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My Slave

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He is MY slave yet I'm unable to be separated from him. We have our routine but it seems I'm craving something more. Would it be worth it?

Erotica / Romance
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Our routine 1

Every Saturday morning my day would start with an orgasm delivered just the way I liked it. Slow, methodical, and with eagerness to please.

My slave had learned to extract as much pleasure from me as possible some time ago after getting no food for a couple of days. After that he was eager to eat whatever I put in front of him, he thought himself to believe my female lubricant was nutritious and would give him enough strength to undergo his daily tasks.

Now he knew his responsibilities and had learned to read my body and facial expressions to the limit of human understanding. I could manage to command him with a look due to his many past transgressions.

I was reading a book when I noticed him on the edge of my vision, kneeling down submissively, his head turned down respectfully. Even like this, I could still admire his dark hair and tight skin. He was only allowed to wear soft grey sweatpants without underwear. I used to want him with only a maid’s apron but these days I often change his inside clothes to whatever catches my fancy.

He didn’t use to be in such a perfect physical shape but with the help of a special sports regimen, he became a visual pleasure for the eyes. Food, on the other hand, was something I allowed only when he was deserving, and in the beginning, he was quite the brat. So it worked out.

I continued reading of course. He knew that unless it was an emergency he is never to speak to me without a prompt.

After ten more pages, when my chapter ended I closed the book with a sigh and turned to him. Due to the hard unyielding position, he had to hold for so long I could see beads of sweat on the side of his face.

“What is it?” I asked since he was not allowed to look at me to see my face.

“Can I have something to eat, mistress?” he asked me dutifully, as was right.

I knew that he hasn’t eaten all day, a good mistress looks after the health of her slave as if he was unwell he wouldn’t be able to perform.

I also knew he only had a bit for lunch yesterday so he must be starving by now. Yet, he waited until the evening of the next day to ask for it.

“Come to me, slave,” I said in response.

He gracefully crawled towards me, that was another thing I had to teach him over time, I made him watch feline videos until he emulated their walk to the best of his abilities.

He stopped on his knees with his head down next to my knees. This was another of our routines. I’m sure he craved it much more than me but nevertheless, we both enjoyed it.

I liked being comfortable yet feminine at home. I would often wear long flowing skirts, dark loose-fitting long-sleeved shirts, and if I’m in the mood some underwear. I opened my legs and he dutifully crawled between them. I pressed his head to my chest, then I slowly, deliberately combed through his dark hair until I felt him relax. Sometimes he would try to hug my middle and sometimes I would deny him. But I have missed him, his presence, his obedience, his worship these past few days when he was required to work outside of my home.

So I let him hug my middle while I would run my fingers through his hair and caress his back tenderly. He relaxed completely in my embrace. His body trembled within the embrace of my legs, being touched by me was one of his favorite things, he shared this with me some time ago after one of our longer play sessions when he was still delirious from all the euphoric feelings I have managed to inspire inside of him.

I tightened my grip on his hair and brought up his face, he let out a silent moan and opened his eyes. They were bright blue like an inner fire was fueling them. I’ve seen them lifeless. I was aware of the difference. My slave needed my tenderness just as much as my hard rules and discipline.

I loved his eyes, I loved watching them but making him face me used to inspire his rebellious side so I had to put a stop to that. I also loved the shape of his face, he had dimples but I rarely got to see them as he was supposed to be calm and collected at all times. His full lips begged for my attention and I gave in. Though touch only I made him come meet my lips, his arms around me moved up and tightened even further, leaving no space between us.

His soft lips met mine for an infinite moment of intimacy between us. He was mine for long enough to know not to deepen the kiss. I liked to tease him a bit, so I licked his inviting lips, then took one between mine and sucked it gently. I could feel his breath quickening, his arousal rising. I opened my mouth and invaded his mouth with my tongue, he immediately started sucking it. Begging me to let him please me without words. I let his tongue move until it breached my mouth so I could suck and play with it. I loved pulling it in as hard as I felt my excitement grow, and he never showed me it hurt him, maybe he even liked the pain I inflicted just because it was from me.

