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Her touch was fire. It was like a white fire through his veins. He could not feel her skin only the cloth shielding it, and yet it did not matter. You kindled me, heap of ashes that I am, into fire. He had wondered once why love was always phrased in terms of burning. The conflagration in his own veins, now, gave the answer. His desire for her. Her desire for him. Let the ocean of these sinful desires grow within you with these short stories!

Erotica / Fantasy
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"Aahh.." her moans reverberated loudly across the empty room as his tongue danced over her body as if a free hand artist was painting his masterpiece.

His one hand moving inside her wet panties while the other one assaulted her breasts. His fingers were the most grateful thing for her right now, because they're doing magical things to her core.

"Uhhhh,...aaaaahhh.." she started screaming as he pinched her jewel and circled his tongue around her nipple. The moment she's about to reach the heavens was brutally destroyed by her alarm clock.

"Ughhhh! Fuck!" She groaned. Such a beautiful dream wet dream was shattered by this piece of shit she thought. She's having difficulty opening her eyes. Lucid dream which she'd just felt was heavenly. She's actually wet. Lately she'd been having these kind of erotic dreams.

Either it was too long that her virginity was beckoning her to put an end to her misery or her libido was rising like hell. She'd never felt so sexually aroused and never had the urges too. The man who was making her wet in her dreams was no less than a Greek god. But in reality they only existed with high profile rich and sexy girls.

But Amelia was neither rich nor sexy. At least she thought she wasn't sexy. She's an orphan and a loner. With height of 6'1 and beautiful almond shaped blue eyes, black hair, thick eyelashes and exceptionally fair skin she's a stunner. Yet she thought she's not sexy enough for guys.

Rubbing the remnants of sleep from her eyes she woke up with a jerk. "Fuck! How the hell did I forget about today's appointment?!" She ran to the bathroom for a nice hot shower as it's a ritual for her for all her winter mornings.

Today was a special day as her dream had come true. She's finally selected for an internship at the house of the famous chef and her idol who's the most handsome and top chef of the country.

He's her inspiration for pursuing her career in cooking. Every year he selected only one student for an internship, who'd work at his home under him for three months. This was a golden opportunity for Amelia. With all the hard work, passion and dedication she'd put into her studies and course she's by god's grace selected by him. Although she didn't believe it at first that he'd selected her because it was a dream come true.

And today at the first day of her internship she definitely shouldn't be late. She wore a cute peach coloured sweater paired with jeans and ankle length boots. Her short long choppy Bob cut with bangs made her look cute even more. Applying a little eye liner and light red lipstick she's all set for her first day.

Getting into the taxi Amelia was all but nervous. She'd always dreamt of this day. She'd always wanted to meet him. Adonis Carlton. He's just like his name. A freaking Greek god. She'd a huge crush on him. Never in her dreams she'd thought she'd be able to meet him, forget about the internship.

After reaching his place she's more than stunned. His house was fucking palace. And Adonis was its king! She's asked to wait in the sitting arena when her thoughts started to wandering everywhere.

Sucking deep breaths she tried to calm her nervousness. After waiting for 10 minutes the Greek god walked into the room. Amelia's heartbeats stopped and her world paused. The moment she laid her eyes on him she's gone. Damn! She wondered. He's unabashedly handsome, devilishly smart and sumptuously delicious.

Shit! Amelia, wtf are you thinking. Delicious?! She was so absorbed by his presence that she totally forgot why she's here.

"Ahem. Miss." Adonis's dark black eyes looked directly into her soul and snatched it from her.

She's already wet! Ohh my my, the things she'd like to do with this man. Fuck! She cursed again.

"Miss, you okay?" Adonis asked in a deep voice.

His voice was so smooth, so deep and so velvety, she felt like she'd slip into it.

"Amelia?" Adonis slightly raised her voice. Unsure of what had happened to her.

Snapping out of her lustful thoughts and cursing at her body's lustful urges and sudden rise in her libido she composed her posture.

