widened and she knew she had been caught.

She stuttered before she spoke to her. “Place your hands behind your back.”

Her hands began to shake as she delicately placed the cuffs on her wrists. Then she tugged on it softly and walked off as she said, “Stand up.”

Katiya bolted up in perfect form as soon as the last syllable left Mistress's lips. She stiffened when Mistress touched her and brought her towards the wall, turning her around and pushing her against it lightly. I tilted my head as she leaned in and quietly whispered something to her before saying, “Spread your legs and lean forward letting your body barely touch the wall.”

I watched as she slowly and gracefully spread her legs, noticing there was something familiar about her. Everything she did puzzled me and I couldn't help but feel like I knew this girl from somewhere. She moved with such poise and everything she did was effortless and the closer I watched her the more I started to think she was strangely similar to Brittany.

My thoughts eventually consumed me so much that I couldn't watch this little charade they were putting on but instead I kept trying to figure out where I knew this girl from and if there was any possible way it could be my girlfriend. There was no way she would ever have gotten into something like this, she was too innocent. I doubt she even knew this world existed yet I still needed proof. There had to be something here that could disprove my speculation.

For the next two hours, Mistress went through the motions while I stewed in the corner, quietly examining every inch of her. It was dark in the room so some things about her weren't exactly easy to see. Her curves favored Brittany's but she had no tattoo, unless she covered it up. I had a sudden gush of anger and needed to get out of here before I did something I regretted and potentially caused a scene.

I got up from the couch and headed out the door, straight for the locker room. Knowing it would be empty for the next few minutes, I ran inside in search of something, anything to prove my theory wrong. I turned the corner and saw a bag on the table. Inside was a cell phone and a set of keys. I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed her number.

When I heard the buzz from inside the bag, my heart dropped as I was just about to grab it but the door opened catching me off guard. I ran around the other corner as the naked girl from the room came in. She stood in front of the bag, paralyzed in her spot as if she had just seen a ghost before she pulled the mesh cover off her head, then removed her wig.

I couldn't believe my eyes. There Brittany stood, standing fully naked in my club. Anger rushed through my body like pure hot lava and I stepped around the corner gritting my teeth while shouting her name, "Brittany?"

What in the frickin heck???????? This is going to be bad, very bad. Not only did he know she was up to something about her lame ass excuse for not wanting to go out with him but how did she not think he wouldn't recognize her in the club. Just because her face was covered doesn't mean he wouldn't know what she looked like naked.

I surely hope he doesn't do anything hastily or is too harsh on her, not that she doesn't deserve it but he needs to hear her out. What do you think will happen?

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