Make Me Yours, Master

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Ethan’s POV

Hearing her scream in despair after I left, made my blood boil. Did she really think I would stop and listen to anything she had to say right now? Even Mistress knew I needed time to cool off before I even thought about giving her a chance to explain.

My phone kept ringing but hitting the decline button every minute was distracting me so I eventually turned it off. I couldn’t think right now let alone talk. I just knew I needed to get out of there before I blew up.

Once I reached the main highway, I knew she would try to come after me so I went to the only place I knew she wouldn’t be able to find me. I reached the hanger in record time and just before the snow started to fall. The pilot had the plane fueled up and ready to go and as soon as I stepped foot inside, he pulled the stairs up and took off for Sweden. We weren’t heading into the path of the storm so there was no reason we couldn’t leave now so when Ace said we were clear for takeoff I shut my eyes and tried to relax.

Unfortunately, images of mistress touching and paddling my girlfriend made it hard for me to sleep. I kept replaying the whole night over and over again in my head, getting angrier at the whole situation. How could they do this to me? Even when Mistress knew about the deceit I had been through with my last sub. She was there when I fell apart and saw the damage left with all her drama. Was she that determined to get me back into the game, that she went along with this stupid plan of Brittany’s?

Whatever her reasoning was, it was not ok. I would not stand for this kind of betrayal but I couldn’t be near either of them right now, which is why I left. I know not answering them would leave them both in a worried panic but they deserved it. They deserved to wallow in self-pity for the unforeseeable future. Who knows when or if I would talk to them again!

My eyes were beginning to burn from anger again. I wasn’t just pissed, I was seething and no matter how many miles I put between us, it still wouldn’t be enough. I needed something to help me forget, someone I knew all too well. Grabbing the crystal carafe of amber liquid, I placed a few cubes of ice in the glass, chasing it with a generous portion of whiskey. The first sip burned as it slid down my throat but it was a welcome feeling compared to the knife in my back.

Ten hours later, I was worse of a mood than when I first got on the plane and a whole fifth down. My eyes began to shut on their own despite my efforts to keep them open but eventually I gave in and let them close. The look on her face when she realized I had caught her in a lie, haunted my dreams. The disappointment reflecting back in my eyes was even worse. I know leaving without letting her explain was a mistake but not knowing what I would do next was sure to be a bigger one.

I was jolted awake when the landing gear dropped down, alerting me to our arrival. Julia was not going to be happy when she saw me so I decided to go straight to my apartment to nurse the hangover that had suddenly replaced my foul mood. I was still mad but at the moment I didn’t care, I needed something for the throbbing in my head. Once the plane landed, the stairs were opened and I was finally able to stretch my legs. I grabbed my computer bag, the only thing that was in my car when I decided to flee, and descended the stairs straight into the awaiting car.

Watching the trees as we passed by, I couldn’t help but notice how the scant branches reflected my soul. Just like how a winter storm causes their leaves to be ripped off, Brittany had done the same to me. Only, she came into my life with such force and with one stupid lie, broke my heart. After arriving at the apartment, my buzz was starting to wear off and all the emotions I had suppressed from last night as well as the last two years came flooding back. All the pain hit me like a truck and I was forced to relive it.

Darrah was a misery from the start, always whining about our sessions and trying to get out of punishments by distracting me. I should have known she wasn’t sub material but she had me wrapped around her finger from the moment I met her. She wanted to learn but she wasn’t good at doing what she was told and I continued to let her call the shots. I gave her everything and she used it to destroy me. She lied and manipulated me and everyone around me, including my partners. She almost destroyed our friendships and my business with her accusations but luckily Julia knew a snake when she saw one and didn’t let that happen.

Shaking my head, I tried to erase her memory but I couldn’t. The sad thing is, I was actually starting to heal when Brittany came around. She was the complete opposite of that she-devil and from what I could tell, a potentially damn good sub, with the proper training.

“What the fuck am I saying? She lied to me. Her and mistress!’ I screamed to myself as I threw my bag on the floor.

Dropping to the couch, I laid down, flinging my arm over my eyes to soothe the ache from the sun gleaming in through my window and tried to forget everything but that wasn’t happening. Three loud knocks against my door shook me from my pitiful state. I wasn’t sure it was real until I heard her voice on the other side of the door.

“Ethan, open the goddamn door, now!”

Great! How did she know I was home? I pulled myself from the couch, wondering if I should even open the door when she began pounding on it again and pain shot through my head like an arrow.

“Alright, just quit the banging!” I screamed right back.

“If you don’t hurry up and open this door I’ll kick it down then bang on your head!”

She was such a bitch sometimes! I swung the door open to find a fiery blonde in a boot staring back at me. I knew I was in trouble but I didn’t really care. She had seen me much worse and helped me back to life but this time was different. I didn’t think I could come back from this.

She pushed me aside and walked into the apartment, stood in the middle of the living room and turned around like a flaming tornado. “Want to tell me why you’re back so soon?”

Her hands were sitting on her hips, gripping them so tightly her knuckles were turning white. I stared at her contemplating whether I should tell her or not when she began tapping her foot so hard I was sure she would put it through my floor.

“We have work to do, don’t we?” I said gruffly, ignoring her attitude.

“You’ve only been gone for two days. Now you either ran away or you just missed me so much that you had to see me!” She smirked as she crossed her arms over her chest. She knew something but how? Mistress! I examined her face as she walked towards me and said, “You can’t run from problems, Ethan.”

“Why not?” I pouted out as I sat in one of my armchairs pulling at my tie and throwing it on the floor.

She sat on the ottoman across from me and placed her hand on my knee saying, “I don’t know what happened but I know you. You get mad, throw fit, shut down then expect me to pick up the pieces. That’s why you come here. And as much as I owe you and would love to help, this is something you fix on your own!”

As much as I hated to hear it, she was right. I always ran from my problems but it’s just how I am. I never committed to anything other than a physical, sexual relationship and when Darrah fucked me over, I didn’t think I could ever have feelings for anyone again. Until Brittany.

“I don’t need to fix anything. She did that when she lied to me.” I said through gritted teeth.

She huffed and pulled her hand away, stood up and walked towards the door. I sat there staring at the blank space in front of me as she opened the door and said, “When you cool off, talk to me.”

She slammed the door behind her sending another jolt of pain through my head. Grumbling, I stood up and headed to the bathroom. She was right, I needed to deal with this on my own this time but I just wasn’t ready to yet.

Oh no, Ethan went back to Sweden! Britt and Mistress will be so worried and if it weren’t for the blizzard that took over, they both would have gone after him.

Do you think Britt will ever get to explain? Will he ever come back or do you think he is done with them both for good? What will the guys say?

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