Make Me Yours, Master

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Lessons On Sex

I had to be back at work for 3pm and after I accidentally overheard Tara and her friend I couldn't help but feel a little turned on. It grossed me out to admit it but just hearing their bodies slapping together and their gratifying cries made my body long for that kind of connection. Even if it was meant to be a one time thing I couldn't wait until it was my turn, I only hoped it was worth the wait.

As soon as I closed my eyes I imagined myself lying on a bed of black silk sheets with a blindfold over my eyes, my arms bond together above my head and my legs spread wide. His commands were stern and just his voice had me leaking all over the sheets. He ran his finger from my foot all the way up my thigh then over my belly ending on my chest where he circled my nipples causing them to become hard and taut from his attention. He pulled one, eliciting a desperate gasp from my lips, making my back arch off the bed. He released it from his grip leaving me whimpering from the loss of his touch.

I could hear everything going on around me but the anticipation of when he would touch me again made my legs clench together, trying to ease the throbbing in between them. Suddenly the bed dipped and his hands were gripping my inner thighs, peeling them apart, then massaging them as he worked his way up to my wet folds. He almost reached my womanhood but stopped a few centimeters short then moved his hands back down towards my knees, repeating the torturous action several times driving me insane from his teasing.

I groaned in desperation when he ran his warm tongue between my needy slit. I jolted from the surprise attack and started shaking because of the tingles spreading from my belly down to my clit. He pushed a finger inside of my tight little hole then slowly pulled it out while I began to shake vigorously. He did it again only this time he continued pumping it in and out while he sucked on my swollen nub, occasionally grazing it with his teeth making my pussy gush as I cried out from the orgasm that wracked my body.

"Your pussy tastes so fucking good."

His soft lips trailed a wet line from my clit to my neck where he began kissing and sucking my soft skin. His dick twitched against my stomach and a sudden flood of nerves filled me. I took a few deep breathes as he ran his tip up and down my slit, coating it with his juices then pushed against my entrance carefully.

"Relax, but tell me to stop if it becomes too much." His husky voice made me release all the tension from my body.

"Ok." I huffed out as he pushed himself in further.

He gripped underneath my thighs pushing my legs wider and further up to my chest, spreading me for his enourmous size and in one quick thrust he buried himself in my virgin hole, tearing through my purity, making him my first lover. I gripped the sheets above my head as I screamed out in pain when he began thrusting in and out at a slow tempo as the discomfort subsided and the pleasure took over.

"Fuck you're so tight, I just want to cum in this little pussy of yours!"

"Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss! Yesssssss fuckkkkkkkk." I screamed as another orgasm plowed into me making the whole bed shake in delight.

I felt someone shaking my shoulder and I jumped from the sudden intrusion and nearly fell from my bed.

"What were you dreaming about? Huh?" Tara said with a big cheesy grin across her lips.

It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on and when I looked at her I couldn't help but blush and cover my face with the covers. She continued laughing as I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

"Shut up Tara!"

"What? It's perfectly normal to have a wet dream! Tell me, who was it about?"

I threw the pillow over my head and screamed "OH MY GOSH SHUT UP!"

She continued laughing like a hyena at my expense and the longer she did the more silly I felt. I mean she was right it was normal and besides I needed to start feeling better about this because in just a few weeks I would have to actually go through with it. I pulled the pillow off my head to see Tara whipping a tear from her eye.

"I'm sorry, it's just so easy to get you riled up."

I threw the pillow at her playfully then laughed with her. I needed to start acting like a grown up and quit getting so squeamish when she mentioned certain words or actions. Maybe I could get her to give me some pointers or at least a tutorial!

"Tara, I need help."

"Yes you do. I'm so glad you said it, the first step is admittance you know." She said with a serious smile on her face.

I rolled my eyes and said "Not that kind of help! Can you make me less, uh how do I say this, make me more comfortable talking know." I immediately blushed at the thought of the words then looked away.

