'The Happy Hooker Driver'

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Chapter 1

I keep asking myself; Should I do it or not? This isn’t just taking the road less traveled, it is driving my vehicle off the road, and into the gutter. But, I was flat as a pancake broke. I was surviving off of one cup of coffee per day, and on Top Ramen Noodles. And from any change that had been encrusted to the coffee table due to spills, which I could scrape off. The Poor have to make choices which the Rich do not.

I’m fairly new to the state of Philadelphia, as I’m originally from out West. I’ve been residing here now for about a year, and things haven’t been looking too good. I lost my Auto Repair Business due to theft, and poor management. Now, here I am with a bucket to piss in, but in a studio apartment which is infested by Mice. I had thought that the strange noises I was hearing at night were Spirits; Boy was I wrong, when I saw one by one...three Mice jump out from the Radiator.

After all the months of living like this, I knew that I had to make a change. I was without a job, and money. And I had become a squatter; I was no longer able to afford rent, but my conscience didn’t weigh heavily upon me. I knew that my landlord wouldn’t be able to find another tenant for this hell hole. I have a decent, reliable vehicle to look for a driving job.

Craigslist Ads; driving jobs, driving jobs. “Let me see, let me see...hmmm, so many of them to choose from”. “Hiring for a delivery driver for an Auto Parts Store”. “Driver Wanted for Pizza Delivery four days per week”. “Choose the hours that you want to work, and make good money doing it delivering the Philadelphia Times”. “In need of a responsible, and trustworthy driver for a Private Escort Agency; Serious inquiries only, call/text Jessica after 10:00 pm.

Call me naive, but I had no idea that I’d come across a job listing such as this. I don’t even know what to do with this newly found information. Should I call? I mean that I’ve had quite a few driving jobs in my life, but this one takes the cake! Actually, it not only takes the entire cake, but it smashes it in your face too! This goes against my moral code, and my belief system. This would be selling my Soul...for Money.

I wrestled with this thought for a few days, before I made the choice to call. “Hello, ′ Agency Escargot’, this is Jessica; How may I be of service? The most pleasant, and warm voice was on the other end of the phone. Now, I couldn’t hang up, I had to go through to the end with this call. I said: “Hi, I’m calling about the Driving Position which you have posted online; Please, will you give some more information about this”. I sunk farther down in my seat, afraid that her response might appeal to me.

“Yes, Certainly; We’ve been in business for over a decade. We Pride ourselves on taking good care of all of our girls. And, our Motto is “We’re only as good as our last girl”. For this position you’ll need a Valid Drivers License. I’m looking for a reliable driver who is available throughout the night. When are you looking to start...I have a really sweet girl who’ll need a driver tonight”.

I froze! I sank so far into my chair that Now, I was sitting on the ground. But, once I gained my composure, I stood up, and with a pleasant reply I said to Jessica that I couldn’t do it tonight, but that I’d let her know. I was relieved that the conversation ended. I don’t want to be hasty with my decision, so I’ll sleep on it.

The nights passed, but one in particular, I remember. I know that I was partially awake when I had it. I was laying in bed, with my eyes slightly open. And I heard a voice; It was an Angelic voice. It said: “I know your Soul”.

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