"Umm, I'm so sorry sir." She's a pool of an embarrassment right now.

"It's fine. Are you okay?"

"Yes, yes. I'm fine." She replied.

"You sure?" He asked her doubtfully.

"Yes, absolutely."

"Alright. Let's move to the kitchen straightaway. And did I tell you about the rules of this internship?" Adonis asked ushering her towards his exquisite kitchen.

The huge kitchen table was so magnificent that she started imagining what it'd feel like to be 'neath on this table.

"Miss?" Adonis asked again when he saw her lost looking at the kitchen table.

"Umm, aahh, yes sir. I'm sorry. No you didn't tell me anything about the rules sir." She politely looked away from him.

"Alright. We'll start with the rules first then. Rule no. 1- Till the time of your internship you'll be staying here with me. Rule no. 2-," Adonis continued slowly walking towards her, "You'll only wear clothes approved by me. That is the ones I've for you in my wardrobe. And rule number 3-" Adonis was just an inch apart from her when their breathings mingled.

Sucking in a deep breath, he slowly tucked a strand of her short hair behind her ears with his long slender finger and sniffed her fragrance. "Chocolate. Damn, Amelia, you smell like chocolate. I wonder if you taste like one too."

"Uhhh," Amelia was high. Just his scent, his presence made her high. Like an Aphrodite makes you high.

"You'll do only what you're asked to. Breaking any of these rules will not be appreciated and would be with a punishment." Adonis suddenly pulled back, shattering her dreams.

Her body was reacting unknowingly in his presence.

"Understood?" Adonis asked with a sly smile.

Not knowing what exactly she'd say, she nodded. "Understood."

"You're one good girl Amelia. Let's get you changed then, shall we?" Adonis winked at her.

Guiding her towards a walk-in closet, he showed her his collection and Amelia's eyes went wide. "What the.." her head shot in his direction. "You expect me to wear that?"

"I don't expect anything, my love." Adonis caressed her cheeks and she instantly melted in his touch. "I want you to wear that. And you will listen to me, won't you?" He asked, slowly moving his fingers to her neck.

Closing her eyes she hummed in response. "Hmm."

"Good." He said and pulled back. "I want to see you down in 15 minutes. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir." She whimpered at the loss of his touch.

She looked at the dresses she's supposed to wear for the next 6 months. These weren't dresses actually. They could hardly be called dresses. These were lingeries with only a sheer or see through shirts to cover them up.

Looking at the piece of clothes her mind started to wonder what kind of cooking she's going to learn. Her heart raced at these dirty thoughts.

Grabbing a red coloured lacy bra and panty set, she layered it with a white oversized somewhat see through shirt. The shirt barely covered her buttocks and had a very deep neck that went up to her neck. Quickly getting ready she took a quick look at herself in the mirror.

"Fuck. I do look sexy." She thought. But all her confidence drained down when she saw Adonis walking in the kitchen wearing nothing but shorts. His perfectly chiseled chest and Adonis's belt was a sight worth drooling.

"Like what you see?" Adonis winked when he saw her gaping at him.

"Uh-huh.." she nervously walked near him avoiding his intense gaze.

"Beautiful." Adonis said, grabbing her hands. "You look extremely beautiful. I've been waiting for this day the day I saw you at the college." He confessed.

"College?" Amelia asked puzzled.

"You were selected because I wanted you."

Amelia's heart dropped to her stomach. She didn't know what to say.

"Shall we begin?" Adonis asked, ignoring her expressions. "We're going to make salted chocolate caramel tart today. I want to see how good you are with chocolate."

"Yes sir." Amelia nodded.

"These are your ingredients you'll need. Go through them once and let me know if you need anything else." Adonis stood behind her towering over her already cute figure.

Adonis's touch was distracting her. She's already dripping wet and his touches were making her more hot and wet. "I'm fine. These things will do."

She started preparing for the crust first when Adonis moved his fingers from her thighs and then to her hips. She's controlling every ounce of her sanity to not grab him and jump on his body.

He's making it extremely difficult for her to focus. Moving his fingers all over her back, he slid them inside her shirt. Amelia couldn't help but moan at his touches. Dipping his fingers in chocolate he put them in her mouth. The sensation of her tongue on his fingers aroused his already heightened arousal.

It was at this moment that Adonis did something totally unexpected. He ripped open her shirt, popping the buttons in the act. God, she's turned on by his wildness. Then unhooked her bra slowly. Those breasts needed to be free and next to his skin.

Amelia could feel his beast poking from behind. Her thoughts of having him inside her on this very table were coming true. Adonis inserted his right hand fingers in her panties and pinched her nipples from his left hand.

"Ahhhhhh.." She couldn't help but scream.

"Fuck. You're so wet baby." Adonis nibbled on her neck while simultaneously pinching her nipples and increasing his speed of rubbing her g-spot.

Amelia was unfamiliar to all these foreign feelings. Her legs started to shake when he thrust his two fingers inside her and her mind went blank at first and then burst like a thousand fireworks.

"Aaaaahh.. aaahhh ..don't stop. Adonis..." She moaned.

"Yes baby. Say my name. Say my name. Fuck, you're so tight, scream baby, moan, say my name." He ordered.

"Aaahh.." she started shaking and screaming his name as she reached her climax. "Adonis."

"Yeah baby. Cum for me. You're so beautiful Amelia. Cum for me baby." He turned her around and made her sit on the table. Tearing her shirt and removing the remaining pieces of clothes down he poured chocolate on her lips and breasts.

He undid his shorts and Amelia gulped at the delicious huge bulge in front of her. Slowly cupping her breasts in his mouth, he brushed his tongue across her nipples.

Gently moving up he bit and sucked her lips, licking all the chocolate from her. The sudden delicious sense of having each other engulfed them.

Adonis quickly moved down on her in a world crashing sensation. She could feel his tongue driven inside her mercilessly assaulting her and making a mess out of her. His tongue explored the untouched areas, setting off another shattering moans after moans. She couldn't stop herself from moaning, digging her hands into his hair, as her legs started quacking which made him dive deeper into her even more.

After two electrifying orgasms, she was breathless. Her orgasms shook through her, and the intensity was blowing her mind and body.

After he's done plundering her with his tongue, it was time for another climax. She grabbed his hair, yanked and pulled him closer into a deep kiss.

His sex was quivering and he was tormented with desire. His desire to have her was immense. He'd been imagining, dreaming this for a long time. He wanted her, every inch of her, every part of her, every touch of her skin. And now that he'd her, he wouldn't stop.

Amelia grew desperate for him too. She wanted him inside her now. The strength that had come was staggering now.

And feeling the strength of his arms added to her his masculinity. The vertical ride was amazing and the rhythm of the thrusts was just perfect for her. She clenched that bulbous cock and felt a jerk back.

Now naked, she found herself being lifted up by Adonis who continued to fuck her standing up.

"You are mine." He grunted out pumping into her and a short cry erupted from her which turned into another sheer pleasurable moan. The length and level, and speed of his arousal was brutal. He thrusted slowly at first then increased his pace.

Grabbing her lips, he whispered, "Mine." Releasing her mouth, he pulled her forward more into him, while yanking her legs back. His one hand hard on her back while the other gripped her ass.

He didn't slow even for a moment, pulling her more, ravaging her, giving her full, hard thrusts, as her breasts bounced up and forth.

They both hit their climaxes with one high pitched loud moan. Shuddering against each other, he collapsed in her arms. She spasmed on him with her juices flowing down his full shaft. This was a really big climax.

The scent of their sweet arousal was an indulgence more delicious than the salted chocolate caramel tart.

"You're more delicious than a chocolate baby." Adonis said and pulled her in a mouth watering kiss again.

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