"Sex, dick, pussy, squirting, butt plugs, spanking, fisting, anal..."

I slapped my hand over her mouth and said "You really need to stop blurting things out like that."

She laughed as she pulled my hand away from her mouth and said "The first step is actually getting used to saying and hearing those things, Britt. Do you really think the whole time you're lying down with someone on top of you it'll be quiet?"

I looked at her and thought for a minute. She was right, even in my dream my fantasy man was talking dirty to me and it was seriously hot. "You're right, I do need to get over the awkwardness. Ok here goes." I took a few deep breaths then chickened out. "I can't do it Tara."

I fell back onto the bed as she jumped up and ran out the room. I sat up on my elbow confused as to why she left, probably cause she was done with my childish act and couldn't take anymore. She came back with the same dirty books that she had before and handed me one.

"Here. Now open the book to any page and start reading."

I raised my eyebrows and gripped tightly to the paperback book with a picture of a woman in a long white nightgown standing on a rock by the ocean with a shirtless muscular man wrapped around her. She couldn't be serious, could she?

"Open it!" She demanded then sat patiently as I thumbed through the book landing on a steamy sex scene.

I shut it fast and said "No way, I'm NOT reading that." Throwing the book down on the bed and crossing my arms over my chest.

"Read it or I will take you some place where these things actually happen. And people enjoy it."

I grabbed the book quickly hoping she didn't really mean what she said, although knowing her she did. I searched again for the page and when I found it I closed my eyes and tried to channel my inner sex fiend. My hands started to shake and the words became blurry making me internally cringe at what I was about to do but I told myself I needed to be more bold so I straightened my shoulders and started reading.

His lips were so pouty and pink that they were begging me to kiss, suck and bite them. I reached out and ran my fingers along the curves and gasped when he sucked one into his warm mouth. I felt my lady parts tingle at the sensual action and stepped closer to him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me tight causing our chests to press together roughly. My breasts where aching for his caress but he had other things on his mind. He put his hand under my skirt and squeezed my ass hard making me gasp where he took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into my mouth, stroking mine and inviting it to play. We were a jumbled mess of desire and heat fighting for control but he won, just like he always did. He pushed me down on the bed and pulled his pants down letting his...

"Ugh Tara I cant say it."

"Yes you can, repeat after me...C O C K."

I pressed my lips tightly in a thin line but she grabbed my chin and pulled my jaw down mimicking the word while making it move. I felt like a damn 3 year old learning how to pronounce syllables for the first time and it didn't help that she kept saying it over and over again trying to get me to say it. I finally had enough and slapped her hand away.

"Oh just forget it Tara. I'll never be able to say those things. I'm pathetic." I groaned out wishing I could be as assertive as her.

"Oh please, you can't say it because you aren't comfortable enough with yourself to say it. Now be honest with me, do you touch yourself?"

I looked at her in shock as she sat there shaking her head. I tangled my fingers together and looked down in my lap, this was just too much to talk about especially with her.

"Ok well I've got my answer." She grabbed her laptop from her room and placed it in front of me.

She opened the browser and typed in an address then pressed enter. When the website came up my eyes widened at the sight of men and women in various positions, having wild crazy sex. PORN? Really Tara. I picked my hand up to close the screen when something caught my eye. There was a girl with a blindfold kneeling in the middle of a room and a man dressed in just blue jeans walking around her. She never moved, unless he gave her a command to, and when she did what he said he praised her but when she messed up he punished her.

I stared in awe at the reddened marks on her butt from his hand and couldn't help the warm feeling spreading from my center. It looked so provocative and freeing to let someone blindly control your actions and I couldn't help but want to experience this myself. But first I had to get over the first hurdle, my virginity.

Who was she dreaming about🥵🥵🥵

Tara loves embarrassing her🤣🤣🤣

Do you think she will really go through with it? Or will she chicken out?

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