Short and Dirty

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Sex...yep pretty much just sex. Short erotic stories with 18+ sex. Enjoy.

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I wake with a slight chill, my bare skin covered in goosebumps. My eyes blink desperately to focus in the dim, moon lit room. Still groggy, my hand searches the bed for the covers. As I feel my way around they meet the soft warm skin of my wife and I caress her gently. She is sleeping soundly on her side, facing away from me, and I do not want to wake her. Gently I roll to my side so that I can snuggle in close so I can spoon her. My cool skin meets the warmth of her elegant curves and I realize she is completely naked.

Moving in slowly, our bare lower halves meet and I embrace the cushion of her warm plump ass. I wrap my arm around her and brush up against the bottom of her breasts. Her body heat soaks into me and I pull myself in a little closer. Just the touch of her skin is still enough to turn me on and now I can’t resist. I lean back enough to slowly trace my fingers down the silkiness of her bare back. Rubbing against her firm, round ass makes my cock tingle and I can feel myself starting to swell.

A slow, whispering moan escaped her lips. She lifts one knee slightly and rolls more towards her stomach to encourage me to explore her body even further. I accept her invitation and continue down her back. When I reach her ass I allow the tips of my fingers to push lightly between her cheeks. I know how she loves to be rubbed, so I want to take my time getting to her pussy. But she repositions herself again, spreading her legs just enough for my fingers to reach her soft lips and I gently caress them.

There is pleasure on her lips as she exhales. “Ahh.”

My cock stiffens, eager to take the place of my fingers but I know she needs more from them. My hand continues exploring her body, up and down her back, to her thin waist and curvy hips. Back to her ass I pause and wait for a reaction just to tease her.

“Mmm,” she complains, shaking her fine ass at me. As if to say, don’t stop rubbing me. I want more.

Grinning to myself, I proceed. Touching her body is as good for me as it is for her and I am glad to give her more. My calloused hands massage her flesh but my fingers want to feel more. They are slightly rough but I know she doesn’t mind. I slide my hand down to her thigh and give it a gentle push up towards her chest to better caress her pussy. She does not resist my advance and gives me full access. With two fingers I start rubbing her delicate folds, slowly at first, taking my time. I want this to last and she does not complain. Her slippery juices drip onto my fingertips as I increase the pressure and speed. Precome forms at the tip of my rigid cock and my desire to be inside her intensifies. My fingers are working their way into her wet folds and I can feel the heat from her arousal. Slowly I move my fingers to her tiny clit and rub it in slow circles.

Sensual sounds of pleasure escape her lips. “Mmm!”

A breeze fills the room through the open window, lifting the curtain just enough to let some soft blue moonlight kiss her pale skin. I sit up slightly so my eyes can feast on every inch of her body. The moisture between her legs glistens and her breasts jiggle with each breath. She rocks her hips back and forth so that my fingers slide through her lips, then back to her happy button. Wiggling her hips she guides my fingers inside. My fingers massage the soft tissue inside and her muscles tense, grasping my fingers tightly. Her heavy breathing of intensifying pleasure makes my cock throb. She releases the grip on my fingers and rolls over to her stomach. She crawls up on her knees and looks back at me with a mischievous grin, swaying her butt in the air. I position myself behind her and slip my fingers back inside with one hand while grabbing one cheek with the other. Anal is off limits but she doesn’t complain as I circle the hole with my thumb. Her moans are muffled in the pillow as I slide my finger in and out of her. I feel her pussy clinch my fingers again and a quiver runs through her body.

“Oh fuck!” She exclaims, the orgasm still gripping her.

“You are so hot,” I whisper to her as I slow the movement of my fingers.

“I need your cock inside me,” she says panting.

I slide my fingers out and she spreads her legs for me. I take what she needs in my hand, rubbing her lube on it, tip to hilt and press it to her waiting opening. Her pussy is tight, but she is so wet that my cock slips right in. Taking her by the hips, I pull her perfect body towards me, inserting myself inch by inch.

Slowly I slide out, then back in, savoring every moment. My pace quickens, her flesh ripples as our bodies collide. Her curvy hips and narrow waist call to my hands and I caress every inch. Up to her shoulders my hands run through her silky, soft hair. I wrap it around one hand and squeeze her hip with the other. Gently, I pull her by the hair and she rocks her body back and forth against mine. I am getting close, but she feels so good that I don’t want this to end.

I release her hair and pull my dick from her swollen pussy. I give her a little nudge and she rolls over to her back. With my hands under her thighs, I lift her legs until my hands hold the backs of her knees. Pushing her legs open I lower my face to her stomach, kissing her belly, then work my lips to her thighs and down to her eager pussy. Using the tip of my tongue I lift the hood of her clit. Her juices taste sweet as my tongue dances on her clit. She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls my head in aggressively.

“Suck on it,” she whispers to me.

I suck her clit into my mouth and lick it. This always drives her wild and this time is no exception.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop,” she says panting.

She is on the edge now and all of her moans make me want her even more. I continue licking her until she starts to come.

“AH! AH!” Her legs are shaking as she clenches her thighs around my face. My tongue is still lapping at her as she pushes my head away. “Okay, okay. Put your dick back in there,” she says smiling and panting.

She squirms as I give her one last lick and start to climb on top of her. I run my hands up to her slim waist and position myself at her entrance. Leaning in, I stop to admire her perky tits and give them some attention with my tongue and lips. As I work my way up her chest and start kissing her neck my cock slides back inside her. She turns her head to the side, urging me to kiss her neck. I slowly rock my hips in and out, plunging the full length of my rod into her with each stroke. She pulls her legs up to her chest allowing me to enter her even further, then rests them on my shoulders. I sit up straight and hug her thighs against my chest. This position makes her pussy grip my cock even tighter.

“God, your pussy feels good,” I can feel my seed wanting to explode out of me.

“I’m gonna come again,” she says, closing her eyes.

“Me too.”

“No. Hold it. Please don’t stop,” she begs through her heavy breathing.

I want nothing more than for her to come again but I’m not sure how long I can hold back. With a heavy exhale, but without losing pace, I start to come. Each stroke makes it erupt from my cock into her already soaking wet pussy. The pleasure is intense, I’m not sure how much more I can handle.

“Ahh!” She screams with her release as the walls of her pussy clinch my cock.

She pulls me close and moans into my mouth as our lips meet in a passionate embrace.

She relinquishes my lips and I push myself up off of her to admire her beauty. My cock begins to soften and slowly starts sliding out of her hot, wet pussy. I like to watch this part. I know she wonders why, but there is something hot about seeing my load drip out of her.

“You are amazing,” I whisper as I lay down next to her and kiss her on the cheek.

She smiles and kisses me back. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Let’s do this again in the morning,” she says with a wink.

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