I pulled myself out of the kiss and pushed his greedy mouth towards my neck. Thanks to the countless hours spent in this position he had perfected the way he nibbled, sucked, and kissed on the skin there. To reward him I moved my hand between our bodies and found his erect symbol of maleness, only here, in this room, it was a symbol of his desire and submission. He was my slave and what I held in my hand was mine as well. He was not allowed to touch himself other than cleaning and using the toilet.

I blindly caressed the length of his arousal, from the base to the wet tip, I didn’t apply pressure, I liked the texture, the hardness, I have edged him for hours before and I knew what drove him crazy. Without prompting he moved to the other side of my neck leaving wet traces from his kisses. I allowed him to enjoy the touch of my skin for a bit more before forcefully grabbing his head and removing him from my neck.

His eyes had a feverish quality to them, his face had a red tint and in a past life he would have turned me around and fucked me blind but he knew better now. Kissing me, holding me, and fucking me was a privilege he had to cherish as he was often denied either of them for long periods of time.

I lifted one of my eyebrows silently ordering him to compose himself. He stiffened adopting the submissive posture he was supposed to have. I loved it when he forgot and needed to be reminded, but with a little bit more defiance and I would have had to punish him and I was in a good mood tonight.

I pushed him away from me until he disengaged his arms from around me. Then I opened my thighs and moved my bottom to the edge of the armchair. He moved his arms under my skirt, caressing my legs upwards until his fingers met the side of my panties.

He hooked his fingers and started taking them down slowly. He also watched my face with apt attention taking his clues if I approve or not of his actions.

I smiled softly, lifting my hand with the palm up, he knew what to do, so he leaned down letting his cheek lie on my palm and moving slowly just like a kitten being petted. Once my panties reached my knees he had to move backward to get them the rest of the way down. I let my hand rest down.

He liked to kneel with his head low when he would do this for me.

I let him follow our routine and relaxed my back in the armchair. Once he removed my underwear he dived under my skirt and gave peppering kisses on my thighs including licking certain places. He reached my pussy and nuzzled his face on the top, then moved on the outer lips. He traced the middle with his nose and I felt his tongue following the same path. He pushed his hands under my ass cheeks and held them tight. Then he opened me up with his nose and his tongue started slowly lapping up my wetness.

He groaned and squeezed my cheeks increasing his tempo, he sucked my outer lips and then the inner ones, he pushed his tongue inside my channel. He was avoiding my clit as his last point of interest. When I started moving my pelvis he got his cue to increase his intensity. He took one hand from under me and inserted a finger while sucking gently on my clit. After several moments he inserted a second finger and then a third moving them in a circular motion. Once these movements were put into motion for several seconds he sucked harder on my clit while his tongue lapped it up inside his mouth. I started seeing lightning strikes behind my eyelids and I felt transported to higher grounds while my lower parts spasmed around his fingers and mouth. Obediently he didn’t stop lapping up my juices until I gently pushed his head away.

He came out from under my skirt all red and with a wet sheen over his face. His eyes asked the question he didn’t allow himself to ask out loud.

Was I satisfied enough to let him fuck me?

I decided to tease him by lifting one of my eyebrows and making a hand gesture to make him get up from his kneeling position. He did so slowly, wincing from the pain in his knees. He looked so cute at that moment. Also, “my” hard member was making a tent inside his soft pants.

“Take it out,” I ordered.

He swallowed hard wondering what I had in mind, he knew I liked to tease him but he still kept the hope that today would be the day I would let this appendage enter me. He’d feel like he claimed me, I could see it in his posture, there was this barely contained aggression that I tried so hard to suppress in our interactions.

He pushed his soft pants down until they reached his knees and then straightened up and watched me with barely contained smugness.

I motioned him to come closer and he did a small penguin step forward, thus placing the object of my attention at my eye level. I moved closer and my hand lifted tracing his length, at my first touch it bobbed with eagerness.

I loved that if I close my hand around its girth I wouldn’t be able to close my fingers. Somedays I would think, what a shame is that this beautiful proof of adoration is not used properly, but seeing his attitude even now I realize we are a long way from that day.

I leaned toward it and gave his wet tip a sweet open-mouthed kiss with my tongue swiping up the pre-cum he was casually leaking. Leaning back I smiled to him, released his hardness, and told him with the sweetest voice I can:

“You can go eat now.”

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