Make Me Yours, Master

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The Email

Two weeks had gone by since the worst party I'd ever been to in my life. I had been asked to cook at the diner, only because Rick's regular cook broke his arm and he didn't have anyone to take his place. But I was happy to be on the other side for a while, away from human contact, so that I could work on my artful food dishes. Rick had no choice but to let me revamp the menu into a more gourmet one for a while, although I kept the same items, I just added a more sophisticated flare and the compliments didn't go unnoticed. The news spread about the improved menu and soon we had a packed restaurant every night.

"Britt I need two specials, a seared tuna appetizer and a grilled cheese."

"Ok coming up."

I grabbed the skillet and threw in the meatloaf slices, then placed the tri-colored potato quarters in a pan and began to fry them. I buttered the corn and rolled them in the special spice mix I made then placed the cobs on the grill. I seared the tuna strips then placed them on a plate with the mango pepper jelly in the center and rang the bell. After the appetizer was out I buttered both sides of a brioche bun and toasted it lightly. Once they were warmed I dressed it with mayo, a slice of tomato, and three different kinds of cheese, and pressed it with the panini grill.

The meatloaf, potatoes and corn were done and plated when the grilled cheese was ready to be sliced. I added a few apple slices to the plate and sent them with the waiter out the door. I could almost hear the customers mouth watering when it was placed in front of them and I couldn't help but smile.

"Britt you did it again. Table 8 couldn't stop raving about your food. All of it! They said it was better than the restaurant down towns food and much cheaper."

I laughed thinking about his statement, I've been to all the restaurants in this town and I had only dreamed of being as good as one of those chefs my entire life. I guess all my hard work was beginning to pay off. I finished prepping the vegetables for the line and was taking a break when I got an email notification. I opened it and nearly fainted when I started reading.

"Ms. Richard's, we are pleased to inform you that your application has been reviewed and has been selected for participation. Please read and review all rules and regulations before agreeing to the terms. Once you have done this please click on the link below and submit your answer before October 31st. All responses after that date will be null and void and you will NOT be placed into our program. Your immediate reply is appreciated..."

I stared at the email and re read it a dozen times before I exited out the screen and stood their in complete disbelief. This was really happening But should I really do this? Of course you should do this, you damn idiot! I shook my head, my subconscious was a horny little devil and if it were her decision I would have lost my virginity years ago in high school when Jimmy Baker kissed me at the senior prom.

I put my phone back in my pocket and walked inside to finish prepping for tomorrow morning. The customers had finally stopped coming in around 12am and the whole staff was grateful for the break. We sat at the counter and drank coffee when the door chimed again letting us know more people had entered. I groaned as I stood back up on my aching feet and shuffled back to the kitchen. 10 minutes later I was filling up 6 cups of coffee, the vanilla bean latte special of the week, and sending them out the door.

"Ok, Britt you've got your work cut out for you tonight. Table 3 wants two orders of crepes, a veggie quiche, a chicken special, medium-rare New York strip, and a cheesecake."

If he thought that was hard he obviously didn't know me. I smiled as I placed the ticket on the counter and got to work. The chicken and quiche were the longest to cook so it got those started first. Once they were in the oven I got to work on making the filling for the crepes, blueberry and strawberry purée with mascarpone crema. Next was the sautéed green beans.

Once the quiche was done rising and the chicken was crisped I pulled them out the oven and slapped the chicken on the griddle to finish the golden crust. The quiche was ready and set aside while the crepes were being prepared. After they were plated I drizzled the honey syrup over top and finished with a light dusting of powdered sugar and a mint leaf. The steak was added to it's plate along with the green beans and the chicken was placed over a bed of cinnamon glazed carrots on a cast iron skillet serving plate with honey mustard dipping sauce on the side. The cheesecake was sliced and topped with a spicy Cajun gravy, then sprinkled with parsley and garlic crunchies.

I rang the bell and waited for it all to get delivered to the table, eager to hear their responses when everything arrived. I held my breath as I watched Mason grab the plates and brought them over, making sure to brag about my mad cooking skills as he worked. I heard laughing and praises and soon Mason was bursting through the door with a huge smile on his face.

"Well, I have heard a lot of compliments tonight, but nothing compared to the words that were just spoken at that table. Britt, they loved it, like I swear one of them is a critic because he eyed the food suspiciously at first, turning the plate side to side then looked skeptically at his friends who had all dug in before him, then he took a bite of his food. I swear I saw a sparkle in his eye when the fork left his mouth. He actually hummed and his friends stared at him in disbelief like they had never seen him eat anything that good in their lives."

My face reddened as I held in my excitement. He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook them while he jumped up and down taking me with him. We were laughing and spinning around the kitchen when the door opened and one of the other waiters came in and joined us.

"Britt you really have made this place better. I know Rick was against it at first but I don't think he'll ever let you go now. We've gotten more business in the last three nights than we have in a month and that says a lot for a diner."

"I know you guys and I'm really enjoying it and there's so much more I want to do but I know it couldn't have happened unless I had this opportunity. And you guys deserve some credit too! I heard you talking about my food and I can't thank you enough for encouraging them to try it."

I pulled them both into a hug and couldn't help the smile that had taken over my face. After the excitement wore off it was finally time to go home. I was exhausted but too amped up to sleep so when I walked through the door I sat on the couch and pulled up my email on the laptop. I needed to make a decision soon because I only had 10 days until the deadline. Tara was right I needed to do this so I could focus on my future and if letting go of this part of myself did it then I was all too eager to accept.

The email was a generic acceptance statement and so were the expectations. I clicked the attachments and read through every single rule, some of which I had to google because I wasn't even aware of what they were. After I did it I felt a lot more comfortable with the situation, they seemed to really take every precaution needed and seemed to care about their participants even down to their mental state.

I closed my eyes and hit accept praying that I was doing the right thing. I mean I knew there was no one worth my time here, and trust me I'd dated enough jackasses in the past to know that, but was buying someone the best way? I mean I guess I can look at it as a business deal right? I huffed and threw myself back against the couch cushions. There was no turning back now and once November came around I would be a new woman.

I pulled myself off the couch and walked to my room falling onto the bed where I quickly passed out. If I weren't so tired I would have changed clothes but I couldn't even lift my arms to do that so staying just like I was would have to do.

When I finally woke up, I could hear people talking in the living room. Not wanting to be bothered I jumped in the shower and let the water clear my mind. Once again all the stress left me as I rubbed the soap along my arms, down my belly and across my thighs. I shivered as the tiny little bubbles, created from the back and forth friction of my towel, popped along my skin leaving a little ring of residue in its wake. I rinsed off then grabbed my towel patting the drops of water from my body, then threw it on the floor and scampered into my room.

Once I was dressed I crept out the door, hoping Tara was entertaining her friend in her room, and tiptoed to the kitchen for something to eat. I skipped both my breaks last night because we were so busy and the only food I did manage to get were some leftover pieces of the alligator and shrimp cheescake that didn't even count as a bite.

When I reached the hallway I heard the familiar sounds of sex coming from her room and I couldn't help but stand there in embarrassment. Tara never kept the door open but this time there was a crack in it letting their moans and screams escape through the narrow slit. I covered my ears and quickly ran to my room. Oh my gosh, was that what I would sound like in a few weeks?

Awe I'm so glad she got to cook at the diner! Now maybe she'll see how good she really is!

Isn't she so funny how embarrassed she is about sex?

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