Naked Adventures

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Story of a naive and shy teenage girl turning into an exhibitionist and how her boyfriend likes to expose her completely at every chance he gets. Contains graphic content. **MATURE CONTENT **

Erotica / Romance
An Angelic Devil
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Townsend High School

The hallways are bustling with students at the start of the senior year and everyone is busy looking for their classes according to the new schedule. Since its the first day, there is a bit of confusion among the students making the hallway more crowded than ever. Among the hyperactive students, a shy girl enters the hallway looking for her homeroom. She just transferred to Townsend High because her family just shifted to New Jersey due to her father's transferable job. She keeps her head downward and tries to make her way through the students when she collides with the queen bee of the school, Alyssa.

"Watch where you going idiot." Alyssa says and pushes her and throws her books all over the place. Being in a new place and having such an encounter on the first day makes her cry and she apologise profusely, not wanting to face anybody's wrath.

"Make sure not to show your ugly face to me again idiot." Saying this, Alyssa walks off leaving the teary eyed girl standing in the corner.

Eventually the students starts going to their classes and the hallway becomes less crowded. The girl approaches a guy casually strolling in the hallway asking about her homeroom and that's when her breath gets caught. She has never seen such a beautiful guy ever in her life. "Can a guy be called beautiful" she thinks and stares at him, forgetting why she approached him in the first place.

"How can I help you sweetheart?" Aiden, the school's bad boy says.

It was then the girl was brought back to reality and she asks about her homeroom.

"Well sweety, seems like we both have the same homeroom. C'mon, lets go. By the way, the name's Aiden."

"Maya" she shyly replies.

"What a sweet name for a sweet girl." Aiden says, his charm and suaveness on full display. After all he's the school's number one badboy and player.

When they enter the homeroom together, all eyes fall on them and Alyssa glowers at them. She still thinks Aiden is her personal property and no girl should be allowed to come near him except her. Seeing the new girl with him made he furious.

Alyssa dated Aiden two years back and Aiden was over her the moment she spread her legs for him. But she still obsessed over him and is dating his best friend now just to be close to him. Since Alyssa is dating Aiden's best friend Matt, he is friendly with her.

Aiden enters the room and goes straight to the back to sit with his friends and Maya, seeing no empty seat in the front decides to follow Aiden and sits in front of him.

"Stalking me already?" Aiden asks Maya playfully and starts playing with her hair. Maya blushes hard and stammers "No! I.. I mean.... th... there is no seat in the front. So.... I... um... I..."

"Chill. Its fine sweetie, I was just messing with you." Aiden says and leans back